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I’m torn between this theme and Agenci*. You have a lot of the same positives, I like your Design better, but Agenci supports Audio Blog posts out of the box. Can I do that in your theme as well?

Currently the picture colors are totally grayed out, and only when I hover over the picture, it turn back to full color.

Is there any way to make the picture only slightly desaturated (instead of being just plain black-white), and have the full colors become brighter when hover over? It’s my only concern before purchasing. Thanks.

I have edited the languagefiles in wp-content/themes/anuglar/lang with Poedit, and updated the files with my translations. But it has not yet been applied.. what am I doing wrong?


Does your theme support mobile and tablet version ?

All the best

Would it be possible to get compatibility with Facebook plugin which allows BuddyPress and Wordpress accounts to be autocreated using Facebook credentials. I have tested a few plugins and they don’t seem to work with the bpress.

Is it possible replace or integrate a video hosted in vimeo to the homepage slider view?

How do we add the “Clients” section you have on your demo page?

Hi Kriesi,

Great theme!

Have couple issues though, hope you can help.

1. Even though I select to display all the portfolio items on the page from the settings, it still displays 12. and just for testing, I changed it to 4 but i still see 12. What am i missing here?

2. I also can not disable Greyscale option. I mean i select none, save it. but nothing changes, still greyscale effect is on.

btw i use Mac os Lion and Chrome.


Hi Kriesi,

Great Theme! I just purchased it. Great styling, versatile, and very easy to use admin options. I can see why you are so successful on Themeforest!

am i the only one or do you also experiencing slowing in the demo site? the thumbnail fade effects and preloading effects are lagging like a hell. browser chrome 16.0.92


Great theme, one of the best I’ve seen.

There are 2 issues that I need your help on.

1. I’m using the Slideshow Homepage layout and notice that when I click on an image in the slideshow it opens in lighbox, but when I click to go back to a previous image or forward to the next image, it brings up the same image I’m already on. You have to click twice to get the previous image or next image to come up.

2. I notice you have a horizontal ruler with a go to top option. Where do I find the code for this? I see 3 different horizontal rulers but not one for go to top of page.



Hello Kriesi, I understand that you are on vacation. However, you or someone maybe able to address this issue with the theme. As requested by Chris Beard, I clarified the issue with the theme on the support board. According to Mr. Beard, “We try to respond within 24 hours though it’s been very hectic the past few days so it can take a little longer.”

It has been over 24 hours since I replied with more clarification regarding the issue. No response has been posted by Mr. Beard or any other staff member. Please advise at what time frame should I expect a response to the issue that I have described in my previous post.

I don’t think its unreasonable for me to expect a response within the time frame posted.

1. Screenshot of Slideshow element created and placed a the top 2. Screenshot of Welcome Page with images loaded into Slideshow gallery with Frontpage selected 3. Screenshot of the Frontpage after uploading images into Slideshow and applying the Welcome page as the Frontpage Dynamic template

Thank you kindly for your assistance.

I resolved the issue

WP-prettyPhoto plugin caused a conflict with the Slideshow. By removing the WP-prettyPhoto, the Slideshow began to work. Hopefully this helps someone else.

I wonder if that is why the site runs slow.


Can we modify the width of images in portfolio slideshow ? Or put the text behind rather than on right ? It seems to be nice for square images but a bit small for landscape


Excellent theme and design!

I really want to purchase it, but I need Woocommerce as well. Unfortunately you haven’t integrated that in this theme, like with Propulsion and Abundance. Is there a way to get this done? I am most willing to pay.

Thanks! Tom

Hi Kriesi, My video keeps playing in the thumbnail, because there’s no permalink to my thumbnail (only to the title). Also the play button is bigger, different from the one on your demo. (I clicked in the blank film reel when adding the video, to avoid the pop up) Can you please help, thanks, Joanna

Kriesi, you were a great help however…

No offense, but your staff isn’t helpful. I’ve posted many questions and received little to no response in days…most likely just ignored. It’s hard to address any issue with little to no help.

It’s possible to have this arrows always visible? It’s not perceptible that there is more images to show. Thank you

Is there any chance, you are going to answer in your “Support” site? You are stating on your theme that you have a “Support and Documentation” system that works fine, but I see you have posted this theme 6 days ago, and there are questions to be answered from day 1. Also documentation is just pointing to older templates which are using other menus and other ways of doing things. So with all my respect your support service is non existent o very poor. I don´t suggest every single question should be solved but “at least” you should have the decency to reply with a simple “yes is doable or not, or you should paid to get that” but no reply implies that you are leaving the other side waiting to see if by any chance someone will reply. Same happens here, in this section I can see only people talking or asking to you, but no sign of you around here. For a 6 days old template that honestly “SUCKS”

This is just my advice to anyone who is thinking on getting this template; “don´t rely on the support forum because many flags unresolved are waiving”