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aqmikc Purchased

i updated the theme and now google maps dont work. how do i fix it ?

This is a new rule from Google you will need to create an API key. The docs for Angle will be updated in the next release. For now you can use the instructions from our other theme Lambda

Hello how we can make parent menu clickable http://screencast.com/t/yUEHhywK ?

Hi joomlastars, in your wordpress panel go to “Angle>General” and set your menu to hover instead of click

For older IE browsers, this theme includes a file named assets/js/ltIE9.min.js. Unfortunately, this file is not included with the theme. Does anyone know where to get it?

VC editor is not displaying when trying to edit a page. I have updated to latest theme etc… any help much appreciated! – ignore – have solved!


Make sure you also get the latest version of Visual Composer as well, goto Appearance -> Install plugins to update.

Hi, I have purchased Angle theme, last year. Its amazing and website url is http://asliceofdigital.com. When I open the wp-backend, I couldn’t find the visual composer to edit the page. After I came to know that, the version of VC composer has been changed. I downloaded the new theme version but the VC composer is not so. Currently, I have 4.3.3. The current version is 4.12 it seems.

Note: My support portal is outdated. I need too renew. so pls tell me the solution.

Hi srvijay and thanks for buying Angle,

Make sure that you are using the latest version of Angle.

To update the theme to its latest version follow these steps: http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/angle/updating.html#updating-the-theme

After that, to update VC to its latest version follow these steps: http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/angle/updating.html#updating-visual-composer



I have been using this theme for quite some years now, and I love most of it. However, it seems my webhost is updating to PHP 7 in one month, and I was just wondering if you guys have any plans to update your theme to PHP 7?

Regards Rasmus http://www.rsoeby.dk

Hi Zumzar, Angle works with PHP7 already :)

According to “PHP Compatibility Checker” there are numerous errors with Angle:

FILE: /var/www/rsoeby.dk/public_html/wp-content/themes/angle/vendor/leafo/scssphp/scss.inc.php


3384 | ERROR | ‘string’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 7.0 and cannot be invoked as a function (T_STRING) 3582 | ERROR | Function name, class name, namespace name or constant name can not be reserved keyword ‘string’ (since version 7.0) 3695 | ERROR | ‘string’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 7.0 and cannot be invoked as a function (T_STRING) 3939 | ERROR | ‘string’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 7.0 and cannot be invoked as a function (T_STRING)

However, I do not seem to be getting the same error I did before when opening the site. I had to add this line to the htaccess file: AddType application/x-httpd-php-old .php

But now I deleted it – after having updated everything – and it seems to be working again, despite the errors above.

By the way, thank you for your wonderful support. It’s greatly appreciated.

Regards Rasmus

Hi Rasmus

The errors are coming from scssphp which the theme uses to create it’s Swatch CSS. But I’m pretty sure the functions mentioned in the report you posted aren’t called.

I’ve been running Angle with PHP 7.0 for quite some time now and everything is working :)


brunovd Purchased

Hi, I´m trying to post a ticket in private support area but purchase code is failing. Recently I have extended my support for 6 months.

This is my question:

“How can I enable a website URL field in post comments? ​Before i updated the theme I had a website URL field but now there isn ´t. Thanks”

Hi, there was a problem with Ticksy, looks like it is working now, could you try to make a ticket again? Thanks

Hi there! I need to deactivate mega menu from the theme, as I’m not using it and it has a conflict with Nav Menu Roles plugin. Is there a way? Thanks!

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Please reply asap…. Is this theme fully customizable ?.... i am planning to buy

The theme is customizable. Could you give us some further details of how you want to customize the theme? thanks

Will Explore and let you know.