Discussion on Angelina-Responsive Underconstruction Landing Page

Discussion on Angelina-Responsive Underconstruction Landing Page

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hi the contact is not sending information like name and message.

and also there is no message to sender.

Dear sir. Please submit your ticket here. http://ticket.smartythemes.com/?v=submit_ticket

The menu layout in mobile seems to be goofed up. When in mobile the links are high and out of bounds and the closing “X” covers them. Ive tried it in Google tools and also directly on my iPhone 6. I’ve tried it on every template and even on the Live Preview. All seem to be experiencing this.

I seem to have “fixed” it for now so long as they only use portrait.

Hi there – is there an easy way to add a vimeo video to this html page – like the clouds page for example – similar to this: http://csmthemes.com/themes/beta/static/

Sorry I meant and make it responsive! See here: http://pelicondesign.com/clients/dentipreneur/one/

very good :)

What font does your logo use?

Contact form and subscription is not working. Inmotionhosting server.THX

please describe your problem in our support forum

i would like to buy this, to use only the counter can i eliminate the menu options an add a bottom below to make a link? if i choose video background and open the site in a mobile device does the video play? or can it be replaced by a picture if detects that i come from a mobile,. ? thanks for your time

i would like to buy this, to use only the counter can i eliminate the menu options an add a bottom below to make a link? if i choose video background and open the site in a mobile device does the video play? or can it be replaced by a picture if detects that i come from a mobile,. ? thanks for your time

Hello, autoplay is not working on mobile devices but we can replace it with an image.

Hello, please provide out tech support with required info.

Hi, in which section of the css style do you edit to change the color of the the accent color text such as the rotating text in the text animation version of the template and the scroll over color changes for buttons etc.

Hi. We are using #ef2c06 as accent color in Angelina. So you can use multireplace in your code editor to replace it with any color code that you want.

Hi there,

I am having the same issue as ALFREDAJNSTAJN75 above.

The contact form only sends the email field and not the name and the message fields.

Hi, webzenuk!

Try to replace code in contacts.php with this code http://pastebin.com/S2cL3DsG

Great design. I did not purchase yet but I encountered a little bug on my chrome about your animation. When you load page directly, animation works. Words come in and go by. But when you open the page in a new background tab and let it load there, and click on the tab few secs later animation does not work. No words come. “WE WHAT WE DO” stays still. Same problem occurs if I tab out and come back: Animation stops working. Is there any solution for that? I really liked this, we have a small project coming out in may, I would like to use your template but now I’m afraid it will show broken sentences to tens of people who visits pages by tabs.

Wait, I did purchase this, in the morning. Oh.

Hi, VolkanOzcan!

Thank you for your message. We are preparing new update that will be released next week.

How do you select which template you want to use

Hi, sparwars!

You just need to rename chosen template to index.html.

I have a problem with contact form. It sends a notification without the message. E.g. “Message sent via contact form example.email@gmail.com” and that’s it. No message from the message field. GoDaddy server.

it says: Could not send mail! Please check your PHP mail configuration.


Please give a link to your site.

I am having trouble getting the contact and subscribe forms to work. I followed the directions in the documentation. Everything seems to work fine but I am not receiving any emails.

Nope. Not in the spam folder. I tried to register on your page but it will not let me. Is there another way I can contact you (support)?

What hosting-provider do you use? Please give a link to your site.

Awesome template. I’m intending on using it for much more than just a “coming soon” page.

Only issue i’m having…it appears as if the morphtext section gets a little buggy when using a words of 9 characters or longer. anything past the 8 characters will continue to show as the text continues to morph into the other text.

I’ve tested using a 9 character word (glamorous) at the end of the string (elegant,stylish,glamorous). what happens is that the S on glamorous shows up as the rest of the word is disappearing. when that happens, the S stays shown then elegant does not show up on the next cycle. The S will stay showing until the “time” passes that elegant would have disappeared. Then instead of showing elegant, it will show stylish.

Is there any way to increase the time of the morphtext or are we limited to 8 character words?

Thanks for all your help. Keep up the great work

PS: I also purchased your other great theme, TopLevel.

Hi, _celly!

It’s happens because your delay between animations less then time for chars animation. So next animation starts before previous is finished. You need to set Delay parameter higher then now.

You can do this in jquery.sm-text-rotator.js on line #9. The value in milliseconds.

Yup, that sure fixed it.


GLWS, it’s so good.!. I love… But your menu and percent counter are no working well on the ios device or minus (cut the numbers). Then I can try to update your works after buying. Or or but if U do this for me !!! It’ll be great and I thanks you with 5 rates stars. ;)

Hi Ricky

We will check and fix :) Thank you for writing about this.

Hi, You forgot the menu! But I found the problem for them, in responsive.css you put a class instead of an ID on ligne 96.

Regards. RicKy.

many thanks Ricky. we will update the template in the near future.

Can somebody please respond to support request by dejanmarkovic2?

Thank you.

Love it in concept but having a great deal of trouble installing it. Sent you a message. Help would be awesome. Thanks

Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Thanks friends )))

Congrats ! Looks Awesome :)

Thanks friends )))

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks friends )))


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