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I like your theme but I would like to know how I can quit the responsive design because the logo is very small. Thanks

Hi! Please send me message on TF with your screenshot. What logo do you mean?

First of all thank you for this amazing template. It looks great!!

I tried to customize it, but not figured a way out to solve two problems. I really hope you can help me with that.

1. I would like to use the Facebook, Pinterest buttons as direct links to our profiles, without the animations. What do I have to change to do that?

2. Is it possible to remove the loading animation in the beginning?

Thank you for your help!!!

Thanks for purchased.

1. Remove “open” class and data-page=”” attribute.

2. Remove all loader scripts and html from:

- js in html file at bottom

- from app.js: #body-overlay function

- from app.js: jqMetroLoader function

- from html: div with id=”loaderImage”

- from html: div with id=”body-overlay”

Hi there,

This is a really great theme! Love the design. Do you have plans to make this compatible with IE 8+?

Thank you!

Hi! I don’t know because a lot of animations, slider and fonts are not supported on IE8. Probably first will be update to IE9 compatible

Hey there , Great work on the countdown page, but for some reason the code is not showing on the ie 9 only the slider works

Hi. Thanks for purchased.

On main site project on TF in specification i wrote requirements: IE10, Safari, Opera, FF, Chrome. Not supported on IE7/8/9

Hi osinskirafal, First off great work.

Everything installed smoothly and everything is working properly when i use my laptop, but it does not show up properly on my ipad or android phone. Any thoughts?


Hi! Thanks for info. I replied to your message

hi the theme works great but the page info is not showing on iphone u can check your demo site on iphone it is not working too.

edit: i have right now iphone3gs i try on iphone4s it is working do u have any idea why.

also how to make contact form responsive to the theme.

Hi! Sorry for my delay. Contact form please add in section on top. In docs you have info how to add more sections.

Wired. I try on iP4 and iP5 and it’s look great. Zorrtis sent a msg in comments that on iP5 look good.

Hi again,

I hope you can help me out again. The “More Info Here you can add more info or apps!” text is on mobile devices a way to big. It looks great on the iPad 4 but it just looks too large on the iPhone 5. Any idea how I can get that responsive? I already tried to add custom id selectors to the app.css, but it does not work.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Hi! Sorry for delay.

You can edit CSS at bottom. There you have mobile version.

Hello, is it possible to set the countdown hours using this theme? I’d like to have the coundown end at 7AM on 4/1/2013 but don’t know how to enter that. I have:

var austDay = new Date(2013,4-1,01);


Yes, look at the countdown docs. new Date(YYYY,M-1,DD, HH:MM:SS);

I buy you template but doesn’t appear the main menu, only the transition of photos! I charge the template only local. What happends?

What browser? IE ?

menu and the icons is not displayed, only the transition … in Chrome & Maxthon (WebKit). PD: (ISafari it works)

possible ;) i didn’t tested without server ;) it doesn’t make sense without server ;)

yes … I was just doing a quick test. Thanks, nice template! 8-)

thanks ;) i’m glad thats everything fine. thanks for purchase ;)

Hi …i went to fontello to change your icons but for some reason is giving me or reading the wrong icon, i want to use the black&white icon but is reading a 3d icon …do you know how to change it?

Let’s say the icon search, the one in site is 3d but in fontello is black&white which is the one i want …do you know how it works? pls

you edited only one line… edit all where is ”../font” url

My friend let me tell you YOU ARE AWESOME!!! ...I totally give 100% in everything, support, template everything! ...THANKS!!! ...nice work by the way and i will keep follow your work to buy more staff from you ..cheers!

thanks! :D i’m happy that you do it ;)

So Thanks for the coming soon page..

When we we click on a social icon, we have it opening in a new window. Then we go back to our site and the page comes up that you can put more info on. Well we don’t want to use that page and are looking for help on get ride of that feature.


Thank you..

in chrome (before adjustments) only the pictures load and if you click in a position where lets say FB button would be then the countdown and other buttons load. any idea why?

^Nvm haha got it

This won’t install in WordPress for me. Tried uploading in themes and plugins. Please help

This is not Wordpress theme.


Downloaded your theme yesterday but a little disappointed re the responsiveness when viewed on an iPad, laptop and mobile. Viewing on an iPad in portrait and landscape does not change the background image / simply uses a small portion which looks poor. Not really responsive.

thanks for feedback. view in screens 1024px width and more using big image. on smaller it use other image. because phone or a lot of tablets have problem with big size images. maybe my solutions in not the best but, this is only small countdown page ;)

Thanks for the reply – all sorted. Just need to change the images used in your app.css file from the default 1.jpg to the relevant tablet / mobile ones and reduce the size of image to sit better on the page. Good work.

Sorted to a point. Image links in the style sheet need to be changed / updated from the standard image/1.jpg and smaller image sizes used on the iPad to ensure images are viewable:)

yes, you have 2 version of images in img directory. for iPad vertical and for phone.

Hi again. I have seen that somebody asked that before. The website is working pretty great now. Unfortunately not on Android. Can you help me out with that? Thanks already for your answer!

Under Chrome?

Well, basically on all Android stock browsers it’s not working. Either the tiles don’t even come up or if you click on one they disappear and you can only see the background. I have testet it on Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S. Also I have tried a few htc phones. In Fact I have also tried it with the live preview here on themeforrest and the same problems occur with your original one. Any idea?

Excellent….love the page turn animation on social links.

It is just a pity you did not impliment a lightbox too….that would have made this more powerfull.

Thanks for info ;) And Thanks for Purchase ;)

hi great theme, where i can change the icons? i need instead of facebook an icon for mail?