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Is there anyway we can link the newsletter with MailChimp?


I appologise for the late reply, Yes it is possible howver you would have to modify the form to working with the mailchimp api

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Hi there, where do i go to edit the css files on the homepage slider? I need to resize the caption text


You can modify the CSS using the custom CSS field under theme options. To look for the required styles to modify I would suggest you to use tools like chrome devtools etc. If you are still unable to find the required styles please create a post on our support forums here so I can help you further.

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Hi, I Have purchased your Anchorra theme two days ago and I have the 1.1 version, but I cannot find the Testimonials and the Blockquote shortcodes anywere. It is very important for me to use them so I would like you please to tell me how can I use them. Thank you in advanc


Please create a post on our forums here about the issue so I can assist you further

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Great theme, have posted in the online forums for some support.


Following up on the forums

Thanks alot!

Hi, I’ve managed to sort one of my queries myself but I’ve updated my post on the forum with the issues id like help with . thanks

Hi! How I can create a page with all posts? I installed the demo content that comes with the template, but the listing page is blank blog Thanks!


I apologise however I am not able to understand what you mean by a page with all posts, please create a post about the issue with more details on our forums here.

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Goodmorning, i don’t what that te website is response. But when i turn it off in the theme settings its stay’s the same

Can you help me?


Please create a post about the issue on our forums here.

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I did!

We are interested to purchase the template for our new website but we need in 4 language what translation plugin you suggest?

Hey vbisoft,

glad you are considering the purchase. Anchorra WordPress theme is fully compatible with WPML Plugin. If you need any more answers feel free to contact us through here or via our support forum.

This is a great theme! I do have one question:

Right now, if you go to this page you’ll see the service boxes:

When you click on the title of the service, it directs to:

I want it to direct to unique pages I created for each service. For example, instead of, I want to direct here:

Where can I change the URLs?

Thanks in advance!


To modify the URL just navigate to the plugins/gravity-cluster/cpt/cpt-service.php file. Then scroll down to line 8 once there look for the following code $cpt_service = new Super_Custom_Post_Type( 'project' ); and replace it with this $cpt_service = new Super_Custom_Post_Type( ‘service’, ‘service’, ‘services’, array(‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘/’)) );

Hope it helps!

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I canNOT upload logo using Appearance -> Theme Options I click on upload and nothing happens I try it on Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc doesn’t work.


I appologise for the dealy, The issue has been resolved.

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Thanks you so much for the fix you guys rock ! the theme is amazing and we love it!


We’re glad you loved the theme! I am here if you need help with anything else! :)

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1) How in the meta do I remove the

Picture of the author and the meta of the author? I don’t want it showing BY or about X, i know theres a slider for posts for does that cover all meta boxes site wide?

2) The ICONS used for the feature box, can this be replaced with actual images or where can i chose the icons?

3) How do i disable the “more from” in posts in cat view?

4) is there a way on the home page to put the text above the default slider. At present on the page any text you put in is automatically placed below the slider, id like it above.


1) To remove the Author Details you can just disable them by navigting to admin->theme Options->Blog

2) We are using Font Awesome Icons you can use any icons available on this page

3) To add content above the slider open up the page-homeslider.php page and add your content just before the #home-v1-featured-slider div.

Hope it helps

Thanks for your purchase.

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Is there any way to make the projects cycle instead of having to use the slug for each?


Thank you for your purchase!

Just to confirm, By project cycle do you mean the project boxes?

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Pre-sales question: If I use WPML with this theme, where can users choose which language they wish to view the site in? Is there an additional dropdown above the main navigation, or is my only option to add a dropdown to the main navigation?

Thanks for your help and great looking theme.


for the language switcher, there is no option by default however it is possible by customising it a bit.

Hope i made it clear

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I am disappointed, your themes is cool but the functionality no works it is difficult to have the same of demo… The import demos does’nt work. I loose my time to find solution. I don’t understand how to works the contact page but normally all the themes i have buy it is so simple. The documentation is to poor.

Why on the home slider page if url not set the slide bug or not appear ?

Sorry but your theme pissed me off !

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The basic function of wordpress is not used. I must send my picture in a specific format ? why ? you know add_image_size ?


I apologise for the troubles caused while customising the theme. if you are having issues while importing the demo content please contact us via our profile page with your wordpress installation’s backend details.

For the images, we have provided the domensions for prefered image sizes to avoid confusion in the backend, it is not a thumb rule to upload those sizes only

Hope I cleared it out correctly.

I apologise once again.

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Why are there files missing that appear in the demo, but not in the demo .XML file? (Services page, Portfolio item sidebar/fullwidth, and all the blog pages). Am I missing something? It’s really frustrating spending time trying to recreate the missing features.


Thank you for your purchase!

All pages/posts should be imported if the demo content is imported correctly However if you are having trouble creating the demo content please contact us via our profile page with your wordpress installation’s backend details.

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I’d like to remove the header and footer background color

top-header {

background: #dfdfdf; }


main-footer {

background: #dfdfdf;

I can find it when I inspect the element, but for the life of me I can’t find a way to edit it anywhere in the theme css. Any ideas?

It’s especially frustrating when I see that the style.css is being imported, not allowing any changes to be made. I understand having control of your design but it makes it LESS design and customizable friendly.


Thanks alot for your purchase.

to remove the header and background colors

just paste the following code user the custom CSS field which can be found under theme options.

#top-header { background: transparent; } #main-footer { background: transparent; }

We are importing the styles.css file just so the users do not modify the styles.css file directly as it will be overwritten when the theme updates causing all the modifications to be lost. We have provided a custom CSS panel under theme options to add all the customized styles, and which will not be overwritten when the theme updates. you can use the imported styles sheet as a refferance for editting it is very well commented to aid you while customizing.

Hope it helps,

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2 carousel in 1 page don’t works… Do you have a solution ?



I would request you to create an account on our support forums here. and post the issues.

Also Please send us your WordPress installation’s backend details via our profile page.


Hello, we are trying to replace the ” share this ” with our “add this” code we added the code but the share buttons are showing a little out of place see screenshot :

We want the share buttons to show nicely in the middle How can I fix that ?

Hello There!

Could you provide us with a link so I can modify the css for you?

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Hey! Really happy with the theme so far, but one pretty big issue (for me at least!)

There is a conflict with the popular plugin “Easy Custom Post Types”. Your theme adds the link “Appearance > Install Plugins”, but for some reason this links to the same page name the plugin uses “easy-content-types-posttypes” and you have a function overwriting its content to display the required plugins. I can use the easy custom plugin while your theme is installed


have you had a chance to take a quick look?


I appologise however I did not recieve the credentials please resend them to this email themesgravity[at] also mention this post

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I like the look of this theme, but the client pointed out that the demo site is not loading responsively on the iPhone or iPad.

The site does load, but it is the same as the desktop version, just scaled down so the navigation is hard to read and access.

So, the question is, does the theme have a different layout for the small screen with a different navigation menu, etc.?

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is there another link I can check to preview the theme with responsive enabled? thanks


The demo is responsive enabled, It’s strange that its not appearing on your device could you please provide us with some screenshots via our profile page so i can look into the issue,

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ok, sent you a message from your profile page with a link to the image. thanks again

Hi, purchased and very cool. I have a problem with the gallery. It is confusing to use. When clicking on thumbnails the image opens below the thumbnail and means you have to scroll for every image.

Can I disable this to have a standard Wordpress gallery that opens in lightbox?

Also the gallery thumbnails are all different sizes. Is there a fix for this?



Following up on support forums,

Thanks alot!

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