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There’s a good deal of broken aspects of this theme – slider doesn’t work, some folio pages aren’t responsive. For $59 this product should be bulletproof. Do some thorough user testing on your theme or at least roll out a update to correct obvious flaws.


Please could we embed HTML5 or swf file to the location as this screenshot? http://screencast.com/t/E00fp6glwyb

I’d like to use this theme for 360×180 panorama as this site http://www.360cities.net/

Thank you.

Hi, I am looking at your theme for a project where it would be great to use besides at one point I am not sure: Is it possible to get the look of the slider from this (not as a slider, just the aligned elements): http://themes.sarpstudio.com/?theme=architect

I know, there is this accordeon slider, but the customer wants the exact look of the link above at one section of the page.

Just updated to 2.3 – Add featured media and featured image in the “portfolio Items” are no longer works. Is there a patch/fix for this rather large/annoying issue? Thanks in advance.

hi, the theme is compatible with WordPress version 4.5 ?

The header loading animation disappeared altogether with the theme update. Is it possible to get it back? It was a great feature!

hi, i have a question : how can we disable the opacity in the porfolio : in greyscale on my home.. when the image are grey the quality is good, but with the over they are a opacity.. , i want to desable this effect ? thanks


Hi, is this theme still being supported? Looking at the comments it seems not and wander why it’s still being offered on themeforest??

Hi, my client’s portfolio navigation is not working. Additional images of work are there, however site visitors cannot navigate through the images.

I can not add additional images to the portfolio slideshow in WP either when selecting the option.

Any ideas here? Would greatly appreciate it!

Hi, Kriesi,

We are using WordPress 4.6.1 with Angular theme (which we have recently updated) and it works ok, except for portfolio featured images not displaying.

For creating a portfolio post, we cloned an old one with a featured image correctly displaying. We chose a new image and saved the post, but the image just disappeared.

We have also tried to create a new portfolio post using the ‘New’ link. In this case, the ‘Featured image’ menu is not displaying, so we can’t insert any image.

Could you please help us?,

hi portfolio page settings are not updating ex: i try to change order setting and hide categories, the changes are not reflected. i use mac chrome and safari

I purchased another theme from your guys. I posted a question/bug on your support forum. Nobody helped me to fix the problem for 2 days. And even worse, my post has been closed without an answer! Why?! I am so disappointed!

Wird das noch geupdated ? Gallerie zeigt nicht mehr alle Vorschaubilder


Maron Purchased

Hi there,

I am having trouble when trying to upload pictures to portfolio posts, whenever I click the “Add images to Slideshow” button the page flashes back to the top and nothing happens. My website is basically frozen. Hope you can help me, I have no clue how to fix this.

Thank you

Is it save to update to Wordpress 4.9 when using Angular?

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