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I love this layout!!! :)

Thank you!! we’re glad you like it! :D

Clean and precise :)

Thank you!!! :)

Excellent job. Are you building the WP version too?

No worries, i’m still going to buy this one :)

Thank you! :)

Hey BrandProsper, WordPress Theme is available for purchase!

wow i love your style ! very good job ;)

Thanks alot!! =)

great job brother GLWS

Thanks alot! bro!! :)

nice template ! GLWS :)

Thank you!!!!! :D

Great theme! Good luck :)

thanks alot! :D

Hi guys, sorry for my inexperience. What is the best editor (userfriendly and idiot compatible) software I can create my own website with this template, I bought it today and could not use Pingendo to customize it I mean a software with drag and drop and easy

Much appreciated Thanks


First of all, Thanks alot for your purchase

We appologize but there is no drag and drop feature to edit the template as of now the best way would be to edit it manually using any text editor. I prefer sublimetext or coda personally . However you would need some very basic knowledge of html/css to do so The files are well commented and the css file has a table of contents to aid you in editting the template. There is also a Documentation file bundled with the theme which contains CODE BLOCKS for shortcodes and widgets which you can copy paste however u cant drag/drop them wish there was a way.

Also, We will have a drag/drop feature in the wordpress version tho

Nice work guys! good luck!

Thanks alot!!! :D

Are Photoshop masters included?

Hello, No the photoshop files are available for purchase seperately You can find them Here thank you for your interest! :)

That works. Thanks for the link.


Just a couple of very quick questions before we purchase.

Have all the pages been checked re responsiveness on a mobile and retina iPad? Also…just checked and the ABOUT US page on your demo seems to shrink in width whereas other pages seem fine.

Secondly the menu tab / icon…this seems to sit behind both the main logo block and page title block? Could be difficult for a user to see?

Really keen to purchase your template as it’s great – good work! If you can come back to us on these few questions we’ll purchase straight away. Thanks.


Thank you very much for showing an interest in one of our first items. We really appreciate your compliments. First of all, be sure we’ll be there for you even after purchase, so any additional support request will be handled. As for you prepurchase questions, here we are:

Yes, we have tested the pages for responsiveness on those devices. The ‘About Us’ page looks exactly the same width as all the others on our end, could you please provide us with more details like screenshots, so we can check and edit if there is a error we missed?

As for tab/icon: are you talking about the responsive menu icon? it is floated right, so it doesn’t overlap the Icon. Did we get the question right?

You can contact us via the contact form on our profile and we will be more than happy to help you out with this concerns.

Best regards, ThemesGravity

Thanks for the fast reply – have taken screenshots for you iphone 4S running safari. You’ll be able to see what we mean.

Thank you, we sent you an answer.

Really nice! All the best

Thank you for kind words, daveeeo!

Would just like you to know that this is probably one of the most well styled themes on themeforest. It is refreshing precise, clean and more importantly it is not overwhelming. You did a fantastic job and I will be buying this very soon.

Hey zachstarnes,

We still need some time to get used to this kind of comments, we really appreciate it. Looking forward for a new buyer, keep in mind that this is going to be well supported item aswell! Thanks once again!

Your welcome and bought

We thank you for making us your choice!

This is truly a beautiful theme – simple without being dull :-) I would very much like to use it but just have a couple of questions.

In IE10, the dropdown part of the menu disappears when I hover on it, so it would be impossible to select any submenu item. Also on the preview, some of the pages (eg about) scroll down a long way without anything at the bottom. Any chance of a fix for these please?

Hey cata1yst,

Thank you for comments, really appreciate it, indeed. There will be a scheduled update this week and part of it is related to Menu functionality and cosmetic changes. Anyhow, we will support you along the way.

As for you IE10 concers: Submenu functionality seems to work as it should, can you send us any kind of more details via profile contact? We are trying to recreate the problem but with no luck. The same thing for About Us Page, it looks like we intended, from top to bottom.

Make sure to contact us through our profile contact form, we will be more than happy to fix those things, once we get aware of them!

Thank you once again.

Hi, I’ve sent screenshots to your email.

Thank you!

one of the best themes i’ve seen in a long time

Thank you very much, inkhorn3. It will be a challenge for us to move forward.

Hey The WordPress Theme is available for Purchase now!

Love the theme and I’m very tempted to buy but on the live demo in Chrome (with Themeforest bar removed), I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar and blank space on the right hand-side. I don’t have this problem when viewed in Firefox where the theme is fluid.

Is this a problem with the demo only? Does this theme work across all major browsers?

I’m viewing the screen at 100% – so no zoom in or out. When I zoom out to 90% it becomes a boxed theme, but still a bit of horizontal movement.


Hey 2muddymoles,

There is a simple solution for this one, thank you for pointing it out. The update is on it’s way, so by the end of the week you’ll be covered with the solution. Yes, Anchorra works well on all major browsers. One more thing, we don’t want you to get confused, this is not a ‘theme’, it is a HTML Template, for now.

Nice nickname you got there!

Thanks for the speedy reply, I’ll wait until the end of the week then.

I understand it’s an HTML template, thanks. My mistake for ‘theme’ – though I will be using it as a base for a Wordpress theme myself.

The update has been released!

Hello there! Nice job! I just got one doubt: If I buy this template, would I get an “unimified” CSS file? I think it would be easy to us make changes (I´ve checked the demo and the source shows me a compresses css file). Thanks in advance.

Hello studiophel,

Thank you for your interest. Yes, you will recieve an unminified, very well commented CSS file with a Table of Contents to help you in editing the styles.

It is good. I have bought it. I think each page shall be validated prior to upload to Themeforest.

Hello! JLouisBiz,

We apologize for double posting

Thank you so much for your purchase!

All the pages have been double checked for viable validation errors and triple checked by the themeforest review team however please do contact us if you find any specific errors so we can fix it ASAP. Thank you once again.

Line 9, Column 63: Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta. <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge,chrome=1”/> ? Error Line 74, Column 10: Element hgroup not allowed as child of element header in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.) <hgroup> Content model for element header: Flow content, but with no header, footer, or main element descendants.

Hello JLouisBiz,

Thanks alot for posting the errors,

First error: The X-UA-Compatible meta tag is absolutely fine and there is no need to remove it or to be worried about it. The Validator Just does not Tolerate this tag, However If you still wish to fix this error please replace that line(74) with this:

<!--[if ie]><meta content='IE=8' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/><![endif]-->

This does not in any way affect the working of your website.

Second error: I just rechecked each and every page again, we are not using the “hgroup” element any where in the template. However Please provide us with the file in which you are getting the error and we will look into it.

Thanks alot for your purchase, ThemesGravity

Question: Can those feature boxes on the homepage be anything? Say, with a slider plugin, I created a square slider, can it be placed there?

Thanks, a

Hello Andebobandy,

Thank you for your interest!

Yes these boxes can be changed/customized easily , Infact Anchorra is built on Bootstrap so it will be fairly easy to use the native bootstrap carousel as well.

Thanks again, Themesgravity

I would expect the template to look the same in all the browsers listed in the “Compatible Browsers” section which is not the case. Although the authors claim the template to be compatible with IE8, it cost me a lot of time and effort to make my site display correctly in it.

Hey rlzicar,

We appologize for any inconvenience you are facing with our template. Please make sure to contact us through contact form so we can have better understanding of those IE uncombatibilities. We assure you that we’ll fix that and release the update.

Looking forward to your email.