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simple question: How can I change the length of the blog excerpt within the theme settings? At the moment I see the whole post and also the whole related post. Thx in advance!

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Hi there

Add some read more tags to your content

Please open a ticket in our support forum if you need any further help :)

Thx a lot!

That’s a great work you have done their. I am looking forward to buy this theme for my personal portfolio and blog but I am have some ambiguities.

1- While reading online documentation I came across this custom css bit in ‘Advanced Theme Options’ option. Would I be able to add images using background-image property? if I do then what will be its path?

2- Their is only ‘recent post’ option in documentation. Does this theme also have an option of popular posts?

Thanks in advance

Thaks, 1. You can add any CSS in the advanced CSS settings. You can also upload an image in your media folder (or even use an external URL if you like) and use that to assign background images to any component. 2. There is no functionality in wordpress core to select posts by popularity (that would require a plugin to count the views per post) Regards


Does this theme an option to show ‘portfolio item description’ below the portfolio image, all the demos show description on the portfolio image.

Hi there, at this point the short description only appears in the portfolio items, not below

Absolutely loving the theme so far! Please, please can you add cubes to the available Icons list for services?

Hi there

Glad you like the theme.

Will look into updating FontAwesome in the next release :)

Hi, Pre-purchase question. My client’s logo cannot be white… It’s blue and black, and I would need the logo (and menu titles) in the header to be on a white background (just for the sticky header part). Is this possible ? In the demo, I only see white logo + white menu titles on colored header backgrounds… Thank you for your help, and if you have any example/link of a site made with angle that uses white color in the header, It would be great (if possible of course)… Marie

And another question :) Is it possible to have a diamond shape (square at 45°) instead of the hexagonal one ? Thanks you again and “bravo” ! Beautiful theme…

At this point angle only supports circle, square, rectangle and hexagon shaped images

This is the best support ever!!!

Love it!

Thanks Sebi718 ;)

How can I make the logo (image) Retina-optimezed? It looks blurry on a MacBook Pro with Retina display. Please advise.

Hi there, just replied in our support forum

Got it. Thank you!

First of all Wicked theme! Everything is working perfectly so far and very easy to navigate for the amount of features.

I just have one question and I know it should probably be obvious to accomplish but I cant find it anywhere in theme or support.

When a boxed layout is selected, how can I set that outside boxed frame to a specific colour or image? I can do it using the body background tag in CSS but wondering if there is an option within theme settings?

Thanks for your time.

HI there

Glad you like the theme :)

This is easy to set, goto Appearance -> Background and you can upload an image or set a colour.

WOW not really sure how I missed that, thank you for your time and wicked theme

Hey One last question. I went into Page -> Edit Row -> then went to add a background image, Background Position Vertical = 0, Image background size = Full Width, Image Background Repeat = No Repeat, Image Background Parallax = Scroll

Doing that the image shows up but with inverted triangle decoration on the top of the section the image wont extend up to the top left or right space created by the inverted triangle.

I tried the Background Position Vertical at all different settings and the image does not move.

When I try the Image Background Parallax = Fixed which is what I really want the image does not even show up.

If you could shed some light on this challenge as well as optimal image size for the background images.

Thank you for your time.

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Ok I have submitted a ticked

How can I justify the text in a text block?

Hi there, open up a ticket in our support forum so we can help you out with that.

Hi Chris, great theme. Is demo content available ?

Thanks! The demo content is available and with the One Click Install feature you can have it running on your site in no time!


Is there a way to not depend on the “more tag” to summarize the blog posts? I mean, I don’t wanna any resume of my posts on the blog listing, I need only the title to be show, adding the “more tag” to every single post is quite boring, I have about 100+ posts to edit one-by-one if this is the only method.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, can you open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Hello! This is a beautiful theme. I just purchased and uploaded. I am not really sure how to go about fixing this error that popped up.

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.
Thanks in advance

Hi there

The theme is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, you can ignore these warnings. They are just caused by a version number in some of our templates.

ok. Thanks!

Hi, great theme! One of the best out there.

I have one problem though, keep getting the white screen of death. Did all the necessary things, upscaled the memory, checked all the plug-ins, turn out to be the revslider.

Besides not using the revslider, what can I do to prevent this? :)


Please open a ticket in our support forum and we will have a look into the problem for you

You are fast, thanks!! Just did :)


Congrats for the theme. I would like to add a “Read more” link on staff page. I am seeing the way you recommend on http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/ but there is no luck. Could you help me on that?.



I got it, in the excerpt I can add the “Read more” tag.

Best Theme and Support on Themeforest!!! Really!!! Thanks!!!

You are welcome ;)


Really appreciate that your team provides a so beautiful and powerful WP theme. I am wondering is the front-end developed by AngularJS + Bootstrap 3? And is that possible for me to customize my own codes based on this theme in order to satisfy my personal demand? If it’s possible, I will definitely buy it. Many thanks for your answer!

Hi there

The frontend doesnt use angular but it does use the Bootstrap 3 framework. You can customise the code and styling using the child theme that is provided with the theme.

Hi, thanks for your answer. And in terms of the child theme, is it same as the original one? Does it contain all the codes and styles?

The child theme is just a way of extending the original theme without changing the code.

see here


Another presale Q: Is there a way to add custom section decorations in addition to the current ones?

Hi There – Amazing Theme! I have rated it to reflect that.

How can I make it in the portfolio section that the external URL’s that I input open in a different tab?

I cant seem to find that option but I may have overlooked it.

Thanks! Could you open up a ticket in our support forum to help you out with that? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Ok I have opened a ticket thank you.

tried the demo, a little concern for the support for IE8, the theme breaks down when I tried to view it, will there be a support for old IE?

Hi there, Angle only works on ie9 and above since the advanced and modern CSS features are not compatible with older browsers. Internet explorer 8 has lower than 2% of the browser share (with that number falling by 0.5% over the last 3 months) so we don’t plan to provide support for it.