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very cool – does your theme support unique background images per page?

each pages body tag gets a unique class, therefore its quite easy to add a unique background image via css, but there is no option in the themes backend to do that right out of the box, sorry…

Excellent!! very cool!! ;)

Thanks Ciro!

No words! Incredible!

thanks a lot Mauro!

I love this theme, I like it for my own portfolio! thanks for your work

Awesome theme. Great job!

Really nice theme Chris!

...also, I wouldn’t forgive myself not commenting on those delicious social icons in the top right corner, beautiful concept :P

Cheers and best of luck with the sales! :)

thanks a lot! :)

Nice work as always Christian!

Woooow! I love your Responsive Design very cool and excellent work! 8)


I’m curious to know if I’d be able to edit this theme with a child theme installed, and use this as a parent.

The reason I ask is because I’ve heavily customized a different theme recently with a similar ajax reveal for the portfolio. The child theme causes a few issues with the scripts in terms of load time and items not receiving the right heights, since it doesn’t load as quickly as it would with a parent theme.

Is there any way to test this?

I like to keep up with any updates / bug fixes you may release, and really would love to reskin/restructure the site, and just use it for the AJAX functionality you’ve beautifully implemented.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Hey Marc! Basically it should work fine as a parent theme. I have tested child theming with my framework before and couldn’t find any problems.

I cant tell by now how well that would work with this particualr theme but I plan on testing it. was thinking about using the theme myself in a similar way like you, so once I have a little spare time I can tell you more if you are not in a hurry :)

Not in a hurry… But is that like 2 weeks or more 2 months? Cause if the latter I might just purchase to start playing around.

; D

Just want to make sure I can keep up with your updates.


more like 2 weeks :)

But if you mainly want to reskin the site with css features you might as well just start playing around since this should definitely work :)

awesome work as usual..

wow. Amazing work, love the expanding and sliding elements to show off your work. So cool! Unique and fresh.

Outstanding work kriesi!

Great work man! First theme I’ve purchased from you and looking forward to using it!

Thanks a lot! Hope you like it :)

great theme!! is there an option to change fonts at the backend?

Adore this theme and really wanting to pull the trigger on it. The only thing it’s missing for me is a cool “Meet the Team” page. Any tips on a way I could incorporate one that would follow the beautiful design?

Hey! The theme comes with a template builder and quite a few shortocdes that should make it possible to build a nice meet the team page :)

if you have any links to pages you like I can tell you if the template builder would support something similar out of the box :)

Ya, the more I’m exploring your theme the more I’m realizing that this might be the most customizable theme I’ve ever used. I’ve already gotten ideas for my own version of one, but I appreciate the offer!

Thank you so much for an incredible theme!!!!!

Again a really great looking theme!

Is there any possibility that you update the Corona theme to make it responsive as well?

thanks! currently thats not planned. Building a theme from scratch with responsivenes in mind is quite easy but upgrading one is a frustrating job.

Wouldnt even know how I would start that with all the non responsive slideshows corona uses :/

Great theme as always :) I’ve bought several of your themes now…you’re ruining me ;) hehe…Do you have any plans on making this Woocommerce compatible!? Keep well, Kris

Hm no intention of making it compatible right now. If the request pops up more often I might add eventually add it :)

Hi, great theme, but I´m creating portfolio posts, but i can not see the feature image option and when adding an image to the multimedia gallery I have the option to set it up as feature image but nothing happens, it doesn´t show them.

Could you let me know if I´m doing something wrong or is it not working?

Ok, got it, you are using the slideshow feature for the feature image posts, weird but works. :)

glad you found it ;) Its probably weird the first moment but offers a lot more flexibility than the single featured image (most notably: multiple feature images ;D)


And may I say: excellent!

Would like a theme looking like this one or Propulsion with BuddyPress. Any plans?

Does your themes have branding options?

Thanks! :)

What exactly do you mean by branding options?

A BuddyPress Theme is currently not planed, sorry…