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Deciding to purchase this theme. Could I use blog post to show as gallery instead of portfolio item?

Bought this theme and I love the backend options. I appreciate the hard work and how flexible it can be.

In the homepage, I created a content slideshow whereby the h3 tag is huge like 180pt. It looks fine in the site but does not seem to resize with browser. All I did was add a css in the custom.css that indicated for the h3 tag to be that size. I do not know if I have to do anything else.

p.s. as you probably can tell, I am not a css/js guy person. But then again, how flexible your theme is, it seems it was built for people like :) me. :) Thank you in advance.

I know this is probably not the place to refer to your support forum, but my post has been there for 17 hours without being noticed…. I have a portfolio appearing on EVERY page on my site – and I can’t find the way to turn this off? I don’t need portfolio showing on every single page!

I am looking forward to purchase this theme, mainly to display my photography portfolio and secondary as my graphic design blog.

I want to know if I can have Portfolio URL like 

and my Blog URL like

Does this theme allow these kind of URLs? As currently your demo is not supporting these URLs

I need URLs like


I was just checking out the Angular theme. It looks really great. One question. When the user clicks on an image on the home page it goes to a page with project details. On the page at the top left column it says “Skills needed:, Copyright:, and so on. Can this text be changed to say Client, Project, Date…?

Thank you.

2nd day already, my portfolio is appearing on every SINGLE page on my site without me adding any code to any page… guys, I hoped that at least with one theme I would not have such issues…

How to upgrade the theme correctly? best regards

I’m just not starting to use TF themes. I am advanced with CSS , HTML and php… However, sometimes understanding custom UI’s slows me down. I’m not following your instructions for the documentation on adding slideshows. Outside of wordpress, I just setup everything directly in the markup using jquery. Can you give better instructions for adding slideshows?

So Sexy, BLUHBUHBUH ! MMMMMHHH! I’m in love

Can I put a video in the slider and autorotate between 2 videos? If so, can I overlay text or put text to the side to stage the video?

Hi Kriesi,

Great theme! I’d like to use it for a new website I am creating but I will need to add some extra entry fields. Is there any reason why you couldn’t add tags to portfolio entries as you would a blog entry? Are you available for contract work to add some custom fields to the portfolio entry page?

When i use a noisy background, on the contact page, the contact box has a white BG, which is ugly (unless the website BG is also white :P) on top of the noise BG… how can i avoid that?

Hi, Kriesi

Is it possible to add/embed to the portfolio items: - flash files / animations - ISSUU catalogue / embede code


Really awesome theme, just wish that it had the ability to have a permalink url when filtering on the homepage or for the individual articles. For example when you click on something to filter a url would show up at the top but stay on the same page, easy for sharing etc. I know that you can click read more to get to the permalinked page but I’ve seen themes that integrate the url with the ajax.

Hey, I just purchased this theme last night, and I am very excited to implement it into my current site. The previous theme I had installed and worked with for about 6 months “Good Minimal” was riddled with poorly written code and it was a mess. The back end and theme options on this theme are just outstanding and brilliantly done. I do have a few questions though after looking at the theme options for a few hours last night.

- I cannot seem to create a slideshow on the main page, I played around with it for a few hours last night and was unable to achieve the slideshow above my portfolio images, as seen in your example page. I have read you telling people to create it in the custom template option on the site, but still was not able to do it. Do you need images uploaded to a portfolio to see the slideshow, is there a spot to upload images?

- Second : is there a way to create slides that are NOT images linked in the portfolio section. For example, say I want to create 5 slides with random promotions or something on them, but do not want them to link to a portfolio image, just uploading individual slides. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing so.

This should be all of my questions for now, I feel I can get a very good jump with this information provided.

Thank you for your help. My site is currently in maintenance mode. My contact info is:


Hi, How can i resize the portfolio elements on the main page and for the slideshow the photos are not displayed correctly, (should be horizontal)

Is there any way to put a link that opens the portfolio with a tag/category already selected? So i could link directly to all the projects using CSS (according to your live preview)

Hi there,

I just bought your theme and attempted to install it on my Wordpress site. I get this message:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name: themeforest-1415600-angular-responsive-portfolio

Description: Stylesheet is missing.

Please help.

Hi there

Does theme support multiple drop downs/menus? For example can I set up the portfolio to work like this:

PORTFOLIO (top level navi) -CAT1: —Sub cat (33) —Sub cat (12) —Sub cat (10)

-CAT2: —Sub cat (33) —Sub cat (12) —Sub cat (10)

So the sub categories will have the actual portfolio pieces in them.

Do you think this theme would work well with Jigoshop?