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Hey Krisie,

Awesome template! Got a prob thou. The partner module isn’t functioning as it’s suppose to do. If I add 1 logo it displays 2. 1 in grey, one in color. If I rollover the grey one it dissappears. Image:

Hope you can help me out!



thanks for the notie, this seems to be a bug, will fix it and update the theme asap ;)

update is available ;) should work fine now

Hey Kriesi,

I bought the theme, it’s awesome!

A problem you must help me fix though, and it’s present in the live demo here as well.

If you click on any portfolio item in the front page, it expands right? Well, if you hit the X to close the item to revert back and try to open up the same portfolio item, it no longer expands…it actually stops working all together. The b&w overlay stops as well and the thumbnail stays colored.

Can you look into it and see how I could fix this? It’s pretty much a non-functional portfolio if this persists.


Got it, thanks a bunch!

update is available ;) should work fine now

Works perfect now, thank you so much!

Congrats Kriesi,

I’ve been working with your system for a few days and I’m abolutely amazed! The portfolio section is wonderfull! It features everything I need to build a high quality portfolio. Keep up the good work!

Cheers , Megalex.

Thanks a lot! glad you like it ;)

Hey Kriesi,

Also, how could I setup the contact form to send emails to more than 1 recipient? I’d like to send the email to 3 people in total…could you tell me how I could establish this, and cc’ing as well?

Thanks so much!

hm, you should be able to send the mail to multiple persons by adding a coma separated list either to your backend instead of only one email adress or change line 14 of contact-form.php in angular/includes to something like:

        "myemail" => ',',

Got it, thanks so much!

Hi, this theme as kepted my attention! But i have one question. What plugin do you recommend for a multi language website with this theme? And it’s possible to create a child theme for personal customizations?

Thanks, nelson

I would recommend the WPML plugin for a multi site installation.

And yes child theme creation is possible :)


I found another bug with Chrome.

Once I change the welcome message to something else, it is no longer displayed in Chrome. I tried clearing my cache and everything. It oddly seems to only work when I have “welcome” in the message…

But it does work in Firefox…

definitley cant reproduce that, looks fine for me in both firefox and chrome reading: “Selected Work: 2004 – 2012”

Hmm, you’re right. It seems to work on my laptop’s chrome…that’s incredibly odd.

Sorry, please ignore that!

Hey Kriesi,

Awesome template, really love what it does.

Got one question for you, if I wanted to not have the slider functionality, and instead list the portfolio’s featured images stacked on top of each other via their list markup.. is there a way to do this? By either breaking the code for the slide or adjusting it somewhat.

Thanks, Stephen

Edit: Nevermind, I have found a way. Thanks again. :)

glad you solved it ;)

Hey Kriesi,

1) Could I add more social icons up top?

2) How do I make it so that they launch in a blank page instead?

You are the best Kiresi! :) Much appreciated!

I can’t get the option to work in the autoresponder though…I’ve put a bunch of them in there to try, and I’m still receiving everything in 1 line.

Any clues?

I could send you a test email if you’d like to see what i mean.

Also -

I tried to use a bg image (grunge), and it looks great. However, I noticed that the contact form isn’t transparent, but has a big white box around it…is there a way to make the box transparent?

Sorry, as an extension question to the above:

I noticed the social icons and the “(i)” icon on the left are also not transparent when I use a theme bg. It’s odd because the layout.css says that they are transparent, but somehow they are still nested on a white bg?

Update available

Version 1.0.1
  • fixed some ajax behavior problems
  • some small style modifications were made
  • fixed a bug with slideshow captions and slideshow overlays

the version.txt file that comes with the update holds the information on which files to update ;)

Thanks for purchasing and voting! :)


Congrats for the theme! Really cool!! :)

We are working on Home page but is the second time that the portfolio ittems dissapear!! The static url woks fine… Any suggestion?

Thanks. Regards,


Hi again,

Sorry, the link is

I don’t know for sure what frontend or backend are… :/


frontend is the part of the site your visitors are seeing, backend is were you create your entries and enter the information (basically everything that has an url that includes /wp-admin/ )

From what I can tell looking at your site the portfolio page you have created works fine…

Works because the problem is when a page with a portfolio is defined as frontpage. I made a test with two identical portfolios. One on this page, Trendelenburg 2.3 [1,2,3 marzo 2012] – link , not a frontpage, and works fine, and another one in other page, wich is the frontpage and the portfolio don’t appear. If I change the frontpage to the one that works, then stops working and works the other. I don’t know why, perhaps some code stored in database? Thanks!

Great theme, will have a great looking site up soon with it :)


Thanks for the update, partner works like a charm now. However, it seems (only checked it on Chrome) that the theme has a blue screen flash now and then. Could you look into that too? Pretty disturbing! ;)

Furthermore, is it possible to make some more ads modules width bigger dimensions?



hm, seems you are running mac osx and chrome as well. So do I and I cant reproduce the saturation change of the colors :/ (although I can see them in your video…) maybe a browser plugin that is running?

Anyways I will keep my eyes open if someone else has your problems and try to fix them once I got more information…

Okey, well thanks anyway! You rock dude seriously! :D If i’m able to capture the blue screen flash i’ll post it here.

Thanks! :)

alright! ;)

Awesomeeeeeeeeee tamplate!!! ;)

Hi Very nice theme.

I would like to use your theme for posting vimeo links but there is a way to put the text (title and details) below so we have the videos bigger, there are kind a small now. Specially when you compare to the new vimeo interface.

Any chance to have the linkedin logo ? i guess i can do it :)


that would be possible with a few lines of css modification:

search for
.ajax_slide .flex_column.two_third {
min-height: 1px;

and change it to:

.ajax_slide .flex_column.two_third {
min-height: 1px;
width: 100%;

.ajax_slide .flex_column.one_third {
margin: 20px 0 0 0;
width: 100%;
I used most logos from this set if you want to add any new ones:

(the psd set is free to download and use)

How can I sort with my order portfolio categories?

I don’t have a use for a portfolio template at this time but… dude, it is awsome !


I am thinking on buying this theme, but I have 1 question.

In the portfolio when you click on an image and it opens in lightbox I notice there is no caption for the image. Where as in the gallery when open an image in lightbox there is a caption. So my question is can images in the portfolio display a caption when opened in lightbox?



the feature is somewhat limited for portfolio entries in lightbox. you could add a caption title but the text is currently not supported due to a different html structure of gallery and portfolio images.

Also the caption title for the porfolio images can only be set on a per image base, not on a per portfolio entry base. meaning if you want to use the same image in 2 portfolio entries the will get the same caption applied…

Support Requests

Hey guys! Due to my vacation I am not able to check the themeforest message boards regularly. Therefore I would recommend to post any support requests in the support forum at htttp://

My support staff will take care of your problems while I am gone :) Thanks for your understanding!


Hi Awesome theme Kriesi!

I know you’re in vacation, but i just want to let you know that this is happened in your demo, when the ajax slide go into image with caption, the caption background covered the image. I tested in chrome browser in small width.

Happy vacation!

Ha, you got me just in time, thanks for the info, time for a quick fix ;D

Is integrating with buddypress easy with this theme? I have everything I want in this theme. I wanted to check buddypress would be a 100% fit for what I need. Is that possible to integrate buddypress with this super awesome theme?