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I’ve noticed that the car animation has display errors on iPad when viewing horizontally.

Can you please provide a fix. Thanks


Still waiting.

Mattbaxter: will be ready soon. Please give us some time.

Any update please?

what if I want the Days to be 3 digits instead of 2?

(or alternatively, add a Month figure?)

Then you need to change script, because now it’s calculating only days, hours, min and sec. If you want we can write it for you extra. Please write to us: info@clearmedia.pl

Ok, maybe just chalk it up to the suggestion box for future iterations. Thx.

Is it possible to show the successful subscription message above the email box instead of a javascript alert? If so, how would i change this?

Hi. Of course you can do it. In ajax success callback you need add code which will show you hidden message.


Is this easy to integrate to mailchimp for the mailing list?

Hi. In current version emails are saving only for file. If you want integrate mailchap you need only change ajax code which is saving email to file to mailchamp api code.

How does email work as i am testing the email is not working can anyone assist

Hi. Emails are saving in file. What exactly doesn’t work for you? You don’t have saved emails in file?