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Excellent job!
Quit question: How I can change the icon services?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Dulo!

Thank you for your purchase!

Yes you can freely change the Icon sets. By default anchorra is using fontawesome. ( link ) However you can use any Icon Set you like.

Thanks alot!

Beautiful design. Clean, very modular looking. I really want to make the stab at purchasing, but I have a question on the contact form. I haven’t purchased, but I inspected the elements in Firefox and the contact form looks just stylized. Is this a working contact form on the purchased version?


Thank you for your interest!

The theme is built on bootstrap so we have stylized/modify it’s Base elements for Anchorra.

Also for the contact form Yes, it is working It has HTML5 validation rules and it shows a success message via AJAX on successful submit. The Messages are then sent via email to one or many email address(we provide the required php files for this functionality).

Please contact Us via our profile For any further support.

Thanks again, ThemesGravity


Thank you for all your help! Great work!

Thanks man!

Beginner question.!
How I can eliminate the form validation?
I’m using ASP Code not PHP.

Advance thank you very much for your prompt response.

Hello doulo,

We are using HTML5 to validate the form just removed the “required” attribute from the input elements.

Also to remove the AJAX success message just comment/remove this function “contactFormAjax” in main.js file around line 135.

Let us know,

Thanks alot for your pruchase!

Thanks for your support. Excellent!


Great Design

i wanna purchase but i want to modify the width to be fixed size , is this possible ?

Best Regards


Thank you for your interest!

Yes you can remove the responsiveness of the template by just removing/commenting some lines of the code.

Thank you, ThemesGravity

Excelent design! im about to buy, but i wish to know if i can change the blue color of the menu and the footer. im quite new in touching styles, will you guide me please? thank you very much

Hey Ciscooo, no problem with that, we are here to help and guide you through the color wheel.

I have another question. How child theme compatible is this theme. Does it require any special/more specific preparations?


It is just a HTML template for now. The WordPress Theme is under development.

Thank you for your interest!

Hello andebobandy, WordPress Theme is ready for download!

Hi There, love the template.

I am having some trouble with the contact form the message field doesn’t seem to submit through ajax and is left blank in the email that sends out.

Hello lavapotato!

Thanks alot for your purchase!!

Please contact us via our contact form and we will be happy to help you about with the issue.

Thank you for chosing ThemesGravity


there is a bug in the lay for iPad & co in the media queries. It cut the right side.

I helped myself and commented out in style.css

html { /*overflow-x: hidden; Ver 1.1 */ }

I don´t know what this mean for other sites in the template!?

Is there an other solution?

Hello guenter55,

Thanks alot for your purchase!!

I Just tested and totally understand what you mean, I will just release a small patch to fix this bug ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.

Hey guenter, are you still there? Just want you to know that the iPad bug is fixed. You can download it once again.

I just purchased this template, mostly due to it stating it was built on Bootstrap 3. But the css that came with the package says it is Bootstrap 2.3.2. Can you explain?


Hey Stephen,

We just replied to your email. Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you very much for purchase, we appreciate it.

I came here to mention the bug in iPad media queries as well. Are you still working on the fix?

Hey Internets,

Thank you for pushing us forward, anyway, fix for that particular bug, as well as few others, will be released in v1.2 in a following couple of days. No longer than that.

Thank you for purchasing the Anchorra!

Internets, the iPad bug is fixed so you can download the Template once again and update it easily with the little help of documentation file.


there is another bug in Menu and IE 10. If there is a pulldown you can go with mouse until the small lightblue line and the pulldown is away – you cannot click the secondary menu! Here in the demo the nav-top-icon is missing in IE 10, installed it is correct!

And in FF the nav-top-icon is placed wrong, must be some pixels higher!

So, again to menu: if installed in IE 10 the nav-top-icon is placed correct and you can go vertical down over this icon and click secondary menues – but 1 pixel right or left this icon and the pulldown is lost on the lightblue line.

I hope I could express myself clearly.

Thank you guenter, it couldn’t be any clearer than that. We are allready working on fixes. Stay tuned for update release.

We released the update where IE 10 Menu bug is fixed. Latest version is v1.2. Be sure to grab your copy!

When do you think the worpress template is available for download? Thank you!

Hey andre, WordPress Theme is now available for purchase! Thank you for your patience!

Wahoeoe!! Thnx a lot! Waitingtime means discount right? ;-)

Anything you want! And we mean it!

Hello TG,

SUGGESTION: It would be great if in the purchased package you include images which mention the dimensions of the image on it.

It helps the designers to get the dimensions quickly.

And thank you for a wonderful theme.

Oh, great advice! We will surely do that. We’re glad that you liked it and thank you for choosing us with Anchorra!

Excelent template ! I made some modifications easily, and the result looks great :-)

I recommend the customer service too. The team reply very fastly and clearly. Thanks guys !

Well, you did an excellent job with editing our template! Glad to hear that we helped. Thank you for purchasing Anchorra!

Possible to add “featured box content on hover” as a feature for .project-box:hover as well?


Thank you so much for your purchase!

Yes, it is possible. You have to edit some styles for it. Please contact us via the contact form on our profile, so we can help you further.

Thank you for choosing ThemesGravity.

Hey , would it be possible to make the header fixed?


Thank You for your Purchase!

Yes it is possible to make the header fixed, However it is not a feature by default You would have to customize and add it.

Thank you for Chosing ThemesGravity

I noticed there are some bugs in IE9 with the drop down menu and how text positions its self around the service slider.

The drop down menu closes its self often when trying to select an option from the menu making it very hard to use.

I will capture video of the issues on Monday when I return to the office. The theme works fine in IE10.

Hey Internets, make sure you send us that video and we will surely fix it.

Hi, The menu is hidden when the screen size is small and when the last item has a dropdown.

The menu should automatically shift to the left, when the last menu item has a drop down.

Can you fix that ?



Thank You so much for the purchase!

Thank you for pointing out the bug We will fix it in our next patch, We apologise for the inconvenience caused

Thanks alot for your patience, ThemesGravity

Thank you. Hope that the update will be smooth on an already existing site.

Yes! :) Updates are fairly easy and we provide a very detailed documentation for the updates stay tuned.


Hello meyerula,

No, PSD files are not included. However, you can purchase them separetly from our profile portfolio.