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Ant Design ReactJS Admin with Bootstrap

Ant Design ReactJS Admin with Bootstrap

Author’s note:
As an elite author who focuses on building admin templates for 5+ years (portfolio here), Ant admin is my best work, and the price is still the same, only $24!

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Ant Design Admin is a super powerful admin dashboard template built with ReactJS and Bootstrap.

Features in Detail

  • 2 in 1 – Admin template & Landing page
  • Create React App – React apps with no build configuration
  • Powerful Customizer – Multiple layouts, 18 predefined color schemes
  • 100+ Components – All components are well designed & easy to use.
  • Ant Design – High quality design and code like Material Design
  • Responsive Design – Looks good on mobile and desktop
  • SASS/SCSS CSS – Easily update style by changing a few variables
  • High Quality – Built by elite author
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • Modular Code – Add & remove with ease
  • Lazy Loading (Code Splitting) Support
  • Modern Code with Babel
  • CSS Modules Support – Modular and reusable CSS. No more conflicts!
  • jQuery is not used, however you can add it easily if you want to
  • Package management with NPM
  • High Resolution Support
  • Premium Support
  • Free Future Updates
  • And more


  • React A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Create React App Create React apps with no build configuration.
  • Redux Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • React Router Declarative routing for React
  • Ant Design A UI Design Language
  • Bootstrap the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • Babel Use next generation JavaScript, today.


VERSION 1.1.6 (08-20-2018)

-  Feat: Update NPM packages to latest versions.
-  Fix(Drawer): Fixed Drawer not being able to be scrolled vertically on mobile device problem.
-  Docs: Update docs

VERSION 1.1.5 (07-31-2018)

-  Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version
-  Feat: Better Breadcrumb style
-  Fix(Upload): Fix upload page demo error
-  Fix(Testimonials): Fix typos
-  Chore: Update Carousel page demo data
-  Chore: Rename `btn-icon to `icon-btn`

VERSION 1.1.4 (07-18-2018)

-  Feat: New Drawer component
-  Fix(Menu): Fix typos
-  Refactor: Remove unused styles

VERSION 1.1.2 (07-16-2018)

-  Upgrade antd to 3.7.x
-  Fix: Fix a typo
-  Fix: Make Number Card v1's info box centered
-  Docs: Update docs

VERSION 1.1.1 (07-15-2018)

-  Feat: Upgrade Bootstrap to 4.1.2
-  Feat: Update NPM package to latest version
-  Fix: Fix broken datepicker page link
-  Refactor: Move page styles to their corresponding pages
-  Chore: Polish Customizer style

VERSION 1.1.0 (07-11-2018)

-  Feat: New landing page
-  Feat: Upgrade to latest create-react-app, now Wepback 4 behind the scene, up to 98% faster! 
-  Fix: Fix some typos
-  Docs: Update docs

VERSION 1.0.0 (07-10-2018)

-  Initial release

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