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Great work studiowild, good luck with sales! ;)

Thank you! :)

I love this, and am just wondering before I purchase.. Is it possible to change the circle pictures to be square shapes rather than circles?

Yes, it’s easily done! You just have to open css/layout.css with a text editor and remove the lines with this code: -webkit-border-radius:100%; border-radius:100%;

Great idea, but my browser gets crazy on it.

Is there a Wordpress version in the works.. by any chance?

Excellent Work!

Thank you. :) A Wordpress version is not planned at the moment, maybe in the future we will think about it.

Hi all, I’m really sorry for sounding stupid but I thought this was like a Joomla, WorldPress sort of template where I can just login to the site and change things around. now i’m a bit lost on what I do and how to start. any suggestions from anyone? is there a place I can go read about this?

Hi homeincy, I’m sorry to hear that. This is just an html template, it isn’t integrated with a cms like Joomla or Wordpress.

Am I to understand correctly that this is not a “wordpress theme” and thusly cannot simply be installed the way wordpress themes are installed?

Hi apelsinen, I’ll try to explain briefly the process of creating a website, which may be subdivided in 3 steps.
  1. The first step is the graphic and the result of this process is a photoshop file, a PSD Template.
  2. The second step uses the PSD Template to create the HTML Layout. The result of this step is a Site Template.
  3. The third step is the programming. It takes the site template and makes it work on the cms of choice (wordpress, joomla, magento, etc.). If the chosen cms is Wordpress the result of this step is a Wordpress Theme.

This product is a Site Template, it can be adjusted for any cms but it needs to be programmed to work. Themeforest has a category for every type of product described above. If you are looking for a full working theme I suggest to look up the Wordpress section. I hope to have been of some help. ;)

using FF17 and background homepage get crazy when cursor over it

We just tested it on Firefox 17 and everything work fine for us. On the homepage there is a small parallax effect so things move a bit, but it is a desired effect. Can you tell us more about what you experienced?

It’s about things that move a bit as you said and it’s move not so smooth..In my opinion this template is nice but has annoying effect on the homepage. :)

Sorry, I was replying to your last comment and I must have reported it. I really don’t know how… I sent a ticket to undo this operation.

On higher resolution ti may be not very smooth, you are right. We will try to optimize that. The effect however can be disabled easily. :)

hello how can I make bg slider start to slide??? thank you…

The background image changes when you are over a item of the menu. Each menu item has its own background image.

h?mm good idea:) thank you

Hi, is there a way to move the left menu, to the top?

Hello, I’m sorry but as it is now it can’t be easily done. The menu behaviour depends on the viewer’s resolution: on mobiles it is shown on top as a dropdown select box, on larger resolutions on the left.

Hi, again, one more question: where do i find the file that contains the css code that controls the content depends of the screen resolution?


The files all inside the “css” folder: mobile.css and tablet.css contains the styles for mobile devices.

This template is not fully set up. In the archives, the categories, year, and search navigation fields are not active because they are not set up. The pager function is non active because it is not fully set up. The documentation is incomplete and leads to empty links, making it difficult to figure out how to finish coding or setting up things that the template author left unfinished.

The non-customizable sidebar and footer overcrowds most mobile screen sizes; leaving approximately 1-2 inches of website in portrait orientation, and only 1/8 to 1/2 inch of web space on most mobile devices held in landscape orientation. The reason is because the header and footer design configuration has been not thoroughly tested to be mobile worthy or size responsive.

This template has a reoccurring theme of “incomplete” throughout its entirety. Make sure you check the preview completely, clicking on every button to see what works and what does not before purchasing; especially if you are buying this because because your knowledge of code is limited and you thought that all the buttons worked.