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I am thinking of purchasing this theme, it looks fantastic! However, I am a little concerned with just how well this theme will integrate with the latest versions of BuddyPress and bbPress? I plan to have an activity, members, groups, login, register, and forums page and it is critical to maintain theme consistency throughout. What assurance can you provide me that this theme will meet my needs in these areas? Do you have any screenshots or examples displaying BuddyPress or bbPress compatibility?

Hey! Theme works fine with the latest version of bbpress, but we havent done any compatibility checks for buddypress so its very likeley if you want to use that too you would need to modify the css

forum example can be seen here:

Hi I d’like to purchase this theme but I would like to know : - is it possible to choose to display the BLOG posts in a filter grid like your portfolio items ? I have no use of a specific custom type but love your layout. Thank you!

Hey! Currently not able. We are discussing this issue internally but I am not sure if we will ever add it, since it might create compatibility problems….

I currently have this theme on my website and I love it.

However when i log in, I cant view the visual or text on portfolio or posts to change text or coding.

I have paid numerous people to look at it all come back to the same thing saying there is a issue is within template. Please can you help?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please also add the link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)


Are the meta fields in portfolio items editable? If so, how much?

I’d like to use my own meta data and maybe add more than three.

Also, can I change the font of headers?

Hey! Yes all of this is possible from the backend. you can edit the meta fields and add any number of portfolio meta tags

Hi, Can you please confirm you twitter feed widget is compliant with the new Twitter API 1.1. It has not failed completely but no longer has any recent tweets showing since they retired the now old version. Thanks,

Hey! No sorry. The new twitter API requires a few API keys entered, therefore the current widget will no longer fetch new tweets.

Since I dont intend to code a new widget from scratch we will simply include some css styles for an existing plugin and recommend this plugin for our customers. Probably this one

Thanks for the quick reply. Will you notify us of the css update by email or via this comment board? Thanks.

You can subscribe to updates on twitter, facebook or I think you can also mark a checkbox in your doanload section that allows you to receive emails from envato once an item is approved :)

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme mainly because of the design and great image effect which I love love love! But I have some questions about functionality in the back-end:

Is the only option in the theme builder to add full width blocks? I’ve watched the video, and it appears to me that you can only add seperate blocks above each other, not in columns next to each other. I would like to build a flexible homepage, with maybe 1/2 portfolio, 1/2 blog for example. Or 1/4 static text, 2/4 blog, 1/4 image or so. Is that flexibility even possible?

Also do you have a visual example of recent posts on the frontpage? I’m missing that also in the demo, or is that not possible to include that on the homepage?

Thanks !

Hi there,

I totally love this template. I’d like to know if it supports swfs as my portfolio is mainly Flash.



Hey! I am sorry but swfs are not supported, if you can convert your videos to either a viable html5 format or upload to youtube/vimeo/etc that will work fine though ;)

I wish it were, yours is my favorite template. Thanks for the response.

hello, I would buy this theme. I am new in WP. Do you offer installation service , explaining it step by step? is there an extra-cost? let me know

Hey! I am sorry we cannot offer installation service for any of our themes, that would require to much man-power with over 2500 themes sold each month :)

But each theme comes with a one-click demo install button, so after you have installed wordpress and activated the theme you can create a installation that looks very similar to our theme demo.

That usually makes it much easier for people to lern how to use the theme since they can see how we have done it :)

@maurocorbo Let me know if I will help you.


Thanks for the AMAZING template! Love it. Somehow I’ve broken the connection between my portfolio page (Browse) and the portfolio items. Any suggestions to the the portfolio items to display? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Kyle Morris

Hey Kyle! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Where can I edit the Main Menu Font color without changing the font color of the body? Can’t seem to figure out what to add to my custom css section.


Hi, you can get this theme in “boxed layout” mode? I would like to display a background below … Thanks :)

...this feature was already included in the theme (which can be done by the Admin)? or did you have to edit the html code? sorry for my english… :) Thanks!

Hey! Boxed layout and setting background is available in admin, no need to code anything ;)

...very well, thanks! :)


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t seem to add any portfolio categories. I’m trying to add an additional category and it’s showing up on the back end and letting me add portfolio pieces to it but it’s not showing up on the actual website. Any suggestions? Thanks!


I have this theme for some time.

I haven’t read the post about updating to 3.6 thus i have updated the wordpress. There are some minor bugs going on into the portfolio slides for example…but i can live with that until the updates are coming.

My question is if after the updated theme files the website will work as before?

Cheers Emi

P.S. You could make a newsletter and the announcements could go to the subscribers in the future ;)

Hey! if you update to the latest version of the theme (1.7) there is no need to do the extra step of updating to 1.6, as long as you replace all theme files. Have you tried simply replacing the old theme folder with the new one via FTP?

Your backend settings, posts, pages etc won’t be lost or affected by that

Works like a charm! Awesome!!! Many thanks

Glad I could help :)

WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

Great theme! Are there any plans to make this theme high resolution / retina ready? Not sure how much difference it makes at the moment anyway. Maybe it is something for the future? Thanks.

Hey! It should work quite fine on ipad/iphone/android devices. Only thing that will probably need tuning is css for high resolution desktop devices. Will take care of that once the market share is high enough to warrant the changes :)

Thought i would share with you what we have done with your theme on our website. Hope you like it:

Running Music

Very nice! good job :)


How can I get more than 7 thumbnails in portfolio slideshow? When I put more than 7 pictures in the portfolio the pictures are removed so I can get only 7 of them.

Hey! Basically there is no limit to the number of images you can add so this maybe has something to do with your server or server memory. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have any plugins running

Also make sure to update wordpress and also the theme to the latest version.

Thank you. I’ve created a new thread on your support forum.


After I updated to wordpress 3.6 on version 1.6.5 of the theme and after I could no longer add images ‘using add media button’ to posts or pages.

I uploaded the new 1.7 files and the issue remains. I switched the theme to twenty twelve and it worked fine, I can insert media.

I deactivated all plugins and same issue remains on Angular theme.

I will post on your support site, there are so many threads there and I really need to rectify since I just launched the site.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi, I purchased the Angular theme and having issues with the portfolio slider, I have uploaded 3 images, but only two will preview.

If I click on the image, all three show up in the lightbox.

Here is a link to my website:

Please help :) Thank you!

Hey! You are not running the latest theme version. this is a bug introduced with wordpress 3.6. Please update the theme to the latest version and your slideshow should work properly again ;O)

Thank you! I also received help on your support forum,

A video on ways to update the theme. You guys are great! Still learning about WordPress!

Website is running perfect!

Thanks again!