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Is it possible to show HD Video link on the portfolio, a friend said that it was impossible?

I love the theme and LOVE the support in the forum (the admins are great and respond quickly) except for a problem I’m having with the Angular theme being incompatible with WPML . I was told in the forum that kreisi, the developer would take a look,but haven’t heard from him. Here’s the thread:

He also should have had my login details emailed to him.


(PS: the theme is awesome).

Hey Kriesi, just wanted to give a big thank you to Nick on your support team. He did a GREAT job of helping me with my issue. He was very thorough and really went the extra mile. Thanks Nick!

Hi Kriesi,

I have purchased your incredible theme a few months ago and I am really satisfied with the way it is designed. I have the following issue though which I could not fix after many hours of failed attempts. Well my problem is the avia info banner always shows on each page load. There is no way to remember the collapsed or minimized state. I did not change anything in the original javascript files of the theme. It is really strange and I wonder if you could help me out with this issue.

thanks a lot in advance.

Hi just wonder …if the banner can enable next or previous button ?

The gallery seems to not work in WP 3.5. Can you update this?

How can I slow down the transition effect of the dtandard slider at the homepage? The pictures change quite rough and I´d like to soften the fading … thank ya – Jen

button does not link to page,

how can i fix this

was a there a wordpress theme framework used to create this theme? Great job with the theme it is very visually attractive and usable.

How difficult would it be to add a reCAPTCHA or the are you human to the contact form? Similar to the Eunoia theme.

Your theme was featured in “8 Beautiful Wordpress Themes for Photographers & Designers”. If you want tweet, or share it. Thanks!

hi Kriesi. what about ( flash .swf ) in lightbox?

Hi Kriesi,

My website doesn’t load images on the homepage: I hope you can help me with a solution.

Greetings Hovius

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your theme. I’m wondering if you can tell me if it can have embedded videos in the slider header homepage option? And if it is possible to have the posts below the slideshow expand on the same page instead of the lightbox feature? Or does it have to be a static page without a header to accomplish this? Thanks much!

Hey ho, 3000 sales. Glückwunsch :)

Hi! Nice and powerfull theme but I have a problem with Facebook and the Like button. When I click the Like button, the popup window (or “flyout”) doesn’t show. I think the Like button is placed near the edge of an HTML element with the overflow property set to hidden but I don’t know for which element I have to set the overflow property to a value other than hidden.

Es compatible con wordpress 3.5

I think I’ve update to 1.6 but style.css still say 1.5? Making sure I’m not missing something?

Dear kizuri,

i purchases the template a while ago and i worked on it for my own website. Everything works great. I didnt do anything for a while and this week, i started working on my website again.

The issue is that i see wiered characters or only dashes when i browse via IE or firefox. it only works good in chrome.

how can i solve the issue?


hey there. great theme!

i would like to make the social icons on the top color then rollover to white and i would also like to change the color of the top bar to the left of it where you can add a title.

where can i do this? the style sheet?