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A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Thank you ;) It’s motivating

Very beautiful work, congratulations. I have buy it without second thought.

Thanks for purchase and comment ;) I wish you a pleasant work with this template ;)

Just the way I like it – simple and clean. Great job, congrats and GLWS :)

Thanks ;) I love minimalistic design. KISS rule ;)

Nice work and welcome to Forest :)

Thanks. It’s nice here ;)

Great style! Congratulations :D

I’m glad to hear ;) Thanks

can you add video to this instead of the countdown?

I just bought it! It is a great page! I’m new to html and picking it up rather fast but I replaced it with an iframe and when you hit one of the links the video is still present in the new page. Any thoughts?

i figuered it out

Thanks for purchased.

I am happy when I see how users can easily change this website. If you will problem next time, just send me a message

Very beautiful animaton effect.


I really love your page ! but I would like to know how did you create that ?
.icon-delicious:before { content: ’\23’; } /* ’#’ / .icon-paypal-1:before { content: ’\24’; } / ’$’ / .icon-flattr-1:before { content: ’\25’; } / ’%’ / .icon-android:before { content: ’\26’; } / ‘&’ / .icon-eventful:before { content: ’\27’; } / ’’’ / .icon-smashmag:before { content: ’\2a’; } /’ */ .icon-gplus-2:before { content: ’\2b’; } / ’+’ / .icon-wikipedia:before { content: ’\2c’; } / ’,’ */

What does it mean ? I mean, to make appear that, How did you do ? :(

Please, can you explain to me, what did you do to create an icon facebook with this kind of code.

Thank you so much :(

Look at info and credits – it’s Fontello Fontweb. Prease read documentation. Just add class ‘icon-facebook’.

If you have problem with this documentation prease send me a private message.

thank you very much. I didn’t know for the documentation. ;)

This looks pretty much like this to me.

Thanks. This my authorial vision of metro. I don’t like so many of animation.

slick&fluid, congrats :)

nice theme, how do i change the icons to lets say like google + or one of my own?

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Good job! I love it. Awesome and simple! keep it up…

Awesome job! Thank you very much for creating that – and as well BIG thanks for pricing it very reasonably.

Nice template.

I put this on my server and when I view it on mobile device, I don’t see images in background. All I see is a white background. Everything else is fine.


yes. because you are using css from demo ;) please use CSS from downloaded ZIP ;)

thanks for purchased

I am using CSS from zip.

Oh.. I’m so stupid.. Damn. I put wrong css. one line is different. please wait a minute. i must upload new zip. damn… so sorry.

please send me a message on themeforest. i send you more info about which line.

Works for me in Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE9. Only showing the fullscreen slideshow. Would this be some setting in IE that’s causing this? Thanks. Great template.

No. I wrote this in description parameters. It doesn’t work on IE9. Animation on CSS is working only on IE10 and other than IE browser.

Thanks for your quick response. I’m out.

Are you planning on making it compatible with IE9? This is very Microsoft 2013 ...

maybe in next update together with Wordpress Theme.

What a great surprise, lovely animations ! :)