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hi, great theme but the icons dont show on safari all i see is a background

Any updates for IE8/9? On IE8 can’t even see anything…It will be good to have something working on IE8.

Overall good design…

Where are the instructions for this plugin ??? how do i do an install in WordPress ?

i sent an email couple days ago still no reply. is this project abandon.

how are the icons created, i can’t find them anywhere in the zip archive.

i want to use our own icons. like found soundcloud wanna use another icon instead

i sent an email couple days ago still no reply. is this project abandon.

Hi, Great Work. I have presale quastion. Can I use Turkish characters or can I change font to Arial.

Not working in Google Chrome. Appear only the background, but does not display the drop down menu.

Hi brunolimas! Sorry for answer time.

What dropdown menu? This theme do not have dropdown menu.

Hi there. I have some problems with the links in the random page. I mean if you insert some some text in the random page, the link doesn’t work. You can’t have access to the links. Is like there is no link. Can you help me wih this, please.

Great theme. Thank you.

I mean some a href=”#” html code

Hi @menglong

Look at HELP:

>>Just edit class ‘todos’ or ‘random-page’ on your name eg. ‘myname’. Then in boxes yust add/edit parameter


Is this your problem?

Presales: your demo is not working….

really nice…..

purchased, can you tell me how to hot link a tile to external page without the page= “Here you can add more info or apps! Page”

never mind, i fixed it myself. :)


Tried the demo and it works on chrome fine

Bought and downloaded and it only shows metro buttons on IE.

Chrome only gets the background.

I notice there is a chrome hack in the demo, do I need to add this?

Any ideas??

Sth wrong with file. I dont know why because it was ok. Uploading new ZIP on serwer. You will have email with update info.

Hi, thanks for looking into it. Have you had a chance to upload new file? Not had any notification and current download seems to be the same as the version I already have.


Are you still working on a fix? still not working on Chrome and as we use predominantly use chrome, is the reason I bought it to save me the time.


When I try to upload the theme in Wordpress it fails. Wordpress says it fails, because it is missing style.css.

Do you have a solution for this?

Hi TMulders.

This is not WordPress theme. This is HTML only (check category) :)

Regards, Rafa?.

Hello! No working demo? Do you have a link to another hosted version that’s up?

Hi MJHd.
Sorry for that. Click here:

Regards :)

Thanks dude!

Hi instead of social media icons i want to add jpg thumbnails, please guide how to add image instead of social icons

Demo is not stabil… Example: i clicked facebook and opened popup. clicked to X Close button and after clicked again facebook… What are you seeing? Everyting is gone… Can you try it??? All browsers gives same error…

I try and I will try fix it. Please give me 2-3 days

I think Problem is app.js file. When remove slidePageLeft class from close-button function then it will fixed. But Then close animation will not work…

Bonjour, Comment modifier la date pour le compteur dans le fichier javascript app.js?

Best Regards.

var austDay = new Date(2016,2-1,07); $(’#countDays’).countdown({until: austDay, format: ‘DHMS’, layout: ‘

  • {dn}
  • {d>}
‘}); $(’#countHrs’).countdown({until: austDay, format: ‘DHMS’, layout: ‘
  • {hn}
  • {h>}
‘}); $(’#countMin’).countdown({until: austDay, format: ‘DHMS’, layout: ‘
  • {mn}
  • {m>}
‘}); $(’#countSec’).countdown({until: austDay, format: ‘DHMS’, layout: ‘
  • {sn}
  • {s>}

Hello, can you comment in english? Spanish is not an international language.

Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!

The live preview is down.