Discussion on Anima: Multipurpose Ghost Theme

Discussion on Anima: Multipurpose Ghost Theme

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Hi . I’m a little bit disappointed , this theme is not including translation capabilities. My french’s visitors have “ALL” into the filters list , “BY” on article . :(

Hi, I’m sorry. Please request the refund if doesn’t meet your expectations.

Hi, how to request a refund ?

Are you planning on updating this theme to be compatible with Ghost 4.0?

Hi, yes I think I will do the first round starting this week. First I’ll try to make it work with the newest Ghost, then there will be some bigger changes to make it light and up to date because the codebase is quite old.

Hello, unfortunately I saw after I bought it that the theme does not run with the latest version of Ghost. Is a refund possible?


Hi, yes, I’m sorry, I don’t do themes nowadays, but I plan to back to it in 2021, so I’ll update some of them, probably not all, but most liked ones like this one.

Please use the form: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

You don’t have any plans to update this to work with Ghost 3?


I am happy with the Anima theme but considering that there are not updates for latest Ghost versions, I would prefer request a refund. Is that possible?


Hi, please send a private message, thanks.

Hello, will there be support for Ghost version 3?

Hi, I would like to do this asap, but unfortunately I can’t tell you when exactly. Please remember that you can always ask for refund. Just leave some comment there. Thanks.

Hi I am considering using this theme Do you have some kind of documentation on customizing it that I can consult before buying ? BR Joe

Hi, documentation is in the package, but the theme isn’t updated. It won’t work with newest Ghost. See Software versions section. Thanks.

Will you update Anima to work with Ghost 2.0? I’ve used this theme for years and don’t want to let it go!

Yes, it should be updated for sure, I can’t tell when :/ I’ll try soon, this isn’t simple process.

I actually made the small changes to the theme that Ghost proposed, so now it’s completely usable with 2.0. So no stress and thanks for a beautiful theme :)

Yes, of course it should be simple to adjust it and I’m glad you made it :) But I also have to change some other stuff, like hosting, remove some old plugins etc. Then test it again in many browsers. This is the most time consuming task.


I really need you help on that one.

The code for filter totally disappeared when uploaded.

From your original theme and the theme I customize a little.

Thanks in advance,


Your theme is really great, but since yesterday, I don’t know how and why, I have this little problem :

The filters don’t show up.. It worked fine, no problem at all, until yesterday.

I have made some changes in css (nothing big, like fonts, colors… etc.)

So I thought I had made a mistake somewhere. So I saved my modified theme, downloaded again your theme from Theme Forest, and re-uploading it in ghost… But the filter didn’t show up either.

If you can help me on this one, it could be a great help!

Thanks in advance,


This theme is really cool :)

But I have just a little problem that comes up yesterday: the posts filters disappeared and I don’t know why..?

If you can help me, thanks in advance,

Hi, could you send a link to your blog? If you don’t want to share it here you can use contact form on my profile page. Thanks.

i am interested to replace summer theme with this one but one question its possible to make the nav menu visible i mean without must click the corner?

Unfortunately not, but of course you can always tweak it a little bit. You can reuse some components and styling to make it work like that.

Managed to fairly easily fix the last issue. Thanks :)

New one: how can I disable the initial animation on page load on mobile? Looks quite janky :/ Thanks in advance.

Hi, sorry I missed this message :/ Let me know if you still need some information. Btw. there is also update for Ghost 1.*

Is it possible to replace the hover effect for a post – <link; search> with just a link to the post? Thanks.

Hi, sorry for late reply… yes, but you would need to edit html structure and css too. It is hard to describe it here :/ Basically you need to remove onHover event and related html and then you need to move onClick logic which redirects to post somewhere else.

Any plans on an update to support ghost 1.0?


Thank you. I will be avating the update with eagerness :)

Any ETA :) ?

It’s hard to tell, it needs many changes not only regarding Ghost version, but also other libraries. I’ll try to start this in the next week. I’ll see how fast it will go.

What file needs to be edited to display extra Social Media buttons on each post/page?

I would like to add this to the start and bottom of each post, what file do I need to edit for this?

Of course I understand that you can feel like that, but the docs are based on standard Envato’s scheme and there aren’t many complaints. Like I said I understand that you can feel different so you can issue a refund if you like. The Envato supports it nowadays.

Fine, I have sent you a refund request.

I have wasted almost a month of my time and energy on a theme that could of worked well, now I need to start from scratch. I’m just not happy about this.

Ok, understood, refund accepted.

I sent a question over about, changing font size and image size. You responded with

“Hi, You need to change styles. There isn’t any simple wayt to change such stuff by using some kind of options. With each update you will get changelog of the changed files, and you need to provide the changes accordingly to your custom styles. This is how it works in all themes (I guess).”

I appreciate your comments but what I need to know is what is the image size requirement for the backgrou d and articles? I.e. Min, Also what files are the social book icons contained in ?

The size should be big enough, but it will be adjusted by using css ‘background-size: cover’ anyway. For example, my background is 1500px width and 1000px height. The same is with articles. You can inspect the demo website with browser’s Dev Tools to get all sizes.

For icons we use FontAwesome here: http://fontawesome.io/


I have just brought your Anima theme for ghost. The questions I have are,

How do I change the body font size? How do I edit and add links for each of the socal links at the bottom? What is the minimum size of an image that can be uploaded? With these changes will they persist an theme update?


Hi, You need to change styles. There isn’t any simple wayt to change such stuff by using some kind of options. With each update you will get changelog of the changed files, and you need to provide the changes accordingly to your custom styles. This is how it works in all themes (I guess).

Hi there,

I have just purchased your theme.

Could you tell me how I can edit the background image which is on the left side bar for every post. I will replace a single image for all posts.

Also on the front page, I do not want anything on the images like the zoom/magnify options, how do I remove.

If you tell me which css files to edit.


I have edited a CSS files, the post.css file – it shows fine on the website, however do I need to make any updates to the .scss file?

I have checked my host, it says SASS is currently not installed. So I take it that I don’t need to edit the .scss files?

yes, you don’t have to change .scss files


I am interested in purchasing this theme and had a few questions:

1.) How easy is it to change the main text font?

2.) Can I adjust the image sizes on the main page to make a little wider and the text part a little smaller?

3.) Can I add an image to the posts on the front page, so the image will show just under the post title?

Many thanks

I don’t know if this will be simple for you. I think that the theme’s files are well prepared. We use Sass as a preprocessor and standard .hbs files from Ghost.

I know how to edit CSS files, as long as I can be told where to find the files. Could you clarify whether you will be to indicate which files they are, once I purchase?

The changes are very minor, as I like to site as it is. Please let me know whether I can be pointed in the right direction for these minor changes please after purchase.

of course, I’ll try to help


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