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The template looks very nice. Great job. I would like to know if it is possible to translate the full template using only HTML /CSS or do I need to amend it using Photoshop.

Thank you.

The logo is the only image with text in it, everything else can be translated in the HTML .

Hi ThemeCatcher,

I have bought your template. Check out the result on !

Thank you.

This was my first template purchase. ThemeCatcher, the way you handled the coding and the documentation was great. I particularly liked the way, everything was layed out step by step that even someone like me could put this site together with minimum effort. Thank you very much for offering this template. Can I give to 6 stars out of 5? :-)

I can’t seem to get the register form to work. I have followed all of your instructions and I still can’t get it work. The email form works great but not the register form. Any ideas?

By not working do you mean you do not receive the email? There is a troubleshooting section of the form documentation with suggestions.

Many thanks for this – ideal page and great documentation – even better for having the wordpress install included


very happy

Thanks for the kind words.

Progress Bar is in the wrong place how to change this


You have a typo in the code below. The closing div has two “i”’s. Fix the typo and perhaps this will fix the problem…

<div class="progress-title"><h1>We're currently under Redesigning</h1></diiv>

Progress Bar is in the wrong place how to change this

I get this error in the Manage Themes sections of the wordpress admin panel The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description template Stylesheet is missing.

This is not a WordPress theme.

I know, but in your manual you have a Wordpress installation. Maybe you can write in your manual something like “You can do all this work but it wont work because this is not a Wordpress theme.”

At no point in the instructions does it say anything about adding it as a theme in WordPress. The instructions tell you how to set it up as a page template, there is a difference. If you are going to install it in WordPress, follow the instructions given. You are taking steps that you are not supposed to, of course it is not going to work.

Just absolutely superb!

Question: I am building a site that also uses index.php and so I need a way to redirect the browser to the under construction page while I build the site. The problem I am facing is if I redirect index.php to somewhere else it renders my development site useless. I cannot find any solution that works, any ideas?

Did you try having our page as index.html alongside it? Apache will usually load this before any index.php file.

Regards, TC

Thanks ThemeCatcher, now I guess the only question is why is the index file php rather than html since it has no php in it?

It was just left that way after development, no real reason, it will work just fine as .html

Regards, TC

This is a great site. Only one thing, the header background shows up as black on iOS devices spoiling the overall look. Is there a way to overcome that?

The image on your site is different from the last one I posted. The one on your site is sized 10×271. Can you go here again, press F5 to make sure it’s the latest version, it should be sized 20×271. Then upload the image again.

Regards, TC

OK, The refresh F5 on the download file was the issue.

“Can you go here again, press F5 to make sure it’s the latest version, it should be sized 20×271. Then upload the image again.”

After downloading the 20×271 image it worked!


All affected images have now been modified – If you require them.


I too have the same problem with the iOS6 bug, please could you advise what I need to update. Is it a CSS issue?

Can you go here again, press F5 to make sure it’s the latest version, it should be sized 20×271. Then upload the image again.

Regards, TC

Nb: This worked for Hypnobliss

All affected images have now been modified – If you require them.


Hi, it was a cache issue from my side as well.. not so easy to clear it on a iphone / ipad it seems, took several attempts. Thanks for the great support.

Hello, I bought your template but I have a problem I can not configure a twitter, i well change:

twitterUsername var = ‘xxxxxxx’ / / Your twitter username

There you will have something else to do??


There was a change at Twitter a few days ago that broke the feed.

In the file js/scripts.js find the following line

var t = document.createElement('script'); t.type = 'text/javascript'; t.src = '' + twitterUsername + '.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=' + tweetCount;
Replace it with
var t = document.createElement('script'); t.type = 'text/javascript'; t.src = '' + twitterUsername + '&count=' + tweetCount + '&include_rts=1&callback=twitterCallback2';
Regards, TC

hello, i edit the script.js well, but twitter does not work, here are the steps:

I took the base file and I change to line 95:

var t = document.createElement(‘script’); t.type = ‘text/javascript’; t.src = ‘' + twitterUsername + ’.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=’ + tweetCount;

instead of

var t = document.createElement(‘script’); t.type = ‘text/javascript’; t.src = ‘' + twitterUsername + ‘&count=’ + tweetCount + ‘&include_rts=1&callback=twitterCallback2’;

could you find a solution!

thank you

Actually it’s the other way around. How long ago did you purchase, it was fixed in a very recent version uploaded on the 12th October. If you purchased after this date the fix I stated would have no effect. Can you send a link to the page where it is broken?

Regards, TC

I absolutely love this template, although it truly isn’t compatible with WordPress as WP requires a style sheet in order to even make use of this template as a “theme”. Just a head’s up.

If there are any known workarounds, by all means, let me know! :)

It’s not advertised to be compatible with WordPress, but it’s possible to set it up as a Page Template of one of the existing themes if you follow the “How to install in WordPress” guide in the docs.

Regards, TC

Oh, no complaints here. It’s beyond ‘easy’ to use standalone. Just wanted to mention that even after following the instructions, it still searches for a style sheet and since one isn’t present, it’s not usable as a WP theme.

You are right that it won’t work as a standalone theme. See in step 6 of the documentation for the WP install, it tells you to upload it to your theme folder, if you are using a default WP install then it will be the /wp-content/themes/twentyeleven folder that’s where the files should go. You then create a page in WordPress and set it to have the Under Construction template if you then set this page to be a static home page in Settings -> Reading then it will load our template and you will still be able to develop your theme by visiting other pages on the site.

Regards, TC

Hi! My wife has been pestering me about swapping the Month/Day dates at the top of the page – is it at all possible to do this? Seems as though it should be fairly simplistic, but I want to be certain I won’t be “breaking” anything by doing so. Thanks again!

Hi, You can just simply change the numbers around, but leave the classes as they are. There is no other factors that will effect this.


Thanks for the fast response and clarification! This is by far the best Coming Soon template available. :)

Absolute Fantabulous template.

Recommend to all whoever wants to have their under construction page up and running in minutes.

5 stars to it :-)


Just a little question where can I translate teh messages that appears when yo click on each field of the contact and register form, for example the one that appears when you click on email

Thank you

Hi, You can change the text inside the title (title="...") attribute on the input elements in the HTML to translate the text.

You will notice that the input elements with the tool tip massage have a title attribute and a class name of iphorm-tooltip. So if you want to add a new one – you would add these two attributes to a form element.

Regards, TC