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We have released a new version of the template which fixes a problem where the captcha (type the word) field may occasionally say you have entered the word incorrectly when you have actually entered it correctly. It’s all working perfectly now, we encourage buyers to download the template again to get the latest version.

Thanks, This template is awesome… Im happy after buying it :D

Great template + email script with a lot of features, rated 5 stars.

A question: Does the iphorm included in the package the latest version with all fixes (1.5) or should I buy the script separately to have the latest fixes?

Hey, thanks :)

The iPhorm with the template is v1.5 with all the latest fixes.

I purchased Animated Under Construction. Very nice and usefull!!

But i got a question. Where (on wich files on the contact iphorm) can i translate the texts like for instance “This field is required” and so on to my own language?

See the documentation section “Changing the error message generated by a validator” in documentation/form-documentation/index.html

Thanks for your quick reply. I found it. Another question. How and/or where ca I justify te text left of the twitterfeeds block? There thus where I can put/write some expleining?

Do you mean the “About us” area? Check the documentation section “Changing the About us content”.

Yes, I mean the “About us” area. I changed the text already, but I want the text justified. That is NOT documented? How can I justify the text?

Thanks for your help

Put this into the stylesheet:

#content {
    text-align: justify;

Thanks!! It works.

I got it working and testingon on this site]

and want it now bring it to this site, where it is for , but the contactform don’t work anymore.

Wat did I wrong?


It looks like that server uses PHP4 and the form required PHP5 +.

Great template! Definitely the work of a pro(s). PSD was well organized, and easy to customize. HTML was indented, had a good layout, and the CSS classes were aptly named and styled.

Here’s my customized version:

Love it, well done :)

Hello, Can I remove the Captcha and use the forms without it. I dont want to introduce any captcha in the starting.


Of course, you can customise the forms any way you want.

Hi! I recently bought this and sent an email. I need some help trying to understand something. Was is a better email to contact you guys with or how do I send a personal message on here? THANKS !!

((Sorry I’m brand new to this)


If you want to email our support address we will help you :)

Great Design. Super easy to use. Just what I needed. Thanks! :)

How difficult is it to use a color that you don’t have in your list of available colors?

You will need to change some graphics in Photoshop, which is just a case of editing the style gradient for the progress bar to your own. Then crop and save to the correct size.

The other colours are controlled by CSS . Just find the default blue colour (#1F8CD6) and replace with your own.

If you need more help / tips, let me know.


Hello – Please send me an email at – We recently purchased your under contruction theme “Animated Under Construction – Twitter & Ajax forms” – and are wondering if you can make a regular wordpress theme that looks similar to that for us.


am having problem with moneybookers and paypal (they dont allow payment form Nigeria). Any other option? is the site based on wp?

Sorry we can only sell the theme through ThemeForest. It is not a WP theme.

I am having problems using this template with modX and hosting on Is this template not workable using modX?

I have never used modX, so I couldn’t give you any advice on that. If it has the ability to add a PHP page and you can upload the required files, it should be able to work.

I have gotten most of it taken care of so far. The only two things I can’t seem to get to work are the animated slider and the twitter feed. Where do I alter the code to have the twitter feed come from my twitter account? As for the animated slider, it seems like I am missing something very simple with this???


See the documentation for how to set up Twitter. What is the problem with the animated slider, can you post a link to the site?

Hey there, I need help customizing my page. Can I get help please? email me at


wzl Purchased

Great template! One thing though; how do you make the verfication codes on the registration and contact us forms update for each attempt?

This particular template keeps on displaying the word, “light”. I would prefer random words to be displayed for each attempt (as on almost all websites).


Hi, there is a documentation section (in the form documentation) called “Using a more complex CAPTCHA ”. You will probably need knowledge of PHP to pull it off. The single image is effective in blocking most spam.

One word for you: AWESOME !

I had to play with SMTP settings and I’m hoping to save others from spending time figuring this out:

1- create a gmail account 2- use the following setting:

// You could use an SMTP server here instead
$transport = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance('',465,tls)>setUsername('')>setPassword('YourPassword');

This works like a charm! Keep up the great work.