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I have just purchased your theme and all of the links to your forums are down and I cannot get a response for support?

Are you still offering any support for this theme?

Can someone please answer my email?

hello There!

Umm we are not receiving any emails on our end, could you let us know your email address and we will contact you right away.

Thank you for your patience!


EDIT [email removed for privacy]


Please check your inbox,

thank you! :)

Page loads and looks great. Very happy. However, the loading icon in my browser (in chrome it’s a spinning circle) never stops? As if there is something left to load. But as I said, it loads quickly and everything is exactly where it should be? Any suggestions?

nevermind guys….seems to have worked itself out.


Great! let us know if there is anything else we can help you with :)


Hi, please Homepage Default Slider is not showing on my website homepage. Help!!!

Please help me with the Navigation (menu) color also. I change the top-header color to white and the Menu fonts turns white on mouse over which makes it unseen.I prefer a dark color for the menu color that will be visible on white or just simply tell me which line to edit in the css.



Check your inbox.

Thanks you! :D

Yeah seen, thanks. Please how can i change the featuredbox icon to my ow custom image icons

Is the meta description built into the theme itself? We are using WP SEO and so meta is being output twice. Is there a way to disable the meta that is output by the theme?


Please contact us via the contact form here.


Where is the testimonial shortcode as seen in the theme demo? We’ve looked everywhere for it but it’s not available.


Please check your inbox.


Responded to your question a few days ago but have not heard back again.

Hey Matt!

Please check inbox. :D


Does this theme works in “Wordpress 4.1” ?

Hello Richard!

Yes, it does please check your inbox

Thank you for your purchase

Cant seem to get this to work with “Wordpress 4.1”. Failed to install and then complains that there is no stylesheet after being manually loaded to the site. Any help?

This has been resolved and the theme is working correctly.

How do I slow down the intervals between slides on the anchorra default carousel slider?

Hello hekx!

Please contact our support via the form here

Thank you!


Hi ThemesGravity, your theme was virused twice and some strange admine appeared. What’s about security in Anchorra? What could you propose to eliminate such situation in future?

Hello Paulart!

Security is a very serious issue, I would suggest you to update WordPress and all plugins specially revolution slider to secure your installation for virus attacks, also having a strong password along with changing the username: admin is a must. For More information and if you need our help in securing your installation please contact us at support[at]

hello paulart!

I understand your concern and thank you for pointing out.

Those functions are not being used in our theme if you are facing any issues with the same please drop an email at support[at] and we will try our best to help you out.

Thanks and regards,

All of the sudden the slider will not work. It was working just fine, I switched out the slider to a new one and now I can’t get anything to come up? Very strange. Has anyone else seen this?

Hello Matt!

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Thank you! Worked like a charm. Fast response is appreciated. This matter is closed.

Hello Matt!

We are glad it worked!

If you like our support and theme please consider rating us with a 5 star and review :)


I’ve just purchased the “Anchorra” theme and all of the links to fora and support are down. There is a big problem installing Revolution Slider, Super Cpt. and Gravity Cluster.

I like to get my money back. Too bad that such themes are still for sale …



I apologize for any inconvenience cause,

you can contact support here:

Or email us directly at support[at] and we will fix it for you asap.

Thanks for understanding,



I just updated the theme and several of the images are not showing, like the logo and one of the sliders. I also can not upload any images into any areas in Theme Options. The upload button doesn’t do anything and although I can click in the text box (where the URL should show for the image uploaded) I can not paste or type the URL into the box. Can you let me know what I need to do to correct this? I have uploaded the latest version of the theme 2 times via FTP.

Thanks, Sarah

I have responded to this again and have not heard back. Deactivating the plugins did not make a difference. I still can not see the images on the front end of the website.


We are looking into the issue, Please check your inbox.


I have checked my inbox and skyped you as requested and can not get a hold of you. I really need this issue fixed. What do I need to do.

Is it possible to easily change colors in this template?


Do you have any problem with your support forum? I made a request a week ago and I didn’t get any answer :/

Hi guys,

your service template doesn’t work properly. When I post a new service it appears two or three times and eliminates others that I have posted before. You can see it here:

I have been trying to contact you since 26 of June, but I have had no answer in all this time. Is it possible to have any feedback (yes or no) to see if I can work with this theme or I should work with another?

Sorry about the tone, but it is a bit frustrating to send messages and don’t have any answer. It is even worst when you have answered me in less than one day when I asked a question before buying this theme. And now that you have my money and I ask you a question question I have to wait… 20 days? This doesn’t look fair, guys.

Finally I had to use “projects” because “services” doesn’t work and nobody helped me to find a better solution.

Hello WisdomThemes! :) I just updated to the latest and greatest version of the theme (update went great), but noticed that your Font Awesome icons were still dated from 2013 and I was hoping that the template update would have included the latest version as i’d like to use a few of the newer icons on my site. Could you put out another update to the template that includes the latest icons or kindly instruct on how to get the latest version of the icons in on my own. Thank you in advance for your help!

Are you going to update the theme?

Still waiting to some answer

We don’t have update plans for Anchorra at the moment.

Hi, I’m getting public_html/ext/gravity-cluster/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 1268 at the front page. Just popped up yesterday at random. No edits or changes were made that caused this. Please help.


Drop in an email to us at support[at]

with a link to your website and mention this comment.

Thanks alot.

Hey, are you still updating this beautiful theme to make sure it will work with current and future versions of WordPress? Even if you don’t plan on updating it visually, will you at least continue to make sure that it won’t break? Thanks!