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Yep, this one is unique concept :) GLWS


Unique touches here , congrats.
Good luck with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros!

Great design! However, your page is loading the aside right part for the mobile. Consider update with a script that does not load it at all. Both for speeding up the page and reduce page size. Just a thought!

Good luck with sales!

Thanks for the suggestion and purchasing the theme.


I’ve just updated the theme for the suggestion. You should be able to get a notification when the update is approved.



theme wordpress ?

HTML currently. Please, follow my account for the updates and new themes.

Nice work, well done ! :)

Thanks Cem!

hey, great theme, rated 5 stars!

I do have some questions, though.

1) I created twitter app and replaced the data-location line in the index.php (i wish to put twitter in main page rather than contact.php) with my twitter account name, but it still shows “loading tweets” and nothing more. Could you write maybe a step-by-step list what needs to be done, I feel I`m missing something here.

2) In contact form I really need to add upload file option, in order to achieve this I added another line of code with input type “file” instead of “text” and it allows me to browse and select files but when I open sended form from my email account, I dont see any selected files. What should I do?

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for the purchasing the theme and rating. I believe you’re using the “bonus” version which will not be able to download in couple of days.

To check your twitter settings, do you mind to send your login (FTP) information by email? I can also provide support (free) to move the twitter into index page.

About contact issue, I hope you understand, due to only the theme issues covered by free support and this is a personal modification, I will need you to pay a small extra fee to set-up the contacting form.

Please, mail me via the contact form at the portfolio page or the email address from the documentation.



It looks like this would be a great theme but I can’t see it properly in Safari 5.1.9 on a Mac because the image on the right shakes so much, especially when it’s going to change to the next image.

Thanks for the report. I’ve checked it with Safari 5.1.6 and there was no issue but I’ll check it again later today with the latest version and update the site if it’s necessary.


I’ll keep you informed.


I’ve checked the Supersized Jquery and it seems I’m using the latest version. Also checked the site with Safari (Windows) 5.1.7 and as I stated before there’s no issue I’ve faced.

Due to I do not have Mac, I won’t be able to check with it but It may be latest Safari problem. Can you please download and try with another browser e.g Opera, Firefox or Chrome?

hey, great theme, rated 5 stars! how can I integrate my own logo. thanks

Please, remove the text between <!- logo -> tags and insert it under “figure” tag.

Hi, next problem, I have deleted to 2 items in your blog, now I have a very long white area ??

Please, change the height at line 469 on main.less file.

yes, vielen dank ++AAAA

You’re welcome.

hi,the home does not open correctly,can send a pic ?

Can you please send me your FTP information then I can check? (via email)

Got your email. Site loads fine but I got what you mean. Please, remove the javascript code below from the end and paste it at line 10 after style.

<script type="text/javascript" src="_js/jquery-1.7.2.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="_js/html5.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="_js/less-1.3.3.min.js"></script>

it works

Hi, how do I delete show all, I would like to have the first section?

Please, remove the following line:
<li><a href="#" class="active" data-filter="*">Show all</a></li>

deleted, it still open all Image

Please, add the code below for the first category:

does not work


  • Konzept/Grafik/Design
  • Anzeigen
  • You’ve added the class at the wrong place. Try this: <li><a href="#" class="active" data-filter=".gallery-85">Redaktion</a></li>

    works on the first click, but then jumps back to all images, do you have a secret code

    Can you please tell me your website URL?

    do not understand unfortunately

    Are you doing the Java job against payment ?

    Hi Mondi,

    I’ve suggested a webpage that will help you to solve your problem. If you can’t figure it out by yourself, I’m sorry to say that but you need to pay for additional fee if you want me to fix it for you. For additional fee details, please, contact me via contact form from my profile page.

    Due to this is a personal modification, not theme issue, I won’t be able to provide free support.

    Hope you understand.



    Hi geceoluken, I do not ask for free support, yes I will pay- Hope you understand. Regards

    An hour fee would be enough. Please, contact for details.


    How to add location marker on Google map?

    Please, replace the google map code below on functions.js file jQuery(this).gMap({ address: address, zoom:17, markers:[{address: address}]