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Can I strip out the php-part and just use the theme as html+js ?

Yes, and wizard works. the php part just only send the data by email


bennyho Purchased

hello – thank you very much – that was great and fast support. thank you again. you guys are the best

i purchased ANNOVA – Survey Wizard – since it contains the branching. and it works as i need it to – so that’s great however – how do i get the link above inside of Quote (when you get there click ‘Get an energy quote’):

again – you know i’m on a tight time frame. and speedy help is appreciated – thank you in advance.

much respect – benny ho

hi….integrate annova wizard is not a good way…can have too many issues…i am implementing Quote with this feature…i will send an email today late

Please reply to my email contact I sent.

I checked the template, looks nice, before I buy can you please show me what does result report look like, as I want to see the chat or percentage of survey result.

hi am sorry but the item does not have this type of feature. all the best

Hi, I have a question. My support just ended, but I hope you will answer. It is the same question as Dangerell. Can you multibranch?

Dangerell wrote:

Hi, i’ve sent a preorder question… but no answer for almost a week now.

I will ask here again maybe you clear things out, do you offer instructions to make multi branching, as i see only one branch in demo?

Example Q = question A = answer:

Q1 points to A1 or A2

A1 points to Q 1.1 or Q 1.2

A2 points to Q 2.1 or Q 2.2

Q.1.1 points A 1.1.1 or A 1.1.2 or A 1.1.3

Q.1.2 points A 1.2.1 or A 1.2.2 or A 1.2.3

Q.2.1 points A 2.1.1 or A 2.1.2

Q.2.2 points A 2.2.1 or A 2.2.2

and so one.

Each answer should point to a new different question depending on the condition, you got the idea.

Thank you!


DPP1983 Purchased

Can you answer me please?

Hi, i am sorry for the delay due to your support period has expired some months ago. multiple/nested branch by default are not supported. i’ve implemented a version with multiple branch for a custom project. i can send the files for free but not provide support. please contact me at support(at)ansonika(dot)com