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I notice on the live preview of the full width nivo slider that the slides move quite fast – can the speed of the slide delay be changed to a slower setting?

Hi, yes. Sure.

js/script.js row: 351 animSpeed:500, //Slide transition speed

Thank you – I may buy this week.

You are wellcome, thx.

Does the gallery and the slider support video and swfs? If so, what kind of video? Vimeo and YouTube streamed and directly hosted video? What formats?

Slider i think could support video or swf files, but if it’s there reason for it when it slide after few seconds …

In gallery fancybox can default show swf files, for play video i saw implementations for example: Link 1, Link 2


Beautiful theme! Congratulations! The logo and the menu changes the place? SiteLogo of the top, the navmenu under the logo ?

Sorry for my bad english.

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if the answer is ok, I want to buy this theme!


Buy it, it need about hour of work to be done. Cost of it 20$.

No thanks awake seller :) Thanks for interesting


Great template….I’m thinking it will be a good fit for me as I need a website to start networking with other authors/writers around the world as I am an upcoming children’s book writer. I have a random question for you: I really like the pictures you used throughout this template. They look like they come from a children’s book, and I am in the process of finding an illustrator, and that is the exact type of style I am looking for. Where did you get all the pictures? Thank you.

Thx. In credits there it is :) Bram Lee images


I have bought this theme and just noticed that the gallery defaults to two columns in IE8 . I have just looked at the live preview and it’s the same there too?

Also, can the Portfolio images link to a fancybox image rather than a page? I have tried to do this on my site, but after using the sort in the portfolio the fancybox effect doesn’t work.

Loving the theme otherwise!

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First thx for buy.

Thx for this IE bug, i’ll see on it and post update. Second think … I am trying to figure it out too.

Bug its repaired and added quicksand into portfolio – lightbox too. + 2 new color variations.

Brilliant! Many thanks for a quick resolution :)

hi bought your template took it apart, learned a ton of new things :)

real thanks, good learning stuff :))

1.) just have little problem with slider see attachment

2.) if you make an update here on your files how to integrate them in if I do not want to ruin all I altered? can I just replace like style.css or some .js files against the previous older version?

Thx for buy. I am glad that u like it. In whitch page that error displas to you?

it was on index the page refreshed on its own few times and each time gave the same error

Add this , like is on full_width_slider.html and it will be ok.

I’m not put this on home because there isnt’t nivo slider, but scripts.js with settings calling it and for this is that error …

This: <script src="js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


thanks for help, problem solved

* *

is there a way how to update older files with your updated new ones?

I bought your web at Version 1.2, 15.2.2011 and now think how to integrate changes like

* Repaired IE 8 bug in portfolio page

any idea how to do it?

Just redownload from TF updated template and replace files which you need …

Hi Maco,

ever thought of making this baby in WordPress? sure would purchase ;)

I am working on it. Few weeks and it will be ready.


How do you go about changing the size of the niva slider images?


Do you try just add images with your specific heights? Add all with the same heights and widths. No need to edit css.

Thanks for the information.

This is a really nice template. Glad I bought it.

Ok, noob question time.

If I update my twitter feeds, does it automatically update on the website?


Thx. :)

No there is only for illustration the twitter, but there is lot of scripts which you can easly integrate.

Also I am preparing wordpress version of this template, where is twitter integrated. 1 – 2 weeks should be WP version ready.


That would be great! I’m currently integrating my site with wordpress, so this will be an awesome addition!



One other question! :)

If I wanted to place a large banner where the current ‘Ansonica’ logo is, how would I go about doing this? I’ve tried modifying the CSS but can’t seem to get the image to display.

Thanks again!

You have to chenge in CSS in #header a.logo {background-image, width, height}.


Did you finish the wordpress version?

thanks again!

Hi, this week a plan to upload it here.

Would you mind divulging how you made the texture on the background gradient? Great template. Thanks.

Open blending mode of pattern layer, click on pattern overlay and u see that pattern (6×4 px).

I have just purchased this theme but when i try and install / upload the zip file it times out and gives a blank page like this can anyone help??

This is HTML Template, so you cant upload to WordPress … You have to edit by yourself.

Ah, no good for me then, any way of a refund?

Very nice, i like it.;