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Does this product provide whole web page with form styles or just form modules that can be integrated into current existing website?

Hi just purchased the app, I have a question, how can I just have one branch instead of two branches? so one of two can just skip and continue answering next questions. Thanks

hello…maybe i don’t understand your question. branch must be minimum two…so the user based on which branch select go to a specific step. one branch can be pointed to the end…another one can be pointed to questions. maybe the documentation can help you to understand how it works

use the id to point to a specific step

Quick question… what does the email with results look like? Thanks!

Hi there, how do we stop users from resubmitting the survey again within 24hrs?


hello.. i am sorry this feature is not available.all the best

Hi, i’ve sent a preorder question… but no answer for almost a week now.

I will ask here again maybe you clear things out, do you offer instructions to make multi branching, as i see only one branch in demo?

Example Q = question A = answer:

Q1 points to A1 or A2

A1 points to Q 1.1 or Q 1.2

A2 points to Q 2.1 or Q 2.2

Q.1.1 points A 1.1.1 or A 1.1.2 or A 1.1.3

Q.1.2 points A 1.2.1 or A 1.2.2 or A 1.2.3

Q.2.1 points A 2.1.1 or A 2.1.2

Q.2.2 points A 2.2.1 or A 2.2.2

and so one.

Each answer should point to a new different question depending on the condition, you got the idea.

Thank you!

Hi, I was going to be using this template to create a coreg path. Is it possible to have the results posted to a database using this?

Hello, by default not. you should implement it alone or with a php developer. all the best

How do I reduce the form to one column on one side of the page?

you can use the bootsrap grid to change the layout…here some reference or take the first step as reference that is already divided in two columns….just move the content

here an example <div class="step"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-6"> ....your content </div><!-- end col-md-6 --> <div class="col-md-6"> ....your content </div><!-- end col-md-6 --> </div><!-- end row --> </div><!-- end step-->

Thanks for your response, was able to change the layout. Now – how do I reduce the size of the form container to not take up as much screen space? What stylesheet and steps?

Hi, i have a problem with mobile version (desktop version works well). If i click on next button, it scrolls me on the top of page, can you help me? Thank you

hello…it seems you’ve have not purchase the item. please log in to themeforest with the account you’ve used to purchase the item. all the best

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this but wanted to know if the form can be posted using an api code and post api url? (example: POST to api.domain

Is this possible with this survey? Thanks for the quick response as I want to get this done asap!

hello, should be works. the item is made with common html form inputs and some js to manage the steps (mainly), but we can not guarantee the functionality with third party applications. all the best

thanks for the answer. i sent a support email also regarding some specific questions but not sure if you got it as I didnt get an auto-response confirmation. please let me know thanks

Can I use this survey funnel so, that the first page “Enter your personal info” goes backwards? I want to use this survey wizard more logically. First answering the questions is more convenient for the visitors and after asking for personal data… Can I change the way this survey wizard works? OR do you make this changes if I ask this? Or let me know how to change in the script. Would be a lot more conversion for anybody like in this form. Thanks for your answer.

hello, yes can be a logical option. but your support period has expired on 10/11/2015. try to move this step at the end and change the post input fields order in the php file. all the best


dosx86 Purchased


The radio button and the label besides are not correctly aligned. Please find it here.

I got one solution when you had your support system. But now that it’s gone, can you help me please again?

hello…open style.css and add a clear: both property in this class li { position:relative; height:42px; margin-bottom:15px; width:100%; display:block; clear:both; }

Is there a js function to reference a specific step?

Please read the documentation provided. there is explained how the wizard works

Hi, is it possible to add images to the survey?

Im very interested in your template, but a have some questions…

I need to know if i & the user will get by email the answers…and how does it look like..

The tools (for example… pick one option, check boxes and typing the answer are the only ones?) are there more options to get the answers? like a rule of parameters… or another tools?

Your template fits in a project that I’m doing… I’m planing to add some features in it…can you help me to do it? I can pay you via paypal….what do you say?

I’m trying to do a serie of question about how to do a house & make a scheme like this in the processo of the survey:

To get the right answers of my clients when they want to do a residential project…

can i export excell and csv files? i am sorry

If I ask you to deliver me the theme with database admin, what cost then?

Hello, i am sorry i am not able to provide this features. all the best and greetings

Hi, Can the entries be saved in a database? Also, what if we need full reports for all of the entries

Hello, i am sorry i am not able to provide these features. you should implement alone or hire a a developer. all the best and greetings


ayofi Purchased

Hi, I am very interested with your survey. I have question. For example; I have a question with 2 radio buttons only. Is it possible to pass next question automatically after selecting one of the radio buttons (without clicking the forward button)? Tip: if yes, It would be great to hide forward button in that question.


hi, i am sorry this is not possible. all the best

HI Ansonika i am interested in the survey form what is complete and standalone not sure also , will it work on windows hosting, coz. i have windows shared hosting , thats what..kindly advise

Thanks Ram

i am really sorry for the late reply. it depends which php language version your windows host have installed or non standards configuration. i can not guarantee 100%. usually works. i had users that have same situation without problems…but can not guarantee 100%