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Is there an option to make the menu sticky?


Hello Ron!

Thanks alot for your interest!

Unfortunately, This option is not available by default as of Anchora v1.0 However this functionality can be customized and added easily.

Awesome work! :)

Thank you!! =)

An excellent job. Good luck dude :)

Thanks vicky!

Nice touches , congrats!

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Bedros is already celebrating with the profile image :) Thank you Bedros!

Good job, GLWS ;)

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Congrats!Like it :)

Hey ThemeRox, Thank you!

Nice theme !

Is it possible, on the homepage, to have “Our recent news” from the blog posts instead of “Our recent works”?

Thank you

It will be possible very soon, we will ship the shortcodes for it in the next update.

lol finaly brother :D

great job GLWS Brother

Thank you themeslust, it took us some time but finally we’re on a right path to deliver better solutions with every new release in the future!

Very nice, fresh design. good luck

Thank you kotos! We really appreciate it!

Nice layout structure. Great template

Thank you so much! :D

Hi, if i click on à menu item with subitems on my iPad is directly opens the main page, instead of letting me pick à submenu page. Is this a Little bug?

Also in portaitmode the pages are à Little bit cut off… If you van fix these problems on mobile devices ànd could Make à sticky menu, than i Will buy the theme.

Great theme btw!

Hello Bartos!

Thanks alot for your interest and pointing out the bugs!

These buys will be fixed by v1.1 which we are rolling out in 2-3 days. Since we are only planning to release bug fixes in v1.1. The sticky menu we will release it in later versions along with more shortcodes and options in the meanwhile I can provide you with a code snippet which will make the menu sticky.

Okey nice :-) I will wait on the update to see if the theme is suitable for my next project!

Thanky you! :) we sure hope you like our theme

I love this theme, beautiful work!!

Thank you blueoxygen! :D

Really nice theme! Do you have plans for a WordPress version in the future?

Hello Bdaily!

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This is a WordPress version of the theme :)

Really Awesome Work! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thank You so much! :D

the best simple/clean ever on themeforest i have found amazing work congrets!

Request to all theme authors.

Theme providers doing complete mess with the codes added many jqeurys,css etc and hosting account of the people dont support those huge codes their site gets slow and they lost ratings rankings so i must requests to the authors to please look into this situation as well and do the minimal codes site must load faster cleaner

Thank you vbizsoft!

Thank you for the suggestion! We have tried our level best to provide as low loading times on pages as possible however if you have any issues with page loading time you can contact us and we will be happy to help!

I like your work! One question, can I have a right handed sidebar on the blog page?


Thank alot tobi!

Yes you cant! we have options for that in the theme options panel, You have 3 options Left Sidebar|No Sidebar|Right Sidebar as a global settings and we also provide these settings for each individual page as well


Like the theme! Just a quick one might have missed it. The newsletter sign up boxes can this be linked into Mailchimp?



Thank you for your interest!

As of v1.0 The newsletter boxes are not integrated with mailchimp however we have plans to add the functionality in later versions very soon! :)

Hello! It does not work. I can not upload logos, etc. I can not find a demo


Thank you for your purchase!

Please download the fresh and see if you find the demo folder Either way I have emailed you a zip containing the theme demos. As for the logo there are theme options under Appearance -> Theme Options where you can upload logo along with many other options, The Process is explained in detail in the theme docs.

Hope it help!


Demo is ok. :)

Nothing can be added in Theme Options- is not going upload image …

Hello dwmedia!

Just received your email! with the details will keep you posted there

Thanks alot!

Thanks for Great support

Thank you! we are very glad you liked our support we aim to provide amazing support in the future as well


I may be missing something obvious but when i select the option not to show the “Footer Subscribe*Show the Subscribe box at the footer of every page?” its is stil showing on all pages.

I have turned it off and on several times, but no change

Hello Mover!

Thanks alot for your purchase!

Please contact us via the contact form with screenshots or if you can provide the backend details it would be amazing. And I will fix this for you right away.

We thank you again!


Hi, I just sent you some log in details via contact form, cheers


Received the details mover! thanks alot! :)