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Im back with my client account. :) —Can’t find Gravity Cluster plugin… Anybody can help me please. :) thx

One more thing trying to display my services on my homepage, but nothing appear….

Merry xmas :)

I found my purchase code if you need it to answer my questions. :)


Yeah, Please contact us via the contact page with your WordPress installation’s backend details and some more details about the issue also with the purchase code and I will look into it for you.

Thanks alot!


Great theme! Only i have a big problem with my portfolio page. I dont get the share this away! It wont replace for the portfolio version.

The demo: My Page:


Navigation menu dropdown is not working in IE 9. Please check your Live Preview URL in IE 9.

Awaiting fix for the same asap

Awaiting fix for the IE9 Navigation Dropdown Menu

Hi, great theme! But what is the shortcode for using the recent post/news carousel like in the demo? Please help. Thank you, Harry

Hello Harry!

Thanks alot for your purchase!

All the shortcodes bundled with the theme are explained in the theme documentation. which shortcode are you refering to?

Also I would request you to create an account on our support forums here


Great theme. I have one quick question.

I would like to take the .featured-box-hover effect and have it do the same thing on .project-box.

When a user hovers from a .project-box in my portfolio I would like the .featured-box-hover to become .project-box-hover so that I can fill details about the portfolio item.

I hope my message is clear. Please email back.


Create the box with the following format

<div class="project-box"> <a href="#"> <img src="" alt="" /> <div class="project-box-hover"> <i class="icon-align-justify" /> <p>Featured Box Content on Hover</p> </div><!-- /featured-box-hover --> </a> <i class="icon-caret-right" /> <h4><a href="">Web Campaign Duideline</a></h4> <p>WEB DESIGN</p> </div>

and add the following css

.project-box-hover{ opacity: 0; filter: alpha(opacity=0); position: absolute; height: 100%; width: 100%; bottom: 0px; left: 0px; background: rgb(50, 62, 78); background: rgba(50, 62, 78, 0.83); color: #ffffff!important; padding: 34% 80px 0px 30px; } .project-box-hover p{ font-size: 18px; font-weight: 700; line-height: 1.3; margin-top: 8px; } .project-box-hover i{ font-size: 30px; }

Hope it help,

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I tried the above code and added the CSS mark up to my stylesheet. When you hover or a project-box nothing happens. Can you please email me once more and I will provide you with the links to see for yourself. I noticed if you set opacity to “1” it does display in the manner you suggest but it does not do so when you roll over.


Please provide us the links via our profile page So i can look into it.

Best Regards,

Hi! Thanks for the template. I am building a “About” page and would like to use internal links to navigate through chapters. I placed links to internal anchors ” href=”#chapterN” on the left-side bar “Custom Menu” to chapters on the page. When I use the link it makes content above the chapter to disappear. I guess it has to do with script files but I couldn’t figure out what do I need to change. Can you please help me out?

We are very sorry for a support delay. We are moving all of our support to the dedicated forum, so please leave a question on here. Thank you very much!

First of all: great design and lovely template. Even though I tried to register for thge support section I can´t login and didn´t get any activation mail or stuff like that so I have to try here.

I would love to be able to browse through categories flipping in and out on the portfolio-listing.html like it is almost standard on other templates. Do you think you could implement this?

Thanks in advance, Michael

Hey bodohmen, it is scheculed to be impemented. Stay tuned!

i wanted to add a search-box. Its there is css, but action says searchbox.php which is not there. can you help me with it??


Thanks alot for your purchase!

For the searchbox to work on the HTML template you would need a php script to handle the search which is not included in the template.

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Hello there, Amazing template, i just want to know how to set the google map grey ? what code do i use ?

also how can i change the font of the navigation menu to sintony font ?

Thank you

Let us move this discussion on our support forums! We will be in better position to help you there, I hope you understand! Here is the link!

Heya, I put a post on the forum ?

Thank you for your Help

Levi :0)


I cannot locate your post on support forums could you please repost it here, It will be handled in top priority.


Great theme, thank you! I posted this question on your Gravity forum page but didn’t get a response. I have modified the main menu and it’s quite long. Is there a way to force it to use the mobile navigation toggle when viewed on an iPad so the menu doesn’t wrap to 2 lines. view sample page


I apologize for the delay somehow we missed the post, however it has been replied to.


Simple and very nice! Good work!;

Thank you very much!

Hi There,

Great Theme :)

Is there an easy way to turn off the media queries kicking in so early. I.e. on an ipad at 1024 (portrait) I dont want the site to be adjusted from the desktop version.

Just wondering if this is a straight forward fix?

It is shown in the visual on theme forest on an ipad portrait the way I want my site ( without mobile nav, enlarged fonts etc)


Thank you so much for your kind words

Yes you can modify the values you’d like to change in the media queries in the style.css page, Just scroll down at the bottom you should see media queries and the values to change there itself.

Should you need a detailed explanation please contact out support via the contact form here and we will get back to you ASAP


Hi, Any update on the ie8 fix? I’ve tried uploading repond.js to make the media queries work, but i’ve found out that repond.js don’t work with css referenced via @import. “Respond.js doesn’t parse CSS referenced via @import, nor does it work with media queries within style elements, as those styles can’t be re-requested for parsing.”

Since the file style.css call via @import the file (‘assets/css/style.css’), and this file call bootstrap.min.css and other css file via @import, I think it might be one of our problem.


Umm we don’t really support IE8 anymore however Contact us via our support email at support[at] we might need the theme files to inspect further.


Any updates for this theme. The bootstrap has evolved!

I have downloaded the zip file but, it will not install as it tells me it is missing the style.css stylesheet?