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I agree that support isn’t efficient for angular. I purchased the theme a few days ago and still can’t put my portfolio online because of a video/thumbnail bug. I would really like to fix this problem (that video keeps playing in thumbnail and has no permalink).


I’m also quite disappointed with the support. I was expecting to be a kind of ’’beta tester’’ and was ready to help the ’’support team’’ to solve bugs because this theme isn’t perfect at all. Amazing design but some aspects must be fixed! This wouldn’t be a problem if staff would collaborate but it is not the case.

Hi, Due to the limits of my hosting server, I unzipped the main file as well as the file and uploaded into wp-themes via an FTP client.

I wanted to know if I had to do anything with the PSD .zip file and any other files or it’s ONLY that one unzipped file as well as the plugin that needs to be uploaded?

Thank you.

Hello kriesi

I am happy with the support you gave me when I bought the theme, because the issue was solved.

I have a few question and I hope you can answer them.

1. Image sizes. is the theme based on a grid? Wich sizes should I make the images to fit on the columns? what about the customers logos? I cannot fix the size to have it as on your demo site.

2. You talk about mega menu on your videos, but I cannot see the box to set them on my custom links…

3. I would like to use Museo for all my titles and headings. Is it possible? How can I do that?

Thanks a lot

Hi Silviall,

They talk about mega menu in the videos because those videos are referring to another template they have created, but I am almost pretty sure this theme can´t support Mega menu. I am just trying to help you because if you have to wait for an answer you better start lying on the coach. :)

is the homepage completely customisable? in that I mean can I completely move items for what I want on the homepage i.e. if I just want the slider with one widget to have text and the next to contain an image (can they be moved around in the widgets section)?

very nice theme, like this clean style ;)

Hi Kriesi, Congrats for your template. How do I use as frontpage default my portfolio page. I’ve inserted it on the option page but nothing appears. I only have the title portfolio written ! Thx for your help. Here’s the page :


Hi Kriesi!

I have bought one of your themes, Propulsion, and I am considering buying this one but I have a pre-sale question. Do you think it’s possible to have portfolio images in variable height? I mean, will the theme fit well with this feature? I suppose I’ll have to change this on functions.php, but just wanted to make sure if you think it’s possible.


How can I make the blog page not show the entire post of blog entries? Is it possible to show an excerpt for each post instead of entire posts on the blog page?

Thanks gobian!!

Hi Kriesi, First thing – really great looking theme :)
I found it very easy to customize
but I cannot make one thing:
In Single Portfolio Itemt – Is there chance to put/display
f.e 5 images instead of slider?
When I add picture in “Edit Portfolio Entry”
it displays scaled, on the right side
just under the title and post description.
thanks for help
Best Regard

If you add a blog to the homepage via template builder, the whole page goes to shit.

Adding new widget areas to pages & categories doesn’t work. I add them in your framework, save all changes, but the changes aren’t visible in widgets.php.

Wordpress 3.3.1

Hello Kriesi, I noticed a bug in the live demo: If you play a video and move on to another item in the portfolio, the audio from the previous video stops momentarily, then begins playing again in the background.

It is pretty confusing to hear audio when you’re looking at a poster : )

Other than that, this theme looks like one of the best out there!

(Firefox 9.0.1)

Framed caption title in Portfolio item doesn’t work well when reducing browser window (or on iphone).

The template is very great!.... but the support is very poor! check the forum support and a lot of questions without response, the most important questions, no response!! and people who bought the template.

I bought this template today because look very well in demo, but when you start to work don’t look so great!...example: if you have a set of post with image featured and text, you have to do all again for use the portfolio because use another category and entries!!!!

Must be carefully with the image size (width and height)...

i think that use another forum because the people have problems and he don’t response. I feel very bad for write this, but is the true, i was very exciting whit this template, but now i don’t feel so good.

Please Kriesi give us a support so good like your templates!!!! you are affecting to your wokr and themeforest!

Themeforest, can you follow to the autors who don’t have a serius support???

Image previews in the blog don’t work. It just keeps preloading, even though the link to the image is correct.

Support Requests

Hey guys! Please post any support requests in the support forum at – the support team will answer your requests as soon as possible :)

Due to the fact that the latest few themes have been very popular, support response can take a little bit longer than the usual, due to the increased amount of requests. I am very sorry for that and I am in the midst of hiring a full time support member so this never happens again.

Sorry for any delays with your queries! Best regards Kriesi

Just wanted to say: Excellent work.