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1. I used the one click demo to edit the oages on localhost aince my client hasnt given me the login details for the buyer account. But even with the one click demo, i cant edit the pages and the pictures arent in the folder of the theme.

2. If i login with the buyer account and also want to put the site live on the web,will the pages and pictures be available for me to edit the site with?

Ave downloaded the theme and now i need help on how to install the theme

Ave downloaded the theme and now i need help on how to install the theme

Find a folder called angel which is theme folder you need to install and activate it.

Go to “Angel Options > One Click demo” click the image and import the demo content then your site will be like my demo but with dummy text and place holder image, later you can manage your own by watch the style of the layouts.

hi; I want upload model portfolio images in angel theme but run not .

Can you post your query in our support forum http://support.kayapati.com/ so that our support staff will attend it and fix it soon.


thank you.

In the tutorial video for the become a model page the person copied a code for the foem from some where. Can i get the code here??. Or theres somewhere ill download the code

Ave seen it. But i still need the image slider actual size

Ave seen it. But i still need the image slider actual size

I used 1920×768 for my demo home page slider.

Try with those sizes.

I mean code for the become a model page where models fill and then ill receive their details just like in the tutorial

I cant seem to find the models tab on my dashboard why??

You mean CPT, find for Talent, if not see, then make sure that you installed and activated “Talent Agency” plugin.

I need a pluging that clients can use to book models

Where do you see this plugin? the shortlist plugin is already included in the theme if you update theme to latest version

When people send message on d contact us page , its not showing in my mail. Y?

And just in case you are wondering. I am the one designing prideofafrika. Plzz help me check the sites “Become a model” page and tell me why after filling the form it tells me that. And y i dont get messages sent to me from the contact us page in my mail.

Thats the link- prideofafrika.com

Please login with buyer account to get support.

Mr kayapati. I am Prideofafrika. I just dont ave the log in details cause my client was d one dat bought the theme

Hey I want to know is this NSFW website https://www.quebeclive.com created by this theme? As I am also planning to buy this thme

It seems he used a plugin which is not from our theme.


cke11y Purchased

Hi sorry my support has run out and I need your help please? I just updated the theme and I wont be updating it again, it’s too much hassle everytime I do. This time my images/videos are not complying with the columns that are set- they’re supposed to be 3 but they’re 2 now, and there’s loads of white space around the images. could you tell me how to fix it please Also could you please tell me how to remove all the video start buttons and the tweet & fb like buttons in the lightbox when you click on youtube videos? And is there a way to make the lightboxes bigger?

Also the “models” post type has disappeared from my admin panel And you update deleted my updraftplus plug and I cant get it back despite it showing in FTP folder view

If you look at the pages below you’ll see what I mean

thanks a lot

http://scooter-alchemy.uk/restoration-process //// http://scooter-alchemy.uk/restorations //// http://scooter-alchemy.uk/for-fun

You mean you are using too older theme? can you provide us wp admin access in our support forum?


cke11y Purchased

hi thanks for the prompt response, have just put it in support forum, with screenshot. my admin access will be visible in forum wont it?

you can provide us wp admin access by check the check box “Set as Private Reply” so that other can not see it.

Hi kayapati. I bought Angel theme for along time. It’s great! But now, I can’t disable menu Register and Login in Menu.( Menu don’t show register and Login when i logged in). How can I fix ? Thank a lot!

Go to “Talent Agency > Login / Registration” where you can find “Disable User Dashboard Menu” disable this checkbox.

Hello, Please can you give me work demo admin panel to see your product backend ?

Sorry, we can not provide wp admin as its live demo. you can ask query if you have any doubt.

Hello, I have no doubt :) I will buy the template to review it, if there is anything I will write to you.

Thank you.