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Hello, are portfolios built on pages or custom posts?

Hello, Kriesi,

I want to use the same MegaMenu from your Shoutbox Magazine template in this Angular Theme, is it possible? Do you sell the MegaMenu separately?

Thank you. Regards,


I posted a question in the official support forum more than four days ago with no response. Last time I needed help, it took 7 days to get an answer – any ideas on how to get some help with less than a week’s turnaround?

Maybe I was being näive but I assumed the response time would be more in line with the other TF devs I’ve dealt with.

Thanks in advance of you can help!

Hi Kriesi,

I was wondering how you set the homepage to feature more than 12 portfolio items. I only see this option for the custom portfolio pages you create in theme options.



>> ok found it within time to edit this post!

It is under template builder -> Frontpage!

Hi Kriesi,

Me again… I found an error which is a bit problematic for the theme and hopefully it will be updated ASAP .

The Portfolio Meta Information cannot be reordered. Also, if I were to add a new one in the middle of the others all the data in the portfolio posts shift upwards. This means that they all have to be defined before creating posts OR you always have to add new Meta Information boxes to the bottom.

Can this be fixed by adding a reorder feature!



Excellent theme – very pleased I purchased it!

Just a couple of issues.

1) As all my potfolio images are square instead of oblong …

a) I’ve changed the images sizes so that they display correctly but I’ve had to turn off the overlay / hover effect as that is still the old oblong size – where do I update that please?

b) Although the portfolio images (without hover overlay) display correctly, the boxes into which the images fit on the portfolio overview pages are still the old oblong size. This gives an interesting ‘waterfall’ effect as the page loads with the old oblong sized boxes that then expand as the images load into them – how do I change the box sizes to be the same as the image sizes please?

2) The /portfolio-entries/ pages for the filtered items (I’ve created a custom menu for the footer showing the portfolio categories) are displaying huge images in a blog style format that I want to reduce down to 450×450 or less – which template do I change please?

Note – I’ve looked at the source code via Firebug and changed everything else successfuly except the above items that I haven’t been able to locate / sort.

Many thanks again for an excellent theme!

Any way a price table can be added?

Hi, is your theme WP 3 .4 compatible ? Thanks,

I was wondering if you can please release the fix to the portfolio pagination. It seems like it stopped working when I upgraded to the newest 3.4 Wordpress build. :(

@Bo92 – I’ve updated to WP 3 .4 without any issues

does this template have shortcode for the portfolio feature?

can u check it for me ?

Error 404 – page not found

when i click to page 2 in home page :(

pls help me

Sorry..this might be a real simple question. However, I was wondering if you can put a star rating on the portfolio section? You know, have people give a vote. Also to add a social link on the portfolio? I know these might be simple plugins however, I want to make sure they would work before purchasing.

Thanks so much!

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme to make it work with the latest version of WordPress and Woocommerce. If you are having troubles please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download

Theme Support

Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have: If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

Hey Matey,

Have you considered adding Instagram & Dribbble feeds to your themes/or new themes? They both are red hot right now and both have api’s which can be used, just wondering as this would make an awesome addition to any theme… Thoughts?


Hi there, is it possible to have the choices header slider here? I love this theme but im missing a big slider before the portfolio, I checked and choices have the same stlye of gallery and the header slider, can i set it to be header and portfolio below? any of em?

please consider this as urgent. regards!

I’ve re-installed the theme but pagination is still not working on the homepage.

The page numbers are displayed correctly, but when I click on them, the homepage is reloaded, although the URL updates to ”.../page/2/”

I haven’t made any changes to the theme code.

I’m running Wordpress 3.4. Would it help if I upgrade to 3.4.1?

Mind dropping me a link to your site? Also are you sure all previous theme files that needed updating were updated?

It’s a private blog, so if you can send me your email address I’ll mail you a link and password.

As for the updates, I completely re-installed the theme, so all files should have been updated correctly.


Hi, I really like your theme. I wanted to know if there is a HTML version of it for sell on the marketplace? Especially for the ajax sortable portfolio. I would be very interested to buy it. Thanks, G.Bleam


nice theme interesting base I want to look to use.

I’m currently sorting through themes for a wallpaper/design stock site I am re-building and the KEY feature I need is for the portfolio items – if they can be tagged and sorted into multiple categories. Does your theme provide this?

so for example “green” would display the portfolio gallery with just green tagged entries, and those same designs would also appear in “grass” category. And i could link it via …./tag/green for example so i can link from menu to particular sorted designs.



Loving this theme Kriesi!

A pre-purchase question…

Can I control the colour of the footer block independently from the main highlight colour – say a red highlight colour and a dark grey footer panel?