Discussion on Anotte - Horizontal Photography WordPress Theme

Discussion on Anotte - Horizontal Photography WordPress Theme

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Hello, I would like to know if there is an option to share blog posts on social networks


Each page on the web can shared on the social networks – just copy/past the URL on social network and that is.

But, if you are asking if there are “quick links” / social icons for sharing on blog posts – no by default. But probably that is something which can be added using plugins.

So, by default no (there are no quick links” / social icons). If you are interested, I can give you admin access to the theme and you can test the theme with some plugin which will allow you to add social links/icons.


​Hi,in 2018 I bought Anotte WP Theme and I used with no issues over last two years. Today is the day of moving the website to another server and I want import demo content. Unfortunately, every time I try to import a content file I get a message

“Sorry, there has been an error. Missing a temporary folder.”

I edited wp-config.php Wordpress file where I added this code line:

define(‘WP_TEMP_DIR’, dirname(FILE) . ’/wp-content/temp/’);

​after that I created “temp” folder in /wp-content directory. Checked folder permission (755) and run whole process again. No luck. Can you help me, maybe the demo content files on your server do not exist anymore or you have some bug.


If you already have a live website and just want to move to a new server, you need to export your own demo content (or a whole database from phpmyadmin) and to import on a new server. Of course, you will need to move also theme files on a new server. What I want to say is that you don’t need our default demo content if you are just moving from one to another server and you already have a live website.

On other side, if you want/insist to start with our demo content / a new website (just to remind you that for each live website you need a separated/new theme license) you can re-download the latest version of theme from your dashboard (also there is a XML file with demo content) and all should work fine.

Now about your “Missing a temporary folder” problem. Yep – it looks like you have done all necessary steps to fix that but if you still getting the same error – you will need to contact your server/host provider.

ps. I have just checked the demo content and all works fine for me (I have import the demo content on my localhost installation and was fine – no errors).

After installing and testing theme/plugin on multiple domains, I was unable to get the blog images to change when mouse hovers over each blog item in Firefox or MS edge. Works in chrome though. Thoughts? No other plugins were activated other then the required ones for theme setup.

yes, at the time of writing the last comment, I had also seen it working on your site in firefox. Anyway, it fixed itself out of the blue. So it is working in firefox now.

Right now I have the home url redirect to the blog. But is it possible to have the blog as the home page? Is it possible/will it ever be possible to have a responsive horizontal gallery viewable on the phone?


I am not sure if I understand your question but I will try to answer anyway:

1. If you want this page – https://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/blog/ to be your Home page – in that case just set a Blog page to be “Your latest posts”. You can set any page to be a Home page in WordPress.


If you are asking to keep the Home page like it is ( https://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/ ) and just to set links on carousel images to a blog posts (not to a portfolio items) – that can be done with a custom carousel shortcode which is included with the theme.

2. Sorry, it is not in our plan to add that option. We have a theme named Ocularus which is keeping the horizontal gallery (on the Home page) also on small resolutions but there where a several requests from customers to “break” that slider/carousel in a separated images one bellow another (like on Anotte) and we have done that in Anotte – that is reason why there is no horizontal gallery on phones (also the images “get weird” if you force them to be a full screen on phone because of aspect ratio – the big part of images will be “cut of”).

If you have more questions, please use our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Thank you.

I see. Thank you so very much for your detailed reply and yes, you answered all of my questions. Love your work!

Hi, quick question, is it possible to have instead of the hamburger menu an simple menu at this position what always shows up the links? some people have problems to realize that the menu is hidden behind the hamburger.


Sorry, that will required a lot of modifications. You will need to change a whole theme layout – I can not help you with that.

In case that you are still interested in the theme – I can provide you admin access to test the theme (please note, theme is created using shorcodes – on “old school way”).

Thank you.

Hello, can you also provide layered psd with this theme? Thanks


You can get it here – https://elements.envato.com/anotte-horizontal-photography-psd-ai-template-TNXLFM

Probably is not the 100% the same like WordPress version because some pages are added in WP version.

presales q: can i set the scroll to work horizontal in mobile too? Right now, only in desktop is the horizontal scroll.


I have made something like that for one customer (there is no such option by default).

Check this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpvacXQtArg

If you are interested, I can give you admin access to test the theme first. Contact me via email form on profile page here – https://themeforest.net/user/cocobasic


Hey, i have a presale question,

Is it possible to feature instagram posts and/ or embed vimeo videos in yout theme?



The video we have on single portfolio page here – https://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/portfolio/work-station/ (ok, I just saw that the current video has been now set as private).

For instagram posts I don’t know – I don’t have account there so can not test that (I have test some plugins but they are asking me to connect my Instagram profile which I don’t have).

But, I can give you admin access to the theme and you can check all this yourself if you are interested. Just contact me via email form on my profile page here – https://themeforest.net/user/cocobasic

Hi. I have a presales question. I’m new to WP but not HTML. Would it be possible to for me to add a horizontal menu, rather than use the hamburger menu?


Sorry, that will required a lot of modifications. You will need to change a whole theme layout – I can not help you with that.

OK thank you

Hi there, I really like the theme – downloaded from Envato Elements. I know there is no support but I would consider buying from themeforest if you can confirm this is possible:

Right now the carousel_slider shortcode example only works with portfolio entries. Is it possible to make it work with regular posts too?

Something like this [carousel_slider post=”true” show=”5”] instead of this [carousel_slider portfolio=”true” show=”5”]

I have a ton of posts that I can`t possibly create portfolio entries for. And it does not make sense either as the posts are perfect with all content, titles and featured images…

Looking forward to your reply. Til


Sorry, that is not possible – that requires bigger modification which I can not offer you at the moment.

But, maybe you can do this – there is a option to create a custom slider on Home page with few images (you can not have Load More option in this case) like we have created here – https://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/portfolio/the-dawn/

So, if you are ok to have just couple of “posts” (custom slider with custom images/text/and links) on Home page, you can do that by using the code from link above. So, you will have a custom slider on Home page and you can set a links to posts.

Hi, Thanks for your response, trying to help despite me being just an elements customer :) The idea is not too bad, at least it uses the links, but it`s still tons of manual work… So in case anybody else has that issue, here is what I did: Used the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/ to clone the entries I wanted to show up in the portfolio, then used the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-switcher/ to change the post type of the clones to portfolio and voila :D Cheers, Til

Interesting solution.

I know the duplicate post plugin, I have used that, but I never have seen post type switcher – I never thought in “that direction”. Again, interesting solution and I have learned something new.

Thank you! Best

hi, really nice theme. Please tell me , the theme support Elementor ? I don’t understand your last reply about it. Thanks


Theme is not created with Elementor. We have there only shortcodes, for example for slider we have code like this:

[carousel_slide type="image" link="#" 
img="http://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/blog_img_04.jpg" title="Coffee time"]
[carousel_slide type="image" link="#" 
img="http://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/image_11.jpg" title="Good Day"]
[carousel_slide type="image" link="#" 
img="http://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/blog_img_02.jpg" title="Old Photo"]

So, the default demo content can not be edited with Elementor.

You can install Elementor and to create new/additional plages using Elementor but the default content you must edit via shortcodes.

If you are interested, I can give you admin access to test the theme – contact me on email from our profile page.

Beautiful theme, love it – gearing up to use Anotte Horizontal for client. Question: Does this work with WPBakery Page Builder??


Sorry, no – there is no drag and drop builder. Theme is create using shortocdes/custom templates. It is “old school” template. If you are interested, I can provide you demo where you can test the theme before you buy it. Contact me via email on our profile page if you are interested to test it – https://themeforest.net/user/cocobasic

OH man that is really too bad, client can’t use it too well then. What if I buy the HTML version, then can I use my own editor like Dreamweaver?

We have several themes which are coded on “old school” way and several are created with Elementor (drag and drop builder).

About HTML – I have never used Dreamweaver, I am coding from blank using Text editor. I am not sure will HTML Anotte work properly in Dreamweaver because we have there also JS part (like image slider) – I am not sure will that part work in Dreamweaver, sorry.

​Heey, First of absolutely love this theme! I got your theme through Elements so I don’t have a purchase code. But I would love to get more support through the ticket system.

I do have a couple of questions on how to change small appearance things on the website. (super new when it comes to coding so bear with me)

- How can I change the color of the small menu and the 3 lines? - Change the color of the text from the menu without changing it everywhere? - Change the font and letter spacing

Thank you <3


Thank you for kind words.

But I must disappoint you a little bit – for Elements customers, the support is not included – that is the “price” of using Elements (no auto update option and no support), sorry. Here is official info from the Elements – https://imgur.com/6mHiNE5

You will need a regular license (to buy a theme via ThemeForest) and you will get a 6 months of support via our forum. Thank you for understanding.

Hi, Having trouble with your support not allowing my ticket using the code from the purchase. My question is – how can i insert images to the existing themes after I upload them to the media library? Do I have to cut and paste the file names or is there a drop and drag style editor option? Any plugin to make arranging images into large portfolios easier or do i need to cut and paste file names for any changes to photo order? thanks

I am also wondering the best to assign h1 and h2 header tags for SEO within pages. Example : carousel_slider How would I make SYDNEY PHOTOGRAPHER the h1 header for this page without ruining the formatting? Thanks.


I just checked the support and looks ok for me – you have been registered and it looks like your purchase has been connected – please try again to open a support ticket.

About your questions – sorry, there is no easy way to select couple of images on same time and to add them in the slider – you will need to copy/past file URL’s.

There is a option if you decide to use a Classic editor plugin (it will return you a old editor) and there should be a shortcode generator icon. Using this icon, in few clicks you can insert a image from library but again, you can insert one by one only. Take a look on this video (it is for Opta, but the same is for Anotte) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeGFKjstipM&feature=youtu.be&t=120

About the h1 and h2 – I will help you with this but I need to see where is your text. For example here – https://demo.cocobasic.com/anotte-wp/portfolio/the-dawn/ the text “Photo Session” is h1 tag.

So, try one more time to open a ticket on support forum (you don’t need to enter code any more), if does not work, contact me via email.

is this theme support RTL language ?

Sorry, no. I must say that I don’t have experience in coding RTL themes.

Want to buy the theme but Is it working with WP5.3 and short future updates? regards.

Anotte is created when the “old editor” was the default one. Layout is created using shortcodes/custom meta boxes and that part will stay like it is. But, it is in our plan to stay up to date and to always works with the latest version of WordPress. The same situation is with all our themes – they must work on the latest WordPress version.

When the WP5.3 is out and if some part is not working – we will fix that.

Hi CocoBasic. I thank you very much for your very prompt answer! That convinced me. Thank you!

Hello Pre-Purchase Question -

1. Is it possible for the logo to be top centred and the menu icon on the top left or right.

2. Also is it possible to include a fixed white border around all pages?



I can provide you some custom CSS code and the result will be like this – https://imgur.com/W97tcK7

Yes, border is black (it can be white of course). Probably you will need some extra CSS code there (maybe for responsive part of for some other page) – I can assist you with that.

So, if that was what you are looking for, contact me on our support forum and I will provide you CSS code.


Hey great looking theme! I’d like to check if there is a CSS or shortcode I can add to a post in order to have a comment section/option on my post?

Any help here would be great, thank you!

Hi, thanks for your response. Unfortunately even after checking the discussion box to allow for comments, the comments box still does not appear at the bottom of a post. Is there anyway to trouble shoot this?



I have check this again and all works well (also on our demo works well – link from my previous post).

If you have some additional plugins, try to disable them – maybe there is some conflict.

I can check this for you but you will need to buy a regular license and to open a ticket on our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Support for free download items is not included (that is the “price” of free theme).

Thank you.

Hi Author, Great theme, it works like a charm. Just wanted to know how can I remove the big hover lines within the menu?


Thank you for supporting us.

Try to add this CSS in Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS :

.sm-clean > li > a:after​ {
display: none;

“Sorry, this (having gallery carousel images link to url) is not possible without shortcode modification. We can make this modification for you but you will need to PAY US MONEY”.... It’s bullshit that you do not explain how to do this via the documentation.

I am giving you a theme for free – theme is such as is. If some features are not included you can add it yourself or to ask/hire someone to add it for you. I am getting each week several request for custom features and I can’t install/add all of them.

Having issue with CocoBasic-Anotte WP plugin. Short code icon doesn’t appear in the post window. What should I do in this case?


Shortocode icon is created for a old/classic editor. Install the Classic Editor plugin and the icon should be there – https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/


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