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Great theme loved it! presale questions:

- Can this theme integrated with WHMCS? If so will I have the look of the theme on WHMCS?

- I want to make the divider shape into wave shape can you guys do that?



- the theme has not been integrated with WHCMS

- there are curtain and cloud decoration styles available with the theme would those work?

Hi, there! I’ve purchased this theme and I have to say that it is phenomenal! Great work!

I have a doubt, however:

1 – What files do I have to edit in order to translate or chance some words in the comments below my posts on the blog? I need to change the sentence “Join the conversation” to another one, as well the placeholders in the input fields.

2 – The same question about the placeholder in the Search Filed widget.


Hi drakhos

Glad you like the theme, there are translation files provided in the /languages folder inside the theme. You can use a po editor to translate the strings you want. Or if you could always use the WPML plugin to translate the theme.

Please open a ticket in our support forum if you need any further assistance Thanks :)

Hi, I must say it’s very unique theme!

One question: Is it possible to straighten the angles in the whole theme? I understand that it is the concept, but for my needs I need it straight.

Thanks, Roman

Hi Roman, the angles are optional and you can disable them as you create your pages

Hi, I bought ‘swatch’ theme before, and really like your solid color style.

After explore this theme for a while, I ‘really’ don’t like your single post’s style. Because whenever reader click to see content in a blog post, they’ll found same heading (‘Latest news’ for example).

Is it possible to modify this style? For example:

1. Use post’s title for big heading. 2. or just remove it for single post’s style.

I really like this theme but before purchased, this single post’s style make me hold my pocket.

Hi there

We can show you how to change this. If you purchase Angle, Please could open a ticket in our support forum and we will show you how. Thanks :)

I already purchased this theme.

First of all, I think you improve the setting panel a lot, easy to use, and I love it.

I’ll leave my question in your support forum. See ya! :)

Love this!

Just a few questions.

-Is it possible to create a more blog/news/magazine style homepage with latest posts, a sidebar, etc? Maybe even just a way to feature a few specific posts?

-If not currently possible, do you do any customizing for individual purchases (for an extra fee, of course)?


HI Jesse

It is possible to create a blog style homepage with latest posts and a sidebar.

If you need any help we are available on our support forum :)

Awesome! Do you have an example of what that looks like?

Hi, can you explain me what I do with: angle-child-theme.zip ?



The child theme is for customising the theme whilst still keeping the functionality of the main theme and keeping it upgradable.

You can read about them here


portfolio image when you hover over the picture opening kal?cak side-by-side in the link code to uninstall? the magnifier is to take place in the middle of the picture want to remove the link section on image to enlarge.

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

hi i I would like to buy this theme, but I’m having a concern., when I view the demo on the ipad it crashes no matter which mobile browser i use. Can you please advise?

Hi there, we didn’t have any issues with our testing devices. Tested it on all iOS deviced (both 6 and 7). Is it happening on all pages for you? What version are you using?

Does it have a social sharing Icon for Linkedin, Youtube and Vimeo? Can’t find it…


Please make a ticket in our support forum. Thanks

This was not a support question but a pre-sale one. I don’t have your theme…

Yes the icons are available in the theme :)

Hi, I’m trying to add Google fonts to the “font stack” but can’t seem to navigate to the save button in the Add Font Window (with CSS Options at bottom) can’t scroll down, hope this makes sense?


Hi there, could you add a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com

Hi, I’m wishing more downloads for this :)

This one of the best themes that i had ever seen. Providing extra icons for the user which suits to their work is the best feature in this.

Regards, sai


I’ve got problem with typography, i can’t see the Add button in Add-window, picture below :)


I’ve got WordPress 3.9, but i’m 99% sure that it was working with prevorius version ;)

Thanks for solution!

Best regards Peter

Hi again :)

I updated plugin as shown on YT but it’s still doesn’t work :C

I’ve got plugin version 1.1.1



You need to have the latest version of Angle 1.5.2 installed to get the correct version of the plugin 1.1.2.

Please open a ticket in our support forum if you need any more help.

I updated Angle to 1.5.2 and i get the latest version 1.1.2 of typography plugin and it working properly! Thanks! :)


I need to update the revolution slider for some embedded YouTube fixes, how do we update it. Currently it’s version 4.1.4 but 4.3.6 is out and running?



The latest version 1.5.1 comes with the latest version of Revolution Slider. Please update the theme then uninstall Revolution Slider and reinstall it from the theme.

Hey guys, great theme!

I have two quick questions:

1) How do I use animate.css on any text or titles in the theme?

2) Can I use LivIcons in the nav menu?

1) You can add animations to the section that the text is in, if you want finer control. Please open a ticket in our support forum and our designer will help you out

2) You can add FontAwesome icons to the menu, heres how in the docs

hello, after testing Ipad, demo plant on chrome, safari I use iPad Version 7.1

HI I want to use this theme, but seems it is a Wordpress theme. Is it available simply as a HTML theme? Can I use it simply as a HTML theme? What would the price for this be? Thanks

Hi there, at this moment Angle is a wordpress theme. We might consider it in the future ;-)

Do you guys have any plans on releasing an update with Buddypress/bbPress support?

hello, good theme!

Can you help me? : On your live demo, when my cursor is hover an icon the animation is ok. But on my website hover the same icon there are no animation. How can I do to have same as your demo? Thanks in advance for your answer.

I add that when I put Enabled On Scroll Animation the whole block disappears on the preview…

Hi there, could you open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_remove_element() in /home/ucgroup3/staging/1/wp-content/themes/angle/inc/visual-composer.php on line 172

hey just had this problem when activate the theme

i know nothing about php… help pls


Please open a ticket in our support forum Thanks

just did

I’ve replied :)

A top theme only survive with top customer service

you amazed me , thanks for your help, 5 stars !

Thanks junjau :-)