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Does this play nice with the popular wordpress plugin, userpro? It would be nice to integrate with that plugin.

We haven’t test it so far with that plugin

I have problem installing the Demo content When i click the 2 click install i get the error No Import Data. Could not load import.json from the theme I have the allow_url_fopen = on to my server I tried the manual install but i got only the posts

Hi there, could you open up a ticket in our support forum?

where is the support forum?

Hi there, I purchased this and now cant find the license for visual composer, can you point me where I can get that?

Hi The licence isn’t provided with the theme, we have an extended licence which allows us to bundle the plugin with the theme.

Hi a few days ago I purchased the template, I want to customize it. I would like to add a custom font with different color shadow and size for each different background color. How I can create new classes that appear in the index? the rest is it’s css :)

I hope you can help me, sorry for my bad English

PD: Good theme, good luck with sales

Hi Carlos, could you please open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

I opened a new ticket :)

Is the theme suppose to work on 3.8.1? When I try to upload and install, I get: Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Hi Francis

Yes the theme is compatible with 3.8.1, this could be because the upload is timing out. Try installing via FTP. If you need any further help please open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

Hi, a pre-sale question

It´s compatible with Contact Form 7 and WordPress SEO by Yoast?

Thanks! :bigsmile:

Yes the theme is compatible with both those plugins.

It is a pre-sale question :

Do you plan to do a plain static HTML version ? It would be very great to use your theme in something else than Wordpress.

Thank you in advance for your answer

Thanks ggerbaud , we’ll consider that ;-)

is this theme support RTL language ?

We are working on that sesharif

This looks like a interesting theme! Would I need to change some code to hide the tag section under the blog posts or do you have a function for that?

Hi tombsv , its easy to do that. We can help you on that in our support forum

Does this theme work well with s2member or any of the other membership plugins?

Hi thetunepeddler. We haven’t test it yet with that

Hey! I absolutely love your theme. A little curious how possible it would be to create a content section that can horizontally scroll through backgrounds and overlay content

Thanks mattswart! You could create multiple sections with fixed backgrounds for that

awesome theme. already testing it. one short question.

can I implement multiple portfolio pages? or blog pages?

Yes there are shortcodes you can use and add them in pages. Open up a ticket in our support forum if you need help on that

thanks for the exceptionally fast reply. i will find it if it’s there. again thank you and congrats on making an awesome theme.

You are welcome audaciousleap!

Everyone be aware of the last sentence on the front page. To get the look in the demo it requires a paid subscription to the Adobe Typekit fonts service. The fonts in the demo are NOT included or free. I found this out too late. The free Google font Alegreya Sans is fairly close.

Hi Kealaria

If you take a look at the credits section of the item page it says.

Fonts by typekit (not included in the theme)

Don’t think it could be much clearer. Typekit costs $24 a year and even has a free subscription option. The theme also comes with 630+ Google Fonts built in and as you say there are many fonts on Google that look just as great.

To be more clear you could state it requires additional purchase to get what’s displayed. If the Free font’s are ‘just as great’ you should be using one of them in the demo But we both know they aren’t which is why it looks as good as it does. Having a very clear very large thin font is a huge part of what makes this theme look as good as it does in the demo,

Your use of “Brandon Grotesque” is an excellent choice, a perfect fit. Unfortunately unless people know that before purchasing they are in for a surprise. Your statement of ‘not included with theme’ does not elude to the fact it requires a subscription service to get.

To be more clear, that font is not included in the free Typekit option.

It requires one of the paid memberships – which one depends on your traffic levels. As of today those costs are:

$25/yr for up to 50,000 pageviews/mos $50/yr for up to 500,000 pageviews a month and it goes up from there.

So to answer your statement, to make it more clear you need to say MORE prominently on the purchase page, that:

To create the look of this demo site it requires at least a $25/yr subscription to Typekit for use of the Brandon Grotesque font.

Or better yet make your demo something that can be 100% recreated with the purchase of the product and avoid any confusion.

hi i installed a voice over plugin on my blog post page http://www.pressalarm.com/newsroom/

after was not possible to disable Join the conversation

what to do best regards

kaelaria who cares about fonts if there theme has 90 % pagespeed in tools.pingdom

i was buying over 600 themes on themeforest this clear is the best one !!!!

Hi Swafta

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

hi what to do try to update the plugin but get this message An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update package not available.

Hi swatfa! Could you please open a ticket in our support forum so we can help you out with that? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Hi, is it possible to assign every page a different color theme (including header)? So for example: services in red, contact us in green, etc.?

Is this also possible for blogposts?

Hi there, you can assign different colors on every section of your pages!

Hello there! We are using this theme and it’s great, very loaded and everything very handy. We have a little doubt: Is it possible to add to the gmap marker the address, a little text box with the street info? Thanxs a lot and good work! I’m thinking about Swatch for the next project ;)

Hi merloc, its not that difficult . We could help you with that in our support forum

Question sent! Thanxs!

Great theme. I’m considering to buy.

But when using the demo in mobile it’s very difficult to find the cart. In desktop view the cart is placed into nav bar (when adding a product into the cart) but not in mobile.

Yes, I could place a link to the cart in nav menu but it would be nicer to have it visible in the nav bar.

I think this would be a great improvement in mobile ux.

Thanks oluton! we’ll consider adding that on our next update


I want to buy your theme, but i have a question : is it possible to customize our own section divider ?

Thanks !

Hi rionma33, the section dividers are svg’s so yes you can customise them. We can help you on that in our support forum

Hey guys,

I’ve bought the theme a few days ago. Have done already the maintenance mode site for purpose (www.zim-k.com). Now my question: how is it possible to get my Logo at the top of the header of the maintenance mode instead of just the font title?

Thx for helping. greetz Zim.K

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)