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I have read through the comments and was wondering about the update to 1.1 with some fixes. When is this coming out?

I really love the theme and actually have a website I need to start building with it.


Thanks alot for your interest!!

We are working hard for the fixes! we should be finished by most probably today or tomorrow (IST).


Glad to hear it, I see that the Last Update says the 10th of December now. Does this mean that you released the fixes yet? I don’t see a changelog on the Item Details page and the image still says 1.0.


Yes we pushed the update last night and were waiting on ThemeForest to accept the change before we updated the changelog to avoid confusion :) . You can now have a look at the changelog under item description.

Thanks alot for your interest!


Nice theme but noticing lots of problems in your demo.

The gallery – can this be a standard wordpress gallery. The problem with your gallery is you click on a thumbnail, then it opens up somewhere below or above the thumbnail, so you have to scroll. Very confusing.

In the portfolio pagination, you have no idea if the page has changed or not. All the content is below the fold.

Will these be fixed?

Hello Stuart!

Yes, The Gallery is a standard wordpress gallery using the [gallery] shortcode. The standard behavior of the gallery is that the big images open up below the thumbnail and not above. I just tested on my end the gallery works fine across all versions and platforms.

However if gallery is still very confusing could you please make a suggestion for us to improve the behavior. We Might push it in future releases or create a custom patch for you.

For the Portfolio Pagination – Since in our demo the content and images in all the portfolio pages are almost same. We did not modify it much since our main aim is to just showcase the design and not add real content. Hence when the item is changed it looks similar to the previous item.

We understand that this might cause confusion to some users so we will update the demo accordingly.

Thanks alot! for your interest!


Just bought your theme. Loving it so far! Could you possibly add a link to INSTAGRAM in your next update? Pretty important social media for a lot of companies. Thanks!

hello helmickcd!

We are really glad you’re loving the theme! :)

Thanks alot for your suggestion, It will be done in the next update. stay tuned!


Loving the theme now. Your documentation states that the widgets and menus cant be imported. Thats not entirely true. The menus are actually imported, you just have to set the primary setting on the main menu.

The widgets can be exported and imported using a plugin that most theme devs on here are using now:


You should use that and give us the demo widgets :)

Hello geekchoice!

Thanks alot for your purchase!

also for your suggestion! I just checked the plugin out It looks promising We will include the demo widgets and include with the theme in future release and also update the documentation for now you could provide us with your email and I will email you the export data.


sent you a message from the contact form on your profile.

Hello there!

I received the email and have attached the export data however It has also been included in the new v1.0.2 theme files. The documentation has been updated.


Hi any audio/video features preferably self hosted?


Thanks for your interest!

We do not by default have any shortcodes/feature for self hosted audio/video however you can always insert them using HTML5 tags and they will work just fine.



I am considering purchasing your theme for my site, and so far I am impressed with what I see.

However, I was hoping that you could tell me whether or not I will be able to upload my own icons to this theme?

Also: I am currently using a plugin called Events Manager, and I am wondering if it will be compatible with your theme?

Hello There!

Thanks alot for your interest!

we are using fontAwesome by default here is a full list of the icons http://fontawesome.io/icons/ . As for your own Icons Yes it is possible to customize and add however there is no option for it in the backend.

We have not tested the theme with that plugin however The theme is developed keeping in mind to support all major plugins.


Just tried activating your new child theme and now many of your .js files are not loading. (google maps, fontawesome, etc.) Here are the error messages:

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (font-awesome.min.css, line 0) [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (custom-css.php, line 0) [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (bootstrap.min.js, line 0) [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (main.js, line 0) [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (gmaps.js, line 0)

It seems to be looking in the child directory for all these support files rather than falling back to the main theme’s directory

For example: http://reliablereceptionist.com/test_site/wp-content/themes/anchorra-child/assets/css/custom-css.php?ver=3.8

Shouldn’t it also be looking in http://reliablereceptionist.com/test_site/wp-content/themes/anchorra/assets/css/custom-css.php?ver=3.8 if it gets a 404 on the child theme’s path?

Thanks. I was always under the impression that wordpress handled the way a child theme falls back to the parent in the event a file is not found. Since I do quite a bit of wordpress hacking and have created quite a few child themes, I am curious what was missing. Any chance you could clue me in?


On line 23 of functions.php I used The constant we used to reference the root for the theme was as follows

define('THEMEROOT', get_stylesheet_directory_uri());


returns the root directory of the current stylesheet being loaded by wordpress in this case the stylesheet was in anchorra-child/styles.css.

TO fix this error I used the function

which returns the root of the main template directory which in this case is anchorra/

so basically just replacing line 23 of functions.php with this should fix the issue :)

define('THEMEROOT', get_template_directory_uri());


Got it. Thanks so much.

I’ve just purchased the theme and couldn’t find the PSD files. Are they part of the package?


Hey Flavio,

Thank you for choosing our theme! No, PSD files are sold separetly on here.

Great theme guys!

Quick question: I got WPML to work perfectly. The only thing I can’t seem to translate is the “carousel slider”. It doesn’t appear in the WPML strings either.

Any ideas? Thanks so much.

Hello xehch!

We are glad it worked! I will look into the slider strings. In the meanwhile please provide us with your installation’s backend details. Also please register at our support forums here for quicker response time.


When are you expecting to release the next version? e.g. when will we be able to pick our own fonts, etc.


We are releasing Patches for Anchorra within gaps of 3-5 days these contains bug fixes and enhancements within these we will also roll out feature updates as well as per requirement and priority so just to give a timeframe most of the features will be completely added within 1-2 if not 3 weeks.

Thanks alot for your interest!


Thanks for your reply. Hoping to see the font ability within a week or so. Hopefully that one is top priority ;-)


We will try our best to push it this week or the next!

Thanks alot for your interest!


Here’s another one.

Can we put a Vimeo/YT video on the big featured box? Would really love that.

Could you enlighten me how to do that? Theme options > Home page > Home page default slider? Do I upload something, or add a link to a YT/VIMEO video? How to proceed?

Not talking about the revolution slider by the way, as I know that one is capable of handling video. Talking about the featured boxes (and then the big one on the left)


My apologies I thought otherwise, It is not possible by default to add videos to the featured box you would have to customize it according to your needs.

Also please create an account on our support forums so we can assist you further.


Can i just say, how wonderfully documented your code is in the stylesheets. Don’t think i’ve come across a template on here where so much care has been given in the code for the user to understand the site structure.


Thank you so much for the compliment! :) we have spent a great deal of time on making the code easier to customize and edit We are glad you liked it!


How can I set the footer info (such as copy right) other than using 4 footer widgets? I don’t see a standard field to add footer information.


There is no option by default in the theme to add footer copyright however you can add it easily in the footer.php file.


Hi Just a quick pre-sales question? is Anchorra compatible with WooCommerce? and if not are there plans for it to be? Many Thanks Nick Garnett


Anchorra at this point has not been tested with WooCommerce and we do not have any plans for WooCommerce in the very near future however we would later decide depending upon the number of requests.


Great theme & Hi! Its possible changes the primary color?



For now it is possible via custom CSS however we are releasing option to change the primary color via theme option very soon!

Thanks alot for your interest,


Hello! Its now possible change the primary color via theme option? Bye

Can you tell me how u removed the subscriber box? i cant get it to be removed..its holding me back..please advise.



There are backend options to remove the subscribe box. Please update to the latest version since there might be some bugs with the subscriber box in version 1.0.0 current release is version 1.0.3


Could you tell me how to add 3 columns on the homepage (spreading through full width, centered)? For some reason, when I add 3 columns, it seems left-alligned on the page (columns arent wider than for example the 4 columns. 3 should be wider right?


Sure we can definitely help you with that but could I request you to please create an account on our support forums so we can assist you further.

Thanks and regards,

Great theme! I’m installing the theme for a friend and the Homepage Default Slider is not showing.

I redirected the home page to featured boxes and main slider does not work http://gyazo.com/628e673416b72292b0df52699ab6738c.png

I ty by adding the slider shortcode to the page: [rev_slider homeslider] ?

I also try by adding a home default slide to /wp-admin/themes.php?page=gravity_options and nothing seems to work

Please help.

Hello there!

I cannot see a purchased tag so there is no way to tell if you have purchased the theme Could I please request you to register on our support forums here or contact us via our profile page though the account you had purchased the theme OR email us the purchase code.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Awaiting your response



We recently just purchased the theme – we cant seem to find where the Revolution Slider files are that come with the theme – if you could point us in the right direction?

Additionally we have noticed the theme has some issues in the back-end with the “Theme Recommended Plugins” – for example we use gravity forms and when we click on this plugin the “Theme Recommended Plugins” comes up instead and when you try to install these it says no link was specified.

The shortcodes also dont work – do they require one of the “Theme Recommended Plugins”? (cant find these when searching for plugins and link doesn’t work)

Another thing we were trying to use anchor links as below on a page and this seems to break the page. <a href="#1">test</a>


Thanks, i have manually installed the plugins and it all seems to be good, besides the gravity forms plugin (but i understand that you are not responsible for plugins conflicting)

Only other things we would really like to get working is

1.The anchor links for example http://barard.australiandesignstudio.com.au/resources/faq/

Use left link to move down the page but it wont let you scroll back up.

2. Shortcodes in the sidebars? http://barard.australiandesignstudio.com.au/resources/

Can i have an email address to send backend details too?

Thanks for your quick response!

Any update on this?

I assume shortcodes are not compatible in the sidebars but i would really like to know whats happening with the anchor links?


Found that it is the following css causing it.

.sidebar-fix { overflow: hidden; }

any suggestions on fixing this?

I am having the exact same issues as GlobalMediaWorx. Shortcodes broken. Plugin files missing, etc. Fortuntely, I had the Rev slider plug-in already so I just uploaded that one. Do not know what “gravity cluster” plug-in is and can not find it. Please help. Thank you!!

thank you – i manually installed the other plug-ins from ones that i had or from the plug-in search. You link you sent did not work. It came over like this – Anchorra/Gravityframework/Plugins

Please send gravity cluster again.


with no link attached


Thanks for the backend Details.

Following up on email.