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Hello. Trying to update WPBakery Visual Composer plugin got me an error. So I followed your recommendation in your help article http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/angle/visual-composer.html and deleted the Plugin. In the repository I did not find any plugin with that name, so no re-install was possible. Not to talk of an update.

Why is this hint not working? How do I get VC back??

Thanks, Olaf

You should be able to update / install the visual composer plugin from Appearance -> Install Plugins menu in the WordPress admin panel

I just updated the theme, and apparently some content from Visual Composer is now not displaying on my website. Anyone else finding this?

Hi Scott,

Just tested the scroll animations with the latest Angle and VC and they seem to be working fine. Have you maybe installed any 3rd party plugins that could conflict with the theme and might have caused that issue?


Hi, I just went through all my plugins and I didn’t see any change, the scroll animation still didn’t work even after toggling all plugins. I did some further investigating however and found that the problem only happens on pages where I have VC’s portfolio module and Infinite Scrolling both enabled. If I switch the Portfolio pagination to Simple or turn it off, the scroll animation works again. I also see that Infinite Scrolling doesn’t seem to work at all on website.

So I think that must be the source of the problem. Maybe some javascript conflict between the scroll animation and Infinite Scrolling?

Yes, its probably not a good idea to have scroll animations and infinite scrolling on the same page

The theme has many options and may take some time to get used with it, but works nicely. I have developed a website with it and it seems that when I tried to migrate from testing website to live it completely brakes down. I have installed fresh and started from scratch, and at the same time updated the theme and php version to 7.1 but I seem to get 2 problems:

the visual composer “recent posts” is now bringing the full content and not only the excerpt like in the testing page. I assume this is caused to one of the recent updates, either from the theme code or visual composer code. This is very annoying and would be great if you could advise which file I need to amend to rectify this

Secondly the test widgets are not adding <

> tags and breaking down top right elements… any suggestions

testing site: https://www.webservicesglasgow.co.uk/sdc/

live site: https://www.shawlandsdentalcare.co.uk/

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Hi, I would, but to be honest, I’m not very keen to extend my support and pay $20 less than a new theme bearing in mind I have never used the support for this theme in the past and once this is resolved I would probably not use it neither. Let me know your thoughts

Hi there,

I totally understand your concerns. A few things to keep in mind though:

1. The support period and the support period extensions were introduced by Envato and not the authors. We do not have control over the support pricing (its calculated automatically as a percentage of the theme’s price) and we cannot alter the price. The authors are required to offer support for their products but the support pricing and policy is defined by envato.

2. Providing support through the comments here is not safe for the client since most of the time the support team might need critical information (like username or password) in order to further investigate the issues.

3. Providing support with emails is not feasible since its almost impossible to track replies and assign them to the right person in the support team.

Kind regards


Dano007 Purchased

WPBakery Visual Composer wont update via the plugins and I’m out of support period to, please advice how to update. Also I’m trying to update the theme using the Envato Market plugin, but this is’nt working, please advice again.


Dano007 Purchased

I’ll try that route, one final question. As per here https://eco-chameleon.co.uk/homenew/ the design purple block has a text block in it with a link, but the link function does not appear to work?

Make sure that you are using some padding on your sections (at this moment it uses a no padded section) because the decorations from the section below is covering the text and the link.



Dano007 Purchased

Thank you.

Hi Developer, i am trying to install Hotjar Tracking code in Before </head> in Editor > Angle: Theme Header (header.php) but i am still not able to use Hotjar.

Hotjar Said “Hotjar installation could not be verified, please confirm that the tracking code has been installed on this page.”

Hi and thanks for buying one of our product,

Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum: https://support.oxygenna.com/support/


Hi Oxygenna team,

We’re planning to buy the theme, but are wondering if it’s compatible with the latest WordPress 4.8.1 … In “Software Version” it only states 4.7.x

Thanks for a quick answer!

Hi there,

Yes angle is compatible with wordpress 4.8.1


Ok, thanks for the quick reply! :-)

Hi Oxygenna,

Very much enjoying your Angle Theme. Nice thought out and very flexible. A minor point missing is native support for a second menu. Any advice on best plug-in to use… Mega-Menu?

Hi there.

You could use the top bar widget position to add a second menu. Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum if you need help with that: https://support.oxygenna.com/support


All is well here. The widget did the trick. Thanks, M

You are welcome ;)

On my plugin list, LayerSlider WP and WP Bakery show as needing update. Will Angle be updated to include the updates?

We will be pushing an update this week with the latest plugins :)

Hi, i want to force the mobile menu (navbar collapse) earlie than 991px, how can i do that?


Hi and thanks for buying Angle,

I’m afraid that would be difficult as it would require extensive changes in both the CSS and the Javascript. If you want to do that due to the length of the menu items you could try reducing the padding between them.

If you need more help on that open up a ticket in our support forum: https://support.oxygenna.com/support/


I already did it, just some tweaks to the bootsrap, thanks

Hi, I recently noticed that my website with Angle theme shows a faint line in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer for some of the section endings. The website is: http://www.solarhitechsolutions.in. Why is this happening?

Hi there,

Try adding that to the extra CSS rules:

.decor-bottom { top: 99%; } .decor-top { bottom: 99%; }



mkb1967 Purchased

Hi, are you going to update Angle soon? For a few weeks, WP Bakery has needed an update. Now after updating to the newest WordPress, WP Bakery stopped saving changes at all. I think it’s because the older WP Bakery is broken on the new WordPress. But I can’t update WP Bakery until Angle is updated, unless I buy a license for it. Thanks


mkb1967 Purchased

Hi, Yes, I did. That resolved the issue, although I think it was probably a FireFox issue to begin with.

We’ve tested our latest update on all major browsers and works. Try deactivating any plugins you might use.



mkb1967 Purchased

The latest update did resolve the issue. But I’m not sure it was ever your theme that had the issue anyway. I think it was FireFox.


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hello there, i have a problem with the WP Bakery. i asked the author of the plugin that: i have the plugin from angle theme, but i just cant find the Grid Builder any where!! not at wp admin, not anywhere. so is it a demo version that i have? and doesn’t include Grid Builder or what? please explain.

he answered: Hello, The grid builder might be disabled at your end by the theme. You can re-confirm the same with theme author.

so why is that. pls i want it to be full, pls help?

Hi, the grid builder was created after Angle so it was disabled, but I’m sure we could show you how to re-enable it if you need it. Email support@oxygenna.com and we will take a look :)