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Portfolio menu, the first on the list of the latest posts I want to look. But now, the oldest article is the first look. What should I do?

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

Is this strictly a Wordpress theme, or can I integrate into another CMS ??

It is a WordPress only theme.


I downloaded the theme a couple of days ago, and looked over the documentation, and can’t seem to find any information about [vc_single_image images=”54”] (or any other number). I understand this shortcode is for showing a desktop or iPhone screenshot, but how does it work and what do the numbers refer to?


The vc_single_image is used by visual composer to display an image, it is used when you add an Image element to the page.

Please could open a ticket in our support forum if you need any further help. Thanks :)

I need to update the Visual Composer plugin that comes with Angle theme. I have 3.7.4 and new version is 4.0.2.

How I am supposed to do that? Do I need to buy the Visual Composer plugin anyway?

Thanks for the information

Hi there, could you open up a ticket in our support forum?

Hey, pre-sale question: Can you add a video onto a product page? (example would be like a stock footage website)

A couple of presale questions:

1. Can I achieve these kinds of feature tabs with this theme? See: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s4/sh/d2b5ad5d-dc94-4201-8deb-57fadba9b6b6/579d14e271c43072dd09e45e0a91fd54

2. Can shadows be added to sections via admin?

3. Is GravityForms supported?

4. Does the theme support Schema.org and WIA-ARIA roles?

5. Is the Audio Posttype supported?

6. Can the slider also be used for posts?

7. What is the release cycle? Just curious to see what comes next!



Hi there

1) No 2) We can provide an extra css class for that 3) The theme supports all bootstraps form elements, other people have used gravity forms with this theme. 4) We try to make our themes as accessible as possible 5) Yes 6) Yes 7) We try to release an update every couple of weeks.

Thanks Oxygenna. On point 1: would you give any directions on self-programming it?

Hi there, Gorgeous theme! Would it be possible to open portfolio items in lightbox by just clicking anywhere on the thumbnail (instead of having to click the little magnifying glass)? Thanks!

Hi Oxygenna!

I bought your Angle greate template, many many thanks for your excellent work!

I have a question: “How i can disable the adaptive template?” I was made some changes and i want to view template same as on desktop on smartphones too.

Can you explane me which files i must edit? May be i must comment or cut some code from header? I have some html php css skills.

Thank you!

Hi agatpromo, thanks for buying angle. Could you please open up a ticket in our support forum?

Are translation files included? I am not needing a multi-lingual site, so no WPML necessary.

Hi there

Yes the po and pot files are included in the theme :)

One last Q: Will the theme be updated to version 4 of the Visual Composer in a next release…?

The 4.0.2 update changed a lot, we are working on getting this version working with Angle, when it is ready we will release an update.

Hi guys, Love the theme and it feels well documented, but I still have a few questions:

1. The WPBakery Visual Composer’s version is 3.7.4. It always asks me to update to 4.0.2. How can I do that and would it cause any trouble if I was to update?

2. How do I integrate the Gravity Forms Plugin so it feels visually native to the theme?


1. The 4.0.2 update changed a lot, we are working on getting this version working with Angle, when it is ready we will release an update.

2. Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

Oh, great. Can’t wait for that update. Do you have an ETA?

I will open up a ticket for the second question. Thanks for the quick reply!

Guys, How do I replicate the same fonts you used in the default example you have on here?

I’ve searched for “macha” and there’s none. I was looking under the Typography section. Please advise.

Hi Romanesco, could you open up a ticket in our support forum (http://oxygenna.ticksy.com)? Thanks


Guys, How do I setup my Google Maps and the contact form to replicate this page: http://angle.oxygenna.com/contact-alt/ ?

There is no template for that included. When I try to put the maps, it inserts it into the body as a rectangle. With the contact form is even worse, it just stays on the left part with an ugly design not specific to the theme.

Hi Romanesco, that page is included in the demo content. Open up a ticket in our support forum (http://oxygenna.ticksy.com) and we’ll help you out with that.


Guys, How do I enable the top bar with the social icons and the search button?

Hi Romanesco

We don’t provide support in the comments.

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)


Guys, When I try to create a team and I want to put one of the members in the center, how do I configure that? By default it alines everything on the left. Please advise.

Hi Romanesco

We don’t provide support in the comments.

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)


Guys, In what widget section the social widget is going for the lower middle footer section (like in the example)? The theme doesn’t have a middle footer section defined.

Hi. Sorry for yet another pre-sale question. But I need to know if the visual composer works on blog posts? Because if so this would be the perfect theme for me to make every blog post into something unique.


Yes you can set the visual composer to be used for blog posts :)

Why is there so much css in the head? ex: ”.flexslider figcaption,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .flexslider figcaption{background:rgba(255, 255, 255, .9);webkit-box-shadow :0px 4px 0px rgba(235, 235, 235, .3);-moz-box-shadow :0px 4px 0px rgba(235, 235, 235, .3);box-shadow :0px 4px 0px rgba(235, 235, 235, .3);}.swatch-white-red .flex-directions-fancy .flex-direction-nav a,[class=”swatch“] .swatch-white-red .flex-directions-fancy .flex-direction-nav a{background:#e74c3c;color:#fff;}.swatch-white-red .flex-control-nav a,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .flex-control-nav a{background:rgba(231, 76, 60, .5);}.swatch-white-red .flex-control-nav a.flex-active,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .flex-control-nav a.flex-active{background:#e74c3c;}.swatch-white-red .sidebar,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .sidebar{color:#444;}.swatch-white-red .sidebar h3,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .sidebar h3{color:#222;}.swatch-white-red .sidebar a,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .sidebar a{color:#444;}.swatch-white-red .sidebar a:hover,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .sidebar a:hover{color:#e74c3c;}.swatch-white-red .widget_search .btn,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_search .btn{background:#cddadd;}.swatch-white-red .widget_search .btn i,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_search .btn i{color:#222 !important;}.swatch-white-red .sidebar-widget .post-icon,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .sidebar-widget .post-icon{background:#e74c3c;}.swatch-white-red .sidebar-widget .post-icon i,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .sidebar-widget .post-icon i{color:#fff;}.swatch-white-red .widget_tag_cloud ul a,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_tag_cloud ul a{background:#e74c3c;color:#fff;}.swatch-white-red .widget_tag_cloud ul a:hover,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_tag_cloud ul a:hover{background:rgba(231, 76, 60, .9);color:#fff;}.swatch-white-red .widget_calendar tbody a,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_calendar tbody a{background:#e74c3c;color:#fff;}.swatch-white-red .widget_calendar tbody a:hover,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_calendar tbody a:hover{background:#e32f1c;color:#fff;}.swatch-white-red .widget_calendar tfoot,[class=”swatch-”] .swatch-white-red .widget_calendar tfoot{background:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.07);}.swatch-white-red .widget_nav_menu .sub-menu,[class=”swatch-”]”

Goes on and on. Very confusing structure.

Hi there

The css you see in the head is from the theme swatches which are created automatically by the theme to allow users to easily create their own colour schemes for the site.

The reason there is so much css on the demo site is because we have all the swatch colour schemes active to show off the different colour variations that are available.

Fair enough, but structure wise I don’t get it, why isn’t all the css external, just like with other prof. themes like Genesis?

The regular CSS for the theme is in an external file as usual.

The CSS you are seeing is generated by the theme. We could generate the CSS and store it in an external file but this would cause other problems ( like making sure the PHP in the theme can write to the external file ).

Loading the CSS in the head makes the site load faster and saves an extra request being made.


Not sure if your aware.. or if its unique to me. But your one page menu has a bug… sometimes the active menu button is one behind. EG. When i click pricing, “about us” remains underlined and so on.

I will be buying this theme and just want to know if this exists in the current build?


Hi there

Please make a ticket in our support forum and we will be happy to take a look at it for you :)

Sorry.. I dont HAVE your theme yet. I am speaking about your demo site when I have a look at the One page demo: http://angle.oxygenna.com/home/one-page/

Looks like we need to add a small offset to the waypoints which will be an easy fix. After you purchase open up a ticket and we will look into this for you.

Hello, I wanted to get some information before buying the theme. I have a pretty clear idea of the results that I would get, and I would like to know if your theme allow me. Can I send you the result I want? Sorry for my english approiximatif :)

Merci Pat

done, thank you

hello, after testing Ipad, demo plant on chrome, safari I use iPad Version 7.1