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Good job, GLWS ;)

Thank you!!!

Nice work! How hard would it be to add an image upload field?

Thank you…mmm…not so easy because the image will be send as attached or stored into a host. there are also some few issues to consider…like max file size upload..avoid rewriting stored files, etc . this need some implementations to the php page and test the item. i will consider if it is possible in the next update. thank you again!

Thanks again for handling the trademark issue with our mark Planio so quickly.

By the way, if your users are looking for image uploads, maybe could come in handy, it doesn’t require you to store anything server-side…

Regards, Jan

Thank you Jan for the tip!!!

where can you see the results?

hello…results arrives to your email.

Can someone submit 100000 survey? Ip block or something?

Are the fields customizable?

yes…you can change styles and color, change the input fields name or add others… a little knowledge of css/html is required…the documentation provided explains the main settings. regards

Does this have branch logic/ conditional skip logic based on clients answers

hello…yes it is supported with some changes…here a demo:

i will submit the item updated today or tomorrow

That’s great thank you

I cant get it work. I have in total 15 questions.

It is a mix of conditional skip based answers of the clients and a mix of normal questions.

For example:

1. Normal question—>

2. Normal question—>

3. Normal question—>

condition 1 takes me to 4
condition 2 ends the survey

4. normal question

THe problem is that when I click on lets say condition 1 it jumps to for example question 6. And when I click on condition 2 it also jumps to for example 6.

Sometimes it(when messing with the code) jumps to the right question but when I go back to select other condition 2 it jumps to the same question of condition 1. Example:

1 Question

condition 1 takes me to question 3
condition 2 takes me to question 2

2 question

3 question

Hi, could you send me the demo files of branch_2 ? So that I can have a look how you did this?



I want to thank you for the support. I got it finally working. There is one small issue, see example:

Question 1 -A go to question 2 (Client selects option A) -B go to question 2 Question 2 (Client wants to back to question 1 to select other option—> Selects A or B from question 2 due to required value) A B

(The problem is that the selected options from question 2 are now checked and saved, is it possible to auto-reset the options you have selected when going back?

Thanks again for the great support.

seems to be a known issue. a solution could be to block going back…open jquery.wizard.js …line99…set this unidirectional: false, to true.

Good job and fast support !


If we are distributing a survey to thousands of users, how would we aggregate the results? Would I have to receive an email every time someone submits a survey?

Annova works with emails…it’s for small medium survey…what you ask should be implemented with a database that record, count, and manage all the the data…

This is a very good work. And I have a question: How can I have a slide animation after click on Forward or Backward button?


I would love to purchase this tool.

I need instructions or simple modified code snippet with 1 example of how to get this to output plain copyable text notation of each selection during branching.

I also need the ability to insert images into any particular branch.

I aim to use it as a simple Decision Tree which outputs Notes to copy & paste into a ticketing system I use to log call notes from my customers.

Meaning, I don’t want it to send an email as I would prefer it to simply output the selections/user input into plain text when a branch is at the end of it’s option tree.

Please let me know if this file is capable of this & if so, please simply email me the instructions or post here on how to achieve this & I will buy it asap.

Very amazing work btw my friend.



Sean Sr.

Hello Sean…thank you for the compliments. In each step you can place the content you need (text, images)...but this is not capable:”Meaning, I don’t want it to send an email as I would prefer it to simply output the selections/user input into plain text when a branch is at the end of it’s option tree.”



I have built my first form using this and have just 2 issues:

1. When I press the PREVIOUS button on a step it asks me to validate fields on that step before allowing me to press the button and go to previous. I want the field validation but not when PREVIOUS is pressed. How do I stop that happening please?

2. What code do I need to send the form data to the person that filled the form out as well as the designated email recipient? Something like an autoresponder feature I guess.

I have added this here as well as via your Support page as I did not receive a reply to my email from last week on there yet.

Many thanks

i’ve sent you an email yesterday…will send again

That’s absolutely great. I like it and I’m gonna purchase it. But still I have one problem, what about a simple page? Without any form, just text. Is that possible?

Yes…i can help you to remove the form wizard, the unnecessary part of code and scripts…but what you place instead of the form…you have to do alone..or ask for custmozation

PreSale question:

Great job guys. I am planning to buy your product. Are there any additional plugins that i have to buy? Or the live preview that i just saw was the final product i will have? Maybe a weird or silly question but i have to know ;)

thank you!

hi…no worries…the live demo is exactly what you have…except for the images that are not included

and last 2 questions. I suppose that i will be able to ask as many questions as i would like, right?

and finally, i saw 1 standalone version and 1 full? which of them i will get? both?


Yes …you can add how many questions you wont…a reasonable number.and you will get standalone a and full version. a basic knowledge of html is required

Hello, I have a VERY BIG problem and i need help URGENTLY!

Every time I add a field it is automatically marked as Required and we are unable to change it to not required. I need to be able to do that or the forms becomes OBSOLETE for me.

Thank you.

hello, simply remove the class required from the input. let me know

example for the user data
<input type="text" name="firstname" class=" form-control" placeholder="First name">
example for the questions
<input name="rate" type="radio" value="Not Satisfied"><label>Not Satisfied</label>

these for the standalone version and the full version

Hi again, I need to create an alternative step:

1) After visitors fill the form they have 3 choices (radio buttons) to click and pay by check, paypal or to receive a call

2) If they choose to pay by check or to receive a call they will submit a confirmation as soon as they click FORWARD

3) If they choose to pay by PayPal the last time with the thenk you will have a paypal button and they will be redirected to PayPal

Now, the Paypal thing we’re all good, it’s the step 2 we have a problem with. Can you please help us.

i will try, but i need to see your files. send them at describe the problem with the second step

Which is your recommendation size for the logo up left on the screen? Thanks.

Hello, Suggest to be 150×30 pixel (retina version 300×60 pixel).

can you make other pages with this theme? for example if i bring this into word press, will I be able to make an about us page that looks similar? can i add a contact us page…etc?

annova is an html site template…so you can do everything you need but you have to code the html manually…not through wordpress

I keep getting this when I try to install, is there someway to fix it?

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

i am sorry but annova is an html speciality page not a wordpress theme