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Hi Tabvn!

Please help me out on following issues asap!

You can find my installation on

1. On my version the logo OVERLAPS the title text and is not BEHIND the text as in your version. Why is that and how to fix?

2. In my installed version I dont have the logo on frontpage like you have. HOW TO FIX THIS?

3. The menu screws up on iPad. Is that the issue you fixed in one of the other threats?

4. It seems like you have now fixed your map-problem I pointed out earlier. But in the version I downloaded I still get like “tonnes of icons” everytime I try and move the map and click on the map. WHAT IS THE FIX?

5. How to change the SECTION ID’s? When I tried to change in HTML the page died…

6. I changed the VIMEO icon. But your icons have the GREY TO WHITE effect. How do I achieve that?

Looking forward for your help!

HI. Logo I was talking about was the big one – replacing the Anchor. I think we speak two different languages here ;)

Also the VIMEO icon Im talking about is the TOP V among the social links. Your social links all have this hover-effect (turning from grey to white) but mine is just plane white. How do I change this?

can you please respond to my question?

hello Peter,

on the top of social links , i checked your site, Vimeo icon changed color bg as well, see screenshot,

that icon background also depend first section (section 1) image background.

Best regards,


hi, I’ve installed it but I have a problem with menu in home. If i scroll the page and than a use the menu the dropdown element have some second of delay (about 10seconds) and the appear all together. I don’t see any error in javascript conosole.

Thanks you Andrea

Hello @syn-et

could you please submit new ticket , send me your site URL at

i will look into your problem.

Best regards,


Hi, Tabvn ! As chinny31, the homepage parallax animation isn’t working. I created the homepage as instructed on the documentation but it still isn’t running. The link to the website is

Best regards

Hi Creasite59,

please have a look at this article if you have not install jquery updated correctly.

  • Also when you add a node , make sure select input filter as “Full HTML”

Best regards,


This theme needs too much elements in body field to style it. Very user unfriendly to handle. Are you planning to implement a better back-end structure in the future?

Thanks Access2it,

we noted it , improve it in the next version.

Thanks for understanding.

Best regards,


Hi ,happy new year,Is RTL supported?


any compatibility issues with 7.35?


Hi Ricardo,

The theme compatibility with Drupal 7.35.

Best regards,


What’s involved in swapping out the front page background image with full screen video?

Hello, We are interested in your theme, we have some questions: - Is anchor theme compatible with the last version of drupal 7 (now 7.56). - We need multilanguage support. You said that it is, but we need to be sure about this point before purchased.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I recently purchased this theme. The home page parallax is not working in that it does not scroll through the page sections. I have installed using the Drupal files and data.sql database included with the download. Please advise. Thank you