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Can I strip out the php-part and just use the theme as html+js ?

Yes, and wizard works. the php part just only send the data by email

hello – thank you very much – that was great and fast support. thank you again. you guys are the best

i purchased ANNOVA – Survey Wizard – since it contains the branching. and it works as i need it to – so that’s great however – how do i get the link above inside of Quote (when you get there click ‘Get an energy quote’):

again – you know i’m on a tight time frame. and speedy help is appreciated – thank you in advance.

much respect – benny ho

hi….integrate annova wizard is not a good way…can have too many issues…i am implementing Quote with this feature…i will send an email today late

Please reply to my email contact I sent.

I checked the template, looks nice, before I buy can you please show me what does result report look like, as I want to see the chat or percentage of survey result.

hi am sorry but the item does not have this type of feature. all the best


DPP1983 Purchased

Hi, I have a question. My support just ended, but I hope you will answer. It is the same question as Dangerell. Can you multibranch?

Dangerell wrote:

Hi, i’ve sent a preorder question… but no answer for almost a week now.

I will ask here again maybe you clear things out, do you offer instructions to make multi branching, as i see only one branch in demo?

Example Q = question A = answer:

Q1 points to A1 or A2

A1 points to Q 1.1 or Q 1.2

A2 points to Q 2.1 or Q 2.2

Q.1.1 points A 1.1.1 or A 1.1.2 or A 1.1.3

Q.1.2 points A 1.2.1 or A 1.2.2 or A 1.2.3

Q.2.1 points A 2.1.1 or A 2.1.2

Q.2.2 points A 2.2.1 or A 2.2.2

and so one.

Each answer should point to a new different question depending on the condition, you got the idea.

Thank you!


DPP1983 Purchased

Can you answer me please?

Hi, i am sorry for the delay due to your support period has expired some months ago. multiple/nested branch by default are not supported. i’ve implemented a version with multiple branch for a custom project. i can send the files for free but not provide support. please contact me at support(at)ansonika(dot)com

Is there a place for newbies like me to get detailed instructions to work with a wordpress website? The docs folder did not really help.

Annova is an html based site template as clearly described in the item page, so the only way to use it in your wordpress site is to edit the item as an html site template locally and then create a folder in your main site root where to upload the files. all the best

okay. I did not realize this would not work. I will be needing a refund. it’s a shame too because it looks so great.

what do i need to do to get this process started?

best it’s been a while that I had purchased the template but I have a quick question can I take a picture background in process or a slider there in process.

greetings stefaan

hi, note that your support period has expired more than2 years ago…10/11/2015. a quick reply…you can add a picture background in id=”top-area” section via background css..or an every container you need. slider could be more complex to implement. all the best


anka86 Purchased

Hi, can i have branching depends on checkbox value?

Hi, i am sorry not. it is not logical for branch. let me explain why. radio select restrict the use for one choice…each choice drive the user to a different branch.

with checkbox…user can select more than one choice…and script of course can not recognize where to drive the user if more than one option(or value) is selected. clear?

all the best

Hi I have a coupleof pre-purcahse questions:
1. Is the survey wizard compatible?
2. Is the survey wizard ajax compatible on desktop and on smartphones?
Thank you

Hi, the template is great!!

Is it possible that when you select the answer, skip to the next step (without clicking on forward)?



thank you. no i am sorry. this feature is not available. all the best


nizar02 Purchased

hello I have put my email to survey php script and I don’t receive email from my website and the email is working fine the host from godady and the email from ipage can u help me


please provide an ftp access and you site link


nizar02 Purchased

I have sent u in ur mail check bro and my link is