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there is a bug in contact page with IE 10 and google maps: the copyright is shown vertical.

I helped myself fixing this with a style in contact.html:

.gmnoprint{width: auto !important;}

Hello guenter

Thank you so much for pointing out the Bug we will confirm and add it in the next patch which will be released in 1-2 days

Thanks for your purchase ThemesGravity

Hey I bought this theme a while ago. I am having issues with the contact form. It will not send the message. I sends everything but the message. Do you know how I can fix this? The only thing I changed was the email.

Thanks for the help and the theme looks amazing.


Thank you for your purchase!

we are releasing a patch in 1-2 days to address this issue in the meanwhile we can help you further via mail. Please contact us through our profile.

Thanks for Choosing ThemesGravity

zachstarnes Purchased 2 hours ago Flag

Hey I bought this theme a while ago. I am having issues with the contact form. It will not send the message. I sends everything but the message. Do you know how I can fix this?

Go to main.js in js-Folder and search

function contactFormAjax () {

Add under

var subs = $(this).find('button');

the code:

var msg = $(this).find('#message');    // Message textarea
var srl = $(this).serialize();
Then replace
data: input,
data: srl,

that´s it!

I uploaded the theme and it just keeps loading and loading but does not start.


That is not Anchorra It might be some other theme

Thanks alot for your interest

Do you include a layered PSD file?


Thanks alot for your interest However layered files are not included with the download package they can be purchased seperately here

Thanks alot

Hi guys, there is no resizing between portrait and landscape mode in iOS7 (both iPhone and iPad!). The layout in landscape mode is identical to portrait (only larger). iOS6 works well!

Please help! Markus


Thank you for your purchase!

We have tested the theme on both IOS6 and IOS7 and it looks fine, Could you please provide us with some screenshots so we can look into the issue. You can send them via the contact form on our profile.

Thanks alot! ThemesGravity

Finally, I found the bug!

Please replace <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”> with <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”> and now it works!

Thank you for pointing out the bug we will update our current theme files!

Hi, The slider fonts look fuzzy in Chrome and Safari. Any fix for that? Thanks.

Thanks. Can you please check your email to help with the issue with the toggle on the phones, thanks.


Just replied to email thanks alot for your patience!

Thank so much, fixed!

The theme isn’t IE8 compatible at all (submenues, widths)... I know, IE8 is an old sh… (unfortunately still used), but you state it IE8 compatible. Sorry, I like you theme anyway!


We understand and will look into the issue ASAP thanks alot for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks for your purchase!

Any news about IE8-compatibility? You removed IE8 from list of supported browsers…

Hey mkrystek, can you contact us through our profile page regarding IE8 problem you are facing?

Hi, Can you make the icon services clickable so they link to a page? Thanks.


Thanks again for your purchase,

Yes you can just wrap an anchor tag around the icons and they will work as clickable links

I am also having problems with this template in IE8 – the layout of the home page is incorrect, and the menu dropdowns do not work. I have raised a query via email several weeks ago, but it has not been answered yet.

I found a partial fix to the menus by adding this CSS

.lt-ie9 #navigation ul ul {filter:none!important;}

But the dropdown part of the menu still sometimes disappears before it is possible to click on it.

Will there be a fix for this please?

Hello catalyst,

Thanks alot for your purchase!

all the bugs with IE exculding IE8 have been addressed to. We are working on the IE8 bug fix and will update as soon as we manage to fix it.

Thanks alot for your patience

Any update on your transfer to Wordpress? Love this theme.

Hey dcwoody, we are working on it. Let’s say we need additional couple of days! Will update you.

Hello dcwoody, WordPress Theme is ready for download!


can u tell me what is the problem ?:

Please contact us through contact form and we will be glad to help you out with this. Best regards!

Hello ThemesGravity,

Great Design!

There are some bugs in IE8, with the widths and the submenu. Can you help me?


Hey jobarme,

We updated all of known IE8 bugs, let us know more about it through email, contact us through contact form, we will assist you.

Hi, I sent you an email but have not answered me.

Hey Jobarme, Just replied we apologize for the delay.

Thanks alot for your purchase!

Hi, I have purchased your theme and I like it very much. I have some question on my logo replacement and I have send you an email. Can you please reply me? Thanks.


Just replied to your email!

Thanks alot for your purchase,


Hello i have purchased the them and i think i would like to remove responsiveness could you please point me where to look to comment out responsivennes? thanks!

hello limbo!

Thanks alot for your purchase!

to remove responsiveness please follow the steps:

step1: open styles.css and scroll all the way down to the 21st table of content around line 2038 and remove all the media queries you see.

step2: scroll all the way up to line 15 and remove the following line @import url(‘bootstrap-responsive.min.css’);

step3: in all the html pages remove the meta tag with the name viewport

that should be all.

Hi, thanks for the reply and sorry about my late answer. I have tried the above but i think something might be missing.

Most of the template adjusts except for the central part… here is a screen shot:

Maybe by looking at it you can tell what i am missing, thanks again!

Hello Limbo01!

I Can see the issue and am sure it is an easy fix could you please email us via our contact form with the files so I can look into it.

thanks alot!

Great theme. Is the gallery handled with javascript or jquery or straight css?


We thank you for your purchase!

the gallery is handled by Jquery which can be found in main.css fie, also the html layout for the gallery should be same as it is now else you would have to modify the Jquery.

Hope that helps!

I love this theme. Although the lack of not running Bootstrap 3 is an argument for not developing my next site in it. So the question is, is this theme going to be upgraded to Bootstrap 3 in the near future?

Hello Fredrikss!

I am very glad you liked our template, However I apologize that we do not plan to convert anchorra to bootstrap 3 anytime soon. Although all of our future themes will be extensively based on bootstrap 3.0

Hello – I recently purchased this template and I am trying to edit it with an editor. I am running into problems as the graphics do not display properly or not at all. What editor do you suggest I use as I have never run into this before after many years. I noticed the .DS files that are included, so that does give me a hint to the platform used to create the template.

Using a pain text editor is like going back to 1994 when the Internet really took off. I’ll just use another template…

You better do! :)

Yea, I really wanted to use this one.

Hi, I tried to register on your support forum, but there’s a php header error when i try to submit registration.

I’m using wordpress 3.8 and having a problem with the visualizzation of the tiny mce icons on the page/post/service/project editor pages. I have only added the plugins you suggested, no others, but there are too many icons in the toolbar above the editor and they don’t jump down to the next row. This causes them to get covered up by the elements in the sidebar area (publish,project page layout, etc.) The content also gets covered up, so you can’t really see what you’ve inserted unless you go to text view. Is there any way to make the icons move down to the next row so the editor box isn’t so large and doesn’t get covered up? thank you.


Please provide us with the purchase code(Via Email) or comment using the profile you have purchased our theme from. So we can know that you are a Genuine Purchaser.

Thank you for understanding.


Can’t find Gravity Cluster plugin… Anybody can help me please. :) thx


Not an issue, We can help you with that! :) . However We have no confirmation if you have an actual purchaser please create an account on our support forums so we can assist you further.

Thanks alot!


I just asked my client to give me his access so I can log in. :)