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Hi There How I can move the copyright {socket .copyright} to be the footer right?


I am interested in purchasing this theme. Can you please advise if the theme comes with Demo XML file.

Thanks Vannessa

How to disable right mouse click? Are there working plugins?

Hi Kriesi,

Love your theme

thanks for a great release.


I want to know that how to add comment box in portfolio page ?


Can anyone tell me what is problem with Angular… look at my site:

Every other theme i installed are working perfectly, and only Angula shows me this ERROR… shows me first my Hosting whit ERROR and then my site with red frame and some other stuff that is not part of theme and site…

Thank you…

Hey what’s going on with the theme?

Changed nothing and.. – i’m sure you’ll see the issue.

Hello, I wonder if you can change the name of the theme in the css file

Suddenly every regular page is showing the ‘Portfolio’ items at the bottom and isn’t showing the sidebar…not sure what happened.

Hi, nice site!

I wonder, is it possible that the items on the frontpage defualt portfolio opens like it does when you click, but without the option of “Read more” – so that all the items are just stand-alone items, without the possibility to open them as a new page? Thanks!

hi kriesi,

just wondering before i purchased, is it possible to make the thumbnails of the portfolio on the homepage open in a lightbox just like the portfolio page in the demo, rather than just open on the page?


The portfolio seems to in masonry mode but I do not see a way to change that, the images on the portfolio seems to be resizing automatically

Unfortunately no reply to my 3 emails :) Now I’ll try this way :)

I need access to the theme support forum! We’ll I registered… and yes, stupid me … I made a mistake entering the ending of my email-adress. Now there’s now way back as I obviously didn’t get any mail! Please for Christs sake, let me in!


Hi Kriesi, thank you for a great theme. I am totally new to this and would like to get to know the basics, is there somewhere i can get instruction for basic use of theme. For the moment i would like to change the welcome text, its not in a post or in the Welcome! page content?

Many Thanks


Hi How can I enforce a href… to download jpg file to disable jquery popup in a certain link?

Something like: blahblah


How can I change the color of the blockquote text? I’ve tried everything in the CSS, but nothing works! Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance. AZ

SO COOL!! one thing, if I bought would there be any code/css I could add that would enable a Smooth drop Down mobile menu (not the ol Pop Out bar style… for me a must on any theme I buy) Thnks for letting me know either way and GRT work!!


Questions before I purchase.

This will be for an actors website which has lots of video and audio. On the Home page I am needing just two large (440×320) items that when clicked – one plays audio and one video. Can the thumbnail size be adjusted just for the Home page?

Then I would like to create two portfolio pages Vision and Voice and they will have their respective filters. Would this be do-able?

All the video will be embedded from Vimeo – would that be OK? And the audio would be played from within the site using an audio plugin. Is there a player included in the theme or can you recommend one that is compatible?

Many thanks,


is it possible to add on the frontpage the portfolio without images? only see the images in the detailpage


Love the theme. How difficult would it be to add woocommerce compatibility?

Hey! Its mostly a matter of css styling but would require quite some work. Not that hard I guess but takes some time to finish