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Hello Kriesi, Is it possible to show the title of a project at the bottom of a thumbnail in the portfolio area?

Is it possible to show 2 lines of text in the thumbnail: for example Subject & Client?

Cheers, Jan Pieter

how is set autoplay vimeo or youtube video for slider ?

Hi Kriesi, i really like your theme but suddenly some problems appears in the way. I was creating templates in the template builder, and after 10-15 succesfully created ones, i click save in the next one and a “page not found” page appears, and now the template builder is inaccesible!, when i click on it, it redirects me to the “page not found” page. Can i contact you in private to give you access to the site to see for yourself what’s going on? Thank you!!

Hi Kriesi, what file do I edit to change the position of the captions on the portfolio page images and the top rotating banner images? Currently the caption is bottom-aligned, I want to move it up a bit.

Hi again, also what is the shortcode for inserting just one portfolio entry on a page? The full-sized entry with text and captions, etc, not a preview thumbnail.

Hi Kresi, I’m loving the Angular theme, and I’m hoping to make some edits to the format on the portfolio entries that pop up after clicking on the thumbs. I basically just want to hardcode some links underneath the entry’s excerpt. I figured out how to do this in the portfolio single pages, but not on the part that pops up. Which file contains the code for that? Thanks!

How can I make the social links open in a new window?

Thanks in advance! the theme rocks!

Loving this theme. We are having issues with the Portfolio pagination. See When a user clicks a link for the next page, it simply reloads the current page, no progression. Any words of advice? Otherwise, it’s awesome!

Before purchase, I was wondering if this theme easily allows for a non-ajax version of the portfolio gallery on the “Default Frontpage”. I would like the user to go directly to the project details as opposed to the dropdown.

Thanks in advance! SL

hi. I have aproblem in my contact form. When someon emails me via the contact form, the values I take are not what someone wrote but the word “true”. I change name, subject in Greek language if this can help you. Thanks

Hey there, how would I go about removing the little box to the left and bringing the copy flush to the left side?

You’ll see what I mean on there..


How can I change the page width (sidebar and main part)?


We have a client who is using angular theme he have problem of security threat malaware. we are not able to find it . The company which have made his site is not in touch with him. So i thought you might help him out .

Can you please provide updated framework as seems probelm with framework.



i am really interested in your theme. I would like to know how easy can i insert iphone/ipad comatible video files hosted by myself? I can only see examples with youtube and vimeo, but wanna use my own.

Thank you

I love this theme – thank you.

It can be viewed on my event photographer website.

Thanks again, Graham


I have problems with Vimeo on the Angular theme.

First problem is only in Firefox: The first video in portfolio view loads and previews, but all other errors when loading. See I can’t figure out what’s wrong since it loads nice in the first video portfolio-item. It loads perfectly in all other browsers. Is it a issue between Vimeo and Firefox you know about?

The other problem is the height of the video on portfolio-article view. I have the same problem in all browsers. I also used your css code to disable slideshow gallery. Example:

Here the height is the same as the frontpage. I need to use at least 350px, but can’t change the height: 100% in slideshow.css cause it affects the front page portfolio Vimeo video. How can I change this?

Thanks for your time and for some very nice themes here at Themeforest!

Hi, Great theme! I can use it for my company’s portfolio. Before I buy, I need to know if I can change the sort type of porfolio entries? I think it is based on date right now, correct? Can I change the sort? Like alphabetically?

I love my site with your theme! Is there a way to reduce the amount of spam I’m receiving through the contact form? Is it possible to add a captcha form to the contact form page, or do you have a better recommendation? Thanks.

When i use Facebook “i like” button on portfolio site there is a problem. In fact, if I click the button on my facebook profile you can view correct post but with a wrong thumbnail image. How can resolve?

Nice theme, Kriesi. Thinking of using it. Is it possible to use the the 2 column portfolio for the frontpage?