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Hi again, Gyo! Is it possible to limit the number of portfolio items shown in the home page, in order to have just one row of them (the last ones)? Andante is working nice, and successful with my customers!

It’s nice to hear that! :)

To limit the “Featured Portfolio Items” you have to modify the file template-home.php at line 95 which begins with:

$args = array('orderby' => 'menu_order' ...

Just prepend the “posts_per_page” to it, in this example we’re limiting the items to 3:

$args = array('posts_per_page' => 3, 'orderby' => 'menu_order' ...

If you also want to change the display order, you should modify the “orderby” and “order” parameters. For more info please check the Codex page on WP_Query.


Hello, I bought the theme and I like it a lot, but I have a problem with the slideshow. I was using the meteor slideshow plugin, but now in the place of the slide there is an empty space, and when I try to make a new slideshow with the slider option of the theme, it just don’t work. Is it posible that I need to activate some option to use this kind of plugins?


Hello and sorry for the delay, I took 5 days of holidays. :)

About your problem, I’ve never used the meteor slider plugin so I can’t say for sure, however please send me a link to the website so I can give it a look (in pvt if you prefer).

Thank you!


I would like to create a menu link to different categories of my projects, eg. I have sub-categories like Blog, Promotions and Highlights. I would like to create a menu link to be linked directly to only my Blog Projects.

I tried using the following but it still displays all the projects. http://www.savemypiz.com/highlights/#blog

How can I do it, as I know it is possible in the live demo of your site.

To link the categories in the menu, go to Appearance > Menus and you should see a Portfolio Categories box (if not, click the Screen Options tab at the top of the page and make sure “Portfolio Categories” is checked).

If you just want to know the categories links, go to Portfolio > Categories and move the mouse over the categories to see a View link which brings you to the correct URL.

Let me know!


I would like to check on how I can change the size of the sizebar. Mnay thanks.

Hello, it’s possible to change the size of the sidebar but it’s not a quick task because you should change the CSS and various PHP files. Cheers!

Just want to drop by to say thanks for the wonderful theme, and the awesome after sales service!

Never regretted it! Keep it up!

Sincerely thank you! :)


I would like to check how I can create a menu item showing all of my blog posts (all categories) in a page.

I know there is a archives template in pages but i would like to be display not limiting to the last 5 and if possible, show it like it would show in when I select a particular category to be one of the menu item.

HI, please ignore my previous question. I have managed to do it. :)



Recently, my feature boxes images became weird. It was working well before, showing the images (80×24) properly. However, I am not sure what happened. Now the images are auto-resized to 150×150 and it made the image pixelated. You can visit my website, http://www.savemypiz.com/ to have a better idea.

Appreciate your great help.


I see in the code that those images have ”?resize=150%2C150” appended at the end, probably added by some plugin which forces the 150×150 size.

The best thing to do is try disabling all the plugins and check which one is causing the issue.


Thank you for a great theme. I just need some small tweaks to my website and was hoping you could help me with that.

1. Is it possible to completely remove text shadowing throughout the entire theme? Would this be added as custom CSS?

2. How can I change the colour background and text shadowing where the titles are written in portfolio projects? Right now it is light grey switching to black on hovering and it is very difficult to read the text.

3. In the contact form the text areas are grey and switch to white when you click on them to write. Can I change this to a more “standard” text box (black borders, white background) that remains when writing?

Thank you so much for help with these questions, I really appreciate it.

Sure, I can give you some quick hints, but there are so many possibilities that for advanced modifications you’d need to know some CSS or hire a developer.

1 – Remove text shadow everywhere
* { text-shadow: none !important; }
2 – Change portfolio box colors on mouse-over (black text on white background)
#content .media:hover {
   color: #000000;
   background: #ffffff;
3 – Change form elements
input[type="text"], input[type="password"], input[type="email"], textarea, select {
    color: #000000;
    background: #ffffff;
    border: 1px solid #000;


It worked like a charm! Thank you so much for your fast reply and kind help. Great support man!

Glad it helped! :)

What is the current theme version? I could not find a change log. I have version 1.0. Do I need to update? Thanks,

Hi Teri, the latest version is 1.1 (you can see it in the style.css). It’s not necessary to update if you don’t have problems, however when WP 3.6 comes out a new version of Andante will be released for compatibility.


I am unable to view the slideshow images in Internet Explorer 9. Nothing is appearing.

This is using the inbuilt image slideshow under Appearance-Theme Options-Images slideshow

I am running Wordpress 3.5.2 and the latest version of the Adante theme

It is working fine in Safari and Chrome

Any ideas of how I can fix this?

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

I just tested it on IE9 and it seems to work. Can you please share the link? Or, if you don’t want to post it publicly just use the contact form.

Thank you!

Hi Gyo,

First of all, I’m really happy with your theme, mostly because it’s elegant, easy to configure and perfect for a personal website, that’s my case.

I’ll get help to finish the site when it’s almost ready, as I’m not expert in wordpress or anything, but for now I’m getting what seems a bug with the Portfolio. It doesn’t matter the language that I activate it always seems to leave some empty cases:


Could you please help me with this?



Hola Xesc,

This happens when the images are not the same size, in your case the image for “Un Altre Temp” is slighlty taller than the others, causing the visual “hole”.

To fix it: change the order of the items or make all the images and texts at the same size.

Si tens mes dubtes contacte’m al meu perfil. :)

Thank you very much for your help!

Moltes gràcies :)

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opps posting on wrong theme lol

Hi I have a problem with a category showing the wrong title. In the menu, I linked to a post category, and the posts show up on that category page. But the title is not showing! Instead, it shows something completely random from another page.

Has this happened before? Thanks.

Hello, if you can send me a private message with the URL of the page I’ll be glad to check it out.

Thank you!

Hey Gyo, I bought the theme and love it so far! I seem to have a little problem with my portfolio though!

I have my portfolio work set up! it appears on the home page if i select the “Show in the home page” button in the project! But the projects dont appear on the main portfolio page with the catagouries… (You can only see my projects if i make a dropdown menu with the catagouries… Not on the main page!?)

Can you please explane this to me? thx

Hello and thanks for the purchase! I’m not sure I understand the problem, could you please pass me a link to your online website, either here in the comments or in private if you prefer.

Thank you!

Your demo is down :-(

We’re migrating to a more powerful server, it will soon be up again. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Gyo! I have a quick question about the portfolio page. I made a portfolio page and also uploaded projects to the portfolio tab through the back end, but the actual live portfolio tab doesn’t link to the portfolio at all, not even the page I created for it. Any ideas?? Thanks so much!

Hey! Sorry for the huge delay, I missed the message and got no notices. I hope you’ll understand.

Could you fix the problem? If not contact me in private and send me the link so I can give it a look.


Gyo… I love your theme. I’ve adapted it a little bit over the years. I have a question. I want to be able to put an embed video in the Flexslider in the portfolio section.

It doesn’t seem to be possible. At least it wasn’t working for me.

Perhaps another way?

Thank you in advance.


Actually I found an answer.. isn’t possible in flexslider nor will it play in firefox. Sorry to bother.

No problem :)

Hi, I’ve emailed a couple times directly through the contact form, but haven’t heard back yet. We recently added a new slide and now only 2 slides are showing. Any ideas how we can fix this? There should be 8 slides showing http://annahomler.com/