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Great work. GLWS !

Thanks! :-)

Great !!!, Like it.

Thanks! :-)

Nice work !GLWS :)

Thanks! :-)

I’m always impressed with your works. Nice one again!

Thanks! :-)

Beautiful template! GLWS!

Thanks! :-)

How do I change the map?


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Excellent is not 4 stars. :)

Hello on the video version http://ivang-design.com/ananke/videolight/ can the sound be controlled by user with a single click?


Yes, thats html5 video, so you just need to enable controls.

WOW thanks for the fast reply =) Is the directions in the documentation?

See example: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_video.asp Just add controls in video.

hello How can I change the icons for example NETWORKING.

Edit index.html and find netvotking, you will see class icon-left1, change unicode. You can find here all icons: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/cheatsheet/


How do i remove ANANKE loader????


Edit index.html and on the bottom of that file you will see code:

                mode:           'text', // 'number', "text" or "logo" 
                text:           'Ananke',
                timeout:        0,
                showInfo:       true,
                opacity:        1,
                background:     ['#292929']

Just change text: ‘Ananke’.

Hello thank you for the support, one more question how to enable the portfolio to look like in demosntração site does not open the image link.

It’s ajax single project, need to be on server, don’t work from pc.


Great theme. I’m almost done with my first website using it. One quick question? Can you tell me where you got the Animated SVG Icons? I’m looking for some more that I can put in easily (a smile, a moon, etc.).


Thanks for the response Ivan. One more quick thing. If I remove one of the team images in the team section and only have three left, how do I center the remaining three images to the page? Similarly, if I add and have five images, how do I center all five?



Container have sixteen columns, 4 team images 4×4 columns, for 3 team images change class=”four columns” to class=”one-third column”

THX a ton Ivan

Prebuying Question: If I watch the video version on my iphone, the navigation only works after I scroll the video away. Is that normal, or can it be changed? Best regards Tom


Hmm.. i need to change z-index for navigation on smaller screens. Yes, it can be changed.

Best regards! Ivan

I love this theme and bought it thinking it was a wordpress theme…smh. So far I’ve been able to upload it and add all the .php files (with no coding). My knowledge in this is infantile. Is there anything I can do to make this theme work without contracting it out? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx!

Hello, I really like your work on this theme. I have a small question. Is the home video beckground selfhosted, or is it posible to integrate a youtube or vimeo video.

And is the contact form fonctionnal?

Best Regards Sylvain


It is selfhosted video, but it can be youtube or vimeo with some changes. Yes, contact form is functionnal.


thanks for your fast reply!


How do I set-up the contact form to send to a specific email. I have already gone into email-it.php and entered the email address in the top line $send_to.

Thanks, Alex

Thanks for reply. Okay, getting an error still:


Any ideas on what this could be?

Send me on e-mail your preview link.

What do you mean?

Hi!! thanks for the template. I don’t know why the logo loader doesn’t show

<script type=”text/javascript”> (function($) { “use strict”; Royal_Preloader.config({ mode: ‘logo’, // ‘number’, “text” or “logo” timeout: 0, showInfo: true, opacity: 1, background: [’#FFFFFF’] }); })(jQuery); </script>


Hi! I have one question, on the over on the placement pointer on the map, it still says ANANKE, how can I change that text to the new address?

Thank you so much in advance! Mariana

Hello! I have one more question and I was hoping you would help.

The phrases that are at the very beginning, changing; I would like to remove the lines (bottom and lower line) and the blur, I can’t seem to pin point which part of the code to change, to just leave the text, no lines or blur.

Again, thank you so much!


Edit layout.css and find .big-text and .big-text span, and you will see text-shadow, border-top, border-bottom…

Thank you so, so much for your fast response! I do appreciate it.

Very beautiful!;

Thanks! :)