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Can I upload my logo?

Yes, You can

Hi there,


Can you tel me how to add a OnePage section to the main menu?

Please contact with support.

I see there is an update but I do not see where they are listed. Do you have a page listing which files where updated? This helps so we don’t have to re-upload the whole theme again.

Thank you!

Sorry for this. List is available here in item details.

Hi there, awesome template! I was wondering if I could add multiple images (galleries) to the portfolio. Thanks!

Unfornately at this moment not… thanks for your opinion.

Is it possible to modify the contact form? If so, how can this be done? Odd as it may seem, I can’t find a way to change the field text (like “Your name (required)”).

You can do it only manually. Go to assets->php->shortcodes->partials->contact_form.php

You mentioned I could add a png (logo) on the welcome page instead of just text. how do I do this?

Please use support section for more information.

Thanks, just emailed

Hi there,

This looks like a great theme. I’m considering buying it, but would like to know a couple of things.

1. Can you stack work in the portfolio pages? 2. Does this theme support stand alone video?

Thanks you!

1. You can order portfolio works. 2. Our theme has video shortcode (youtubue, vimeo). If i good understood.

Thanks for your reply. Is Portfolio Works a plugging? And, for the video, is there a way to load up stand along video within the site and not have to rely on using YouTube nor Vimeo?

Portfolio is custom post type wordpress, prepare for our theme. Video (mp4, webm formats, not url) only video background in home. Shortcodes only vimeo and youtube.

Hi Can you tell me how to create a child theme for this please?

Thanks Jane

Contact with support, please.

Hi! Can I preview the multi-page version somehow? Thanks!

Andon is Onepage theme only

Hello This theme is typical one page, but you can create static pages too. Example with static page is page with shortcodes. We don’t have demo multi, this is only demo onepage.

It seems the maximum amount of pictures showing is 50. I was able to download more, put them in my portfolio, but from picture 51 on you can’t see them on the website. Do you have a solution?

I sent you email.


Is there really no way you add more than 1 image per portfolio?? If thats the case it is very very limited!

In project portfolio or in portfolio? if in project unfornately at this moment only 1.


Can I turn off the carousel of text in the main header image?

Great theme :)


Can you send me the link to the support section… I can just see an email address?

Thanks, when you said “support section” I thought you meant there was a webpage for support. I have just emailed you.

Thanks Josh

In the portfolio section, can I have the images pop up in lightbox format instead of the current portfolio description?

Ideally having a portfolio area that allows for images to cycle through (not just one) would solve the issue… so any chance you’re going to make this change anytime soon? I know a few people have requested this.


when you click on a portfolio piece, there are the 6 icons with descriptions (video support, branding, copywriting, etc) underneath the actual portfolio. can these be customized per portfolio or are they standard and the exact same as on the home page always?

Unfornately, our portfolio support only our solution. You can create your content after portfolio work details.

Is this theme WPML compatible?

Unfornately at this moment not.

This theme has everything I’m looking for however, during the live preview on phones and tablets, the top image appears huge and blown out. Is there anyway to fix this once the theme is purchased? Thanks.

Check you without themeforest bar?

It works perfect thanks! That was easy.

Nice looking theme. Does it play video too? For example one slide shows the video and when it’s finished it shows the next slide which could be a video or image. We are looking to run ads at different venues and are interested in this theme. The ads would run on a 32” screen. Please let me know.

Thanks, Christine

You can add video in revolution slider.

Hey, just bought and quite happy so far!

One question: Where to change the colors of the icons? It seems like the color settings dont affect the icons i use from awesome font.


for now i’m using a custom css workaround i quickly made:

/Colors for the Icons/

.contentbox-1 div{

border-color: #29aeec !important; color: #29aeec !important;


.contentbox-1:hover div{

background-color: #29aeec !important;


But of course, would be better to be able to change it with the settings

Icons in content box use general-colors, so the change is a little more difficult. You have to remove this element from .general-color, .general-bg list. You have to do it in files style.css and assets->php->custom_css.php

Another Question i have:

When i add links to the Layerslider (e.g. a button in the slider) pointing to content further down in the page, the scrolling doesnt work. is there a rel that i can add to have the scrolling?

Also for the links in the sticky navbar. They work with scrolling on the same page, but let’s say i’m on the blog Page and click it, nothing happens because the anchor is not on the Page. when changing the link in the menu item it works, but then the page reloads completely.

And is there a way to have an anchor to the beginning of the Page to put in the navbar?


ok thanks alot. The home link works perfect.

Can you help me with the navbar issue? When on the blog page, the navbar doesnt point properly since it tries to open URL/blog/#home, wich is not existant (should be URL/#home). Doing it from another Page it works flawless. Do you know what might be the issue there?

Could you also tell me where exactly where to add the line? I tried at the end and in the local scroll section, both broke the scroll completely.

Sorry to bother you…

You can check the page here if you want to:

layerslider_1 this is your layer slider ID. This is bug for all scripts onsite. Change ID.

Use support section.