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Nice template.. good luck mate ..! :)

Thanks man :)

wow you are so productive .. your speed of making PSD Templates is very fast!

thank you :)

Looks like you work non-stop 24 hours a day!. After Every 2-3 days you have something new to showcase Whats the secret dude? :D

Thank you sir :). I just have passion for webdesign, and work a lot :)

Excellent work man !! Good Luck with sales ;)

Thank you

Good work mate!

Nice Work ,You are fast man :)

:) Thank you

Lovely style, any plans to convert to html?


The developer it’s still working on it. This week it will be available for sure.

Dear friend, today I uploaded the HTML version. Let’s hope it will pass the reviewing process, and you will be able to buy it. Regards.

Thanks for update, looking forward to it.

I absolutely love it, I’ve shown it in my agency, they loved it too :)

Keep up the good work! (and hope you get a ton of sales :P)

Thanks a lot man for your nice words ;)

Hi there,

it would be so great to develop WP version… any plans for that?

Today I finished the HTML version and I uploaded it. It’s in progress, the WP version is also being developed by another programmer so it will be available soon. Cheers.

Wow, gone following :-)

Hi, Any news regarding the WP version of the theme?

Will be ready by the end of this month. Stay tuned.

Titillium Font Family – Body Font & others.

Your links for the fonts are dead, The font cant be found anywhere. Maybe this PSD is DOA