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hi thanks for your beautiful theme i want add another font for my website using your theme, pls help me import another font using this theme. thanks you!

The theme comes with a Google Font option to choose any google font. Goto Angle -> Typography options page.

:) thanks you


SQRE Purchased

I love this theme, but can’t install it on a fresh wordpress 4.5. I tried two different server backends. After activating the theme, the server gives a 503 timeout error. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Thanks

Hi you don’t need to renew your support to receive updates. You only need to renew your support to get our support service. Updates are free.


SQRE Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply, sadly enough I can’t submit a support ticket anymore. But I can’t seem to activate this theme under a fresh install of wordpress 4.5. After activating it gives a 503 timeout. This problem occured on 2 webservers with both different php handlers. Also the theme checker plugin gives a lot of warnings. Some of them:

WARNING: Found a translation function that is missing a text-domain. Function _n_noop, with the arguments ‘The following required plugin is currently inactive: %1$s.’, ‘The following required plugins are currently inactive: %1$s.’

REQUIRED:.screen-reader-text css class is needed in your theme css. See See: the Codex for an example implementation.

WARNING: Found base64_decode in the file vendor/oxygenna/oxygenna-framework/inc/OxygennaOptions.php. base64_decode() is not allowed.

Line 242: $import_data = unserialize(base64_decode($_POSTTHEME_SHORT.’-options’));

WARNING: Found base64_decode in the file inc/options/widgets/widget-options/twitteroauth/OAuth.php. base64_decode() is not allowed.

Line 202: $decoded_sig = base64_decode($signature);

WARNING: fwrite was found in the file vendor/leafo/scssphp/scss.inc.php File operations should use the WP_Filesystem methods instead of direct PHP filesystem calls.

Line 830: fwrite(STDERR, ‘Line $line DEBUG: $value\n’);

I Hope you can find a solution. I really like this theme.

Best Regards,

Hi there, the theme does work with WordPress 4.5. Our demo site is running version 4.5. The theme checker warnings are nothing to do with your issue. That sounds more like a server issue. You will need to renew your support to make a support ticket in our forum.


brunovd Purchased

I have installed WP 4.5 and the theme doesn’t work. It doesn’t load the VC editing pages. I have installed new Visual Composer and doesn’t work either. The guys from VC tell me it is because your theme has extra addons of VC. I don’t know what to do now

Hi, we have tested Angle and Visual Composer in WordPress 4.5 and it does work. make sure you have the latest theme and VC installed and also try disabling any other plugins you have installed (its possible that some other plugins have trouble with WP 4.5 and are breaking the VC plugin)


brunovd Purchased

Ok. I updated the theme and it works well now. Thank you! :)

I am interested in purchasing the Angle theme. Can you tell me if you can place a background image in the area where the solid color is. I want to have a textured background.

Yes there is an option for background images on rows :)

hi! i want to change size of logo when i scrolls page.

Hi qaitvn, feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum: https://oxygenna.ticksy.com/


Hello, The number displayed on product category pages cuts off when hovered; tested on Firefox and Edge.

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi, I can’t find any options to display the menu differently.. can we change the background color? the hover effect? Have the main menu below the logo? Can we also have a top menu? I buy themes with the idea of making a few websites with them, but I have to be able to customize the header so they don’t look too similar, changing the menu is important for us. thanks

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi! The submenu in responsive don’t show.

Hi jose and thanks for buying Angle,

Please open up a ticket in our support forum https://oxygenna.ticksy.com



Could you please tell me where you got the images for this theme? We’d like to buy more similar images


Answered in ticket

porque no puedo elegir los colores de las cabeceras?

Hi, how can I get a german po-file for angle?

I mean how can I change the previous, next and share text on the single post page?

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hello, few days ago it stopped working the visual layout design with Angle Theme , since it has been updated to version 4.12 Visual Composer . Thanks in advance for the answer

Hi Sugus37 and thanks for buying Angle.

This is a bug with Visual Composer and WordPress 4.5.

If you update your theme to the latest version and then install the latest version of the Visual Composer plugin (Angle -> Plugins) then you should be good to go.


I just bought a new license for Angle for my client to replace a license that had been provided by a previous support person. All I did in the website was to change the Marketplace Username and Secret API Key in the Envato Toolkit; I made no changes to any code. Two odd things have happened. [1] An older version of Envato Toolkit (1.7.0) has appeared and Envato Toolkit wants me to activate it (but I’ve got 1.7.3 activated!). More important, Visual Composer reverted to 4.11.2. I have reinstalled it a couple of times, but the same version keeps coming up, and of course it does not work quite right. I’m running Angle 1.12.2. What is happening?

We would recommend using the new envato market plugin instead of the Envato Toolkit plugin which is no longer maintained. http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/ All versions of envato toolkit plugin and use that one. If you need any further assistance please open a ticket in our support forum

ALL WORKING GOOD, TILL i try to USE REVOLUTION SLIDER, ONCE I TRIED TO insert it into the homepage, the site just don’t load, like here heytan.org need solution?

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi I just purchased a license for Visual Composer, does Angle have any special consideration that might be a problem when I install this plugin? I heard that some themes that are bundled with VC have disabled some of it’s features for compatibility reasons. Is this the case with Angle?

Hi there,

Did you follow the steps described in the documentation to update VC? http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/angle/visual-composer.html#updating-visual-composer


Ahhh, I didn’t realize I needed to delete the plugin to update it. Oh well, live and learn I guess, lol :o.

Thanks for the heads up.

You are welcome ;)

Hi there! Can I use the account menu to show the WPML language horizontal list? I can’t find the way… Thanxs!

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Ops, I see it on widgets. Sorry

No worries,

Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum whenever you need anything.


Love the theme! I appears on my backend that Visual Composer is no longer working. Does that plug-in expire? Do I need to go purchase the plugin separately in order to make updates on my site? THANKS!

hi VizProCreative and thanks for buying Angle,

This is a known issue of Visual Composer. Make sure that you’ll update the theme and the plugin to its latest version (you don’t need a separate license for that).

To update the theme follow these instructions: http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/angle/updating.html#envato-market-plugin And then to update Visual Composer these: http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/angle/visual-composer.html#updating-visual-composer

Let me know if that helped


Heard that! Thanks so much for the quick response. MUCH APPRECIATED!

You are welcome VizProCreative

Don’t forget to rate Angle if you liked it ;)



cfaulkie Purchased

Just reinstalled this theme… and the revolutionary slider and wp composer won’t update without purchasing both.

The latest plugins are included with the theme, just goto Appearance -> Install Plugins to update them.


Beebs Purchased

I purchased this template twice. Why I still have this message popup and annoying “Hola! Would you like to receive automatic updates and unlock premium support? Please activate your copy of Visual Composer.”

What should I do.

Also the site is becoming very slow to load although using minimum RAM. Is it because those Visual Composer keep trying to connect?

This is coming from the plugin not the theme, please open a ticket in our support forum and we will see if we can remove it.


Beebs Purchased

Okay. But I have destroyed the work and decided to do fresh installation. When it’s done I will also open ticket.

The other thing that I want to ask is how to change the colours of the overlays. I will put in the ticket as well,

I really like your template. But using third party with boisterous ping like this, is causing the slowness of the template. I believe you can do the same like VC.

Thanks for a professional and immediate answer.

You are welcome ;)

Trying to set this up for a client (pls don’t send me to open a support ticket, pls. answer here!) and noticed that this theme is completely incompatible with polylang! Where did you define the navigation menus (in code)? Was impossible to find. I am not interested in any WPML (why did you make it compatible exactely with that one btw.? Just to have us pay even more for some other plugin?) THx!

Hi, the theme is compatible with WPML as we have found it to be the best solution for translation of WordPress. We don’t provide support via comments, if you would like us to look into your problem please open a ticket in our support forum