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For a buying decision, I need to know if it’s possible to have only a small amount (6 big ones) of the portfolio items on the front page, but those randomly from more than 25 which are all on a separate portfolio page?

Awesome Theme btw!

Hello Kriesi and team ! great theme, great work. I purchase it and try to customize it for myself. I have a question about portfolio thumbnails. Is there a way to have an image for the thumbnail that will not appear when we open the item in the portfolio ?

Thanks for you answer !

Great theme so far!

However I have a problem regarding verifying https because the twitter-link doesn’t output If I type the full URL in the input field,!/example, it shows!/example.

It shouldn’t be changed to https or allow to overrule with a complete url instead of hacking the admin-file? :)

Hi, I have posted a few questions 11 days ago, I would greatly appreciate an answer, as I am trying to move forward with my site design.

Thank you. -db

Theme Support

Hey Guys! Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

Awful support and technical problems with this theme. After months there is still no fix for the right column not showing related posts, and images not loading in the blog. Widgets dont show up in the admin panel either.

The fact that you have to sign into a seperate support forum is just cumbersome and typical of Germans/Austrians unfriendliness towards customers. I will never buy a theme from this guy again

great template! have a small problem: when you look at the portfolio you see the yellow line in the text … but the line should be on the left, right? hope you can help me! thanks a lot!

scary. i see a lot of questions here unanswered.

hi ! sorry to disturb you . i can’t have a contact page , it always show me the portfolio .. can you help me !?

Hi Kriesi – is V 1 .2 compatible with WP 3 .3.2?

Guys, go to their support forum:

I have purchased themes from them in the past and had questions. If you go there they will answer your questions.

Hi, I just purchased the template and I am having an issue with the portfolio categories not displaying correctly in Chrome.

I have over 35 categories and they appear correctly in Firefox but they are displayed off the page in Chrome.

I spent 2 hrs searching the support forum board but could not find a solution.

Please let me know how to fix the issue. Anyone?

Thank you.

Hi, I’m considering using the theme for a clients website. I wondered if it would be straightforward to center the logo and have the navigation below the logo, also in the center?

I’m figuring it’s a case of putting the logo and the navigation in their own div and centering them with some css. Or am I going to hit a major layout problem?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t seen a general recommendation for this theme, so I thought I’d put one up. It’s simply unbelievable. Unreal good. Perfect for a business, especially a portfolio. The Ajax is smooth, professional-looking, and easy to use.

The support is one of two or three of the best I’ve ever seen on themeforest, and I’ve been here for a while.


Hello! Very nice theme! Im thinking buying it! Some questions: 1. Is it easy to install a 2 language site? Do you recommend qtranlate? How is looks like? How does the site visitor change between languages? small flags? text? Where will be located? 2. I couldn’t find a news announcement scroll. Does the theme have any? Or something that could work like that? 3. Is it possible to change the color of the site for each area?

Thank you in advance for your help

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme!

Mai 14th Update: we have updated the framework folder across all of our WordPress Themes for security and new functionality! Go get it now :)

Please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download.

Theme Support

Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

How can I enable pagination on portfolio? I did set “portfolio pagination = yes” on portfolio settings. But where do I set how many items to display in one page? Currently it shows all the portfolio items, doesnt paginate at all.


When setting up the portfolio there is also a dropdown called “portfolio post number” (ie: how many items to display) Set it to your likings ;)

Just a reminder for the support team to respond to this doubt:

Hi, I’d like to buy this template, but you don’t state if it’s compatible with some ecommerce plugin (Woocommerce for example).

Let me know and thanks in advance.