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Is there a “price list” page template? if no are you planning to add it any time soon?


Kriesi, Do you have plans to address the issue with the Avia Framework where theme options and template content does not migrate correctly when moving a site?

Hi Kriesi, I’m trying to register an account on your support forum but it doesn’t work. I really need your help.

When you go full screen on a vimeo link from a portfolio preview it leaves the other swatches on top of the video in Chrome. Bug?

This theme is pretty good but if someone needs to rely on pagination in the portfolio section, you’re screwed: It’s totally flawed. If you have lots of items and need to paginate and have categories, you’ll notice that if you have 4 pages of items and filter by a category, the pagination numbers doesn’t change: they will be always 4 no matter the pages used by the filtered stuff. Clicking in the numbers will filter again to all. Pretty bad.

I think many of the themes here have the same problem, as no one shows pagination implemented this way. So everybody, be careful.

I’m terribly upset as the theme is useless with this bug. 50 bucks burned without contempt.


Hi, is it possible to insert a background picture behind the contact form ?

Hi I am interested in this theme. Is it child theme compatible?

Hi, would it be possible to “randomize” the portfolio every time the page is loaded?

Possibly a “sticky post” a well? I’m sure some plugins already exist, but would like to know if they’re compatible first


Hi wondering how I can move the contact form to be at the top of the contact page. Right now anything I enter in the page moves the form down. I would like it to be above any other content.


This is a beautiful theme, however I’m having issues with the submenus not activating after I save the positions. I deleted the menus, reordered the pages, and still they all stay the same.

Please help! :)

Hi I am trying to set up the home page the same as the preview but am having trouble, I followed the video tut but got nowhere can you please help me to set up the home page the same as yours so my portfolio images will show on a full width page. Sorry but this is my first wordpress experience.

Hello, Also I am seeing a second horizontal line that is showing on my home page and it sits over the tabs when you preview a portfolio item, my site is at

I’m not sure if I am setting this up correctly, any help would be appreciated


in the portfolio – videos are not playing on my android phone – tapping the video thumbnail has no effect. Also, tapping the thumbnail when viewing the whole portfolio doesn’t open the portfolio item – you have to tap the title.

This can be seen on your demo site (with “Sphere” video)! I’ve also seen in your support forum that Choices has the same problem on iOS devices (so maybe this is common to all mobile devices).

This really cripples the site on mobile devices – help!

Thanks, Dan

Can I reorder the portfolio items?

Is this theme child theme compatible? I am considering this theme and since this is an industry standard it will make my purchase decision based off of this. Thanks for your reply.

Is there any support for this theme? I was about to buy it but reading a few scary issues with pagination and the author hasn’t chimed in for months.

Hi, I am thinking about purchasing this theme but I would like to make sure if it is WPML compatible since I am running a multilingual website. I know that this plugin comes with a built in page templates builder. Is there any possibility to templates to translate the content of these templates like the custm headings, the call out and the custom columns texts?

I would appreciate any comment or help from you guys to resolve this dilemma I am having. Thanks a lot

The Angular Template Builder seems to be broken. When I hit “Save all changes” after editing the “Frontpage” template or after trying to add a new template it says “All options saved, no problem whatsoever”.

However despite the friendly message instead of saving the change/addition the dynamic template is actually deleted in the database (avia_options_angular_dynamic_elements has value “a:0:{}” after hitting the save button.

I can give you access to our Wordpress installation. This is an urgent matter as we detected this deficiency only after deciding for your theme and the launch date is soon …

Best, hope you can help.

For pm:

Nice theme but where are all the custom widgets it claims it comes with??

“Angular Latest News”, “Angular Latest Portfolio” and “Angular Twitter Widget” – Not in the download??

Wish I had seen the total lack of support before I purchased!!!