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Woow love it, great as always :)


Amazing template Kriesi. The responsive design looks great as well, nice work as usual.

thanks scott glad you like it ;)

Awesome template, Kriesi! :) Definitely – in bookmark.

thx a lot! :)

This is awesome theme simply..

Thanks you!

Looks great man, but the social media icons do really look like the icons on this site:

And I have to say: intentionally :) Just loved the way the icons are used there and figured I could create something similar ;)

Hi Kriesi, always a great fan :) great stuff here once again. Can I suggest you correct the name of the zip folder in your download file (anuglar instead of angular) ?



thanks for the purchase and the notice! will do :)

Haha heey, thanks for using my wallpaper ;)

Really liked it, hope its ok with the attribution in that way :)

Yeah I don’t mind. Keep it up namesake.


beautiful! I am loving this style.

thanks a lot!

Another beautiful theme by Kriesi, love the alert bar and social media icons at the top!

thanks! as said above I was inspired by in that case ;)

Fantastic work :)

thanks you ;)

thank you ;)

Great theme!

Good luck :)

thanks a lot!

Fantastic work, as allways.

I have purchased your theme “Coronas”. Could it be possible to agree the “forum” page to “Coronas” theme? How can I do it?


Unfortunately the two themes use a different front page framework so merging them doesnt really work well. You can install the bbpress forum plugin in corona of course, and then modify the css a little to adapt it to your needs. that should work wuite well.

Hi Kriesi,

Beautiful Work! I hate to ask this but I have a client that wants to purchase this but is totally against Wordpress for some reason. Do you happen to have an HTML version? I know that sounds totally backwards but he is very demanding. Please let me know.


Unfortunatley not. Only possible solution I can thonk of atm is to get a licence, set the page up on a testserver and then save it as html with the help of your browser. little hakish but would do the trick ;D

Quite sharp!

Playing around with it, I found I had two questions:

- Can I embed video in the portfolio? On the homepage portfolio, I only see examples of images being embedded.

- How easy would it be to remove the gray filter over the portfolio thumbs? For my tastes, I would want a more colorful site and not want the thumbs of my portfolio to be grayed over.


Thanks, glad you like it

- yep videos are possible :)

- The overlay can be deactivated in your wordpress backend, so its very easy to remove ;)

you’re wordpress masterpiece! great work!

thanks a lot!

Hot Damn!! Just as I’m gearing to wrap up my project using another WP theme, this comes along and will make me have to delay launching the project until I get my hands on this theme.

Really awesome interface! Good planning on your part for the homepage portfolio display.

thanks for the kind words!

Thanks Chris!

glad you like it :)

Hoh, really great. Nice attention to details.

thank you! as always I tried my best ;D