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Awesome stuff! What happened to the Gallery page?

forgot to add pictures… yay ;D – just uploaded a few, thanks for the notice ;D

This is a great portfolio theme. :-) Is there also a way to have blog-like news teasers on the frontpage preferably in three columns? Could this be done via widgets below or above the portfolio grid? And as far as I see the portfolio items need a picture. Are portfolio items without pic possible?

Thanks, Bernhard

Hey! Several ways of accomplishing what you need. With the dynamic template builder you can either add a row with 3 columns that hold the latest 3 blog posts

similar to brightbox:

or you can add 3 columns that contain widgets of your choice. you can then add any widgets you want to add, including of course latest entries widgets

Similar to brodscope:

Portfolio items without pic somewhat works but doesnt look very nice if you ask me. probably depends on what you want to accomplish :)

Thanks, I will try your suggestions. :-)

Great work!

I did notice that some of the border lines on the right side of the home and portfolio pages don’t line up or disappear.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what I’m talking about:

Just wondering if there is a way to fix this?


hey! the misalignment is something that unfortunately happens because of the portfolio sorting plugin in conjunction with percentage based portfolio items.will give it a little though but not sure if i can fix this. the missing lines shouldnt happen, will check and fix that ;)

This is a fantastic theme!

Couple questions: Is it possible to have categories featured in the menu? Is it possible to add commenting to the portfolio items?


Categories in the main menu? Definitley possible.

Adding commenting to the portfolio can work with some code modification, at least to the non-ajax version of the portfolio entries. that would probably only need a few lines of html code.

My support team will walk you through the process of doing so in my support forum if you cant pull it off yourself ;)

Wow, thanks!

Also wondering if the images can be hosted remotely (outside of wordpress). Hope so! I love this theme.

Thanks again!

depends which images. those in your portfolios and slideshows need to be uploaded. I think there are plugins that make uploading with external services like amazon cloud possible, but I am afraid I dont kno w enough about that to give proper advice. by default its not possible…

Sir, This theme looks fantastic..!

Before i decide to purchase your theme, would you mind considering the following change in your theme – its a minor update – THE IMAGE LIGHTBOX IS QUITE BAD , FRANKLY SPEAKING PLEASE CONSIDER THE LIGHT BOX ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE -

If possible, how soon can you update it ?


Hey! I am sorry, I think I wont update the lightbox, i like the prettyphoto lightbox more than the one showed in your demo. Just my personal preference ;)

You can of course change the lightbox yourself, or hire someone to do that. Its not a complicated task and shouldnt take longer than 30-45 minutes for someone who knows what he is doing :)

Hi Kriesi,

I am setting the portfolio. I think the order of the elements is not as I want, because I think the last items added are showing in last position. I want to show it as at homepage, where the last posts are the first ones.

Could it be done?

I cannot fix the clients at homepage, despite I have added the URL . Is thre anything else I should add?

Thanks a lot, nice job again

hey! actually the theme should behave the way you described it: newly added posts are displayed at the top of the portfolio. Doesnt your theme work that way?

If you are talking about the client images: press the upload button, upload a logo. if you want the logo to open a site add that url in the field beside. that should do the trick ;)

Hey Kriesi,

Here you are the short link:

I think it is something strange with the order of the images. You can see homepage is not the same as portfolio page…

I will try to u upload logos, I was trying to paste the URL

Thanks, great job

Hey! Unfortunately the link requires a password, I cant access it :/


I’m absolutely stunned by the awesome backend of this theme.

I imported the dummy content but couldn’t find how you created this for the homepage:

It looks like a combination of different pages (portfolio page, welcome page, client page).

Can you tell me how you did this?

Hey! Thanks for purchasing, glad you like the theme!

The template was built with the template builder. Open the template builder in your wordpress backend and create a new dynamic template. then add the elements that you like. in this case its a textarea, slideshow and portfolio element followed by a horizontal ruler a heading and a page/post content element.

Last but not least another horizontal ruler, a heading and a partner list. Once you have created the template save it, then open the page you want it applied to and in the sidebar choose dynamic template, then the template name.

Thanks for the quick reply. Works like a charm!

Now, the call out text “Welcome! This is Angular, a very clean, responsive & super flexible WordPress portfolio theme that makes it easy to showcase your work”... which font did you use for this? And did you use html-code (font size,etc…)

If you open your wordpress backend and open the theme settings styling page you will see which font is selected. Depends on the preset color sheme you have choosen, but can be of course modified for each scheme.

The fonts are added via CSS font-face declaration and can be modifierd from your backend

this looks great.

can you post videos in the portfolio items? currently i see only images, no previews that include video in the portfolio.. would need to be able to put videos in the portfolio pages in order to use this.

2nd row 2nd item

oh, another Q:

are there any other home page alternatives? could be nice if there was a blog option for the home page, or some other home page option that doesn’t use the portfolio…?

interesting. in terms of video in the portfolio, wouldn’t it make more sense to have it viewable in the large portfolio item detail – rather than the small thumbnail image like it is now?

i’m thinking about this for a client, and would rather have thumbnail images link to large videos that show in the full item detail, or even possibly popup via lightbox.

This is great, PERFECT is an understatement for this theme! I can’t believe how many dollars I wasted looking for the right theme for my blog and here you come with this theme, wow, kudos to you! 5 stars and thumbs up! :)

thanks a lot, glad you like it :)

Awesome! One question, is it possible to have the blog posts in some kind of masonry layout? So without the sidebar and in a grid ordered similar to the portfolio?

unfortunately thats not possible, sorry :/

I have another question sorry. I tried to hav the menu underneath the logo and aligned left. So I changed the class of the main menu to:
float: left;

This does not work, after a second of laoding, the menu jumps back to the middle. It seems, that there’s another class that overides that, but I can’t find…. Can you help me?

thanks in advance!

it is modified by a javascript behavior that makes sure that the menu is aligned correctly depending on its width.

if you want to force it to float to the left if would recommend:

float: left !important;

to make sure the javascript gets ignored

unfortunately that doesn’t work! Can you tell me where to change the javascript?

Hey Kriesi, I found out by myself. The Logo positioning prevented the Menu from floating left. Now it ist working. One thing I try to solve. As I am using the menu not with dropdown items I want to have a description text under each item. I found a description on you web site how to accomplish this, but I don’t know how to implement this into the theme, cause I want to keep the dropdown menu for mobile devices. I allready asked in your support forum but I din’t get an answer.

regards benz

Great looking theme. Are there any other blog layouts included such as thumbnails to the left instead of big images above post as currently shown in the demo?

Unfortunately not, the blog layout seen in the theme demo is the only one available. If you have a little wordpress knowledge and know how to work with css grids it would be easy to modify it, but its not possible out of the box…

Another amazing theme! 3 quick question to see whether I can use to replace the theme used on

Basically, I’d like to achieve the same look and feel the site currently has, but with your theme. Is this possible?


1) Does the theme support cufon fonts (for header 1 / 2/ 3 fonts)?

2) Is it possible to set background images – one from the top of the page (from the header space down into body) and another in the footer space?

3) Is it easy to modify the ‘featured image’ size/placement for blog page (listing posts) so it is square and to the left of the text as on the home page of


1.) the theme supports font-face declaration from a selected sub sets of google web fonts. You can choose from more than 50 fonts. Of course it wouldnt be to hard to modify the css to add your own ;)

2.) probably only via CSS rules

3.) See answer to the previous post ;)

Thanks, shame about the featured image… I’ll see if I can find someone to do the mod…

any chance of an html version

Not planned at the moment, sorry


Is it possible to make the portfolio items on the homepage, “linkable” to another website?



If you are in ajax mode: you can link the big versions of the images to other websites, yes.

Great theme!

The best back-end customizing tools included in a theme I’ve ever came across. Well done!!

I have two questions though:

1. If I put videos (Vimeo) in the Frontpage slider and start playing a video, after xx seconds the slider auto rotates. I would like to stop the slider after a click.

2. I can’t find the class for the Frontpage slider in any PHP file. I would like to change the default slideshow_container to padding: 0 0 20px 80px; and keep the Frontpage slider padding-bottom:30px; by giving it an modified class. This because when including a video in a category overview, it shows in the post-entry class instead of the seven units entry-content class..

Looking forward to your reply.

1.) Unfortunately, due to cross browser restrictions I wasnt able yet to capture the click event on the vimeo iframe and tell the browser to stop. The best workaround i know is to set a preview image for your video. Once the user clicks the image it fades away and the video is displayed. This will also stop the slider from auto rotating.

2.) I guess you are talking about the slideshow that is added with the help of the dynamic template files? It is located in angular/includes/helper-templates.php

You can modify the class in line 190:

$slider->customClass("yourCustomClass dynamic_element dynamic_el_".$this->dynamic_counter);

I have a slight problem, the predefined themes do not work .. So I can not get the Dirty Brown .. = s

Hey! Which browser are you using? If you are using an old version of IE that might be the problem, you might want to try google chrome or firefox. Alos there might be a plugin interfering so please test the feature with all plugins deactivated.

If neither of this works please send me your login credentials via mail so I can take a look myself:

I use Opera, but it worked with Google Chrome. Thank you =)


I’m very interested in purchasing this theme but I have one question first.

Can I set up multiple portfolio pages? I would need Product A. to go to one page and Product B. to go to a separate portfolio page.

Is this possible?

yes thats perfectly possible. you can create multiple portfolio overview pages and on each of those pages display different product categories