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Hello, I use Arial rounded bold as secondary font but the site loads very very slowly.. is there a solution? Thank you!

Hey i ve purchased the Theme over another account and i set up everything. On desktop everything is fine but if i want to open the page on mobile, the page loader starts normally but when i’m on the frontend, the slider bg is repeating itself endless. So i can’t use the website on mobile. Please help.. Thanks!

Hello there,

I am trying to make the project-1.html file to pop out. But it is not happening. Can you please guide me through this. Thank you.

Hello there again, I managed to make the project-1.html work. But, I still can’t throw it into the main index.html page. Does it come under css or js? I hope you can help me out. I am in an immediate urgency here.

Warm regards, Chandra

And I am back to square one. After trying that and this, its still opening as a seperate page. Not within the index.html. Any changes i need to make?

Are you using server or local server? It’s not working with local files

Thank you very much for the reply. Does that mean I should upload the file to the server to see it working? i’ll give it a try. wish me luck :)

Hi! How I implement the blog? Regards,


Hi, I have an important question about the Homepage slider.

I have purchased this theme and really like it; however, for some reason the slider loads really slow at first and the images stack on one another until fully-loaded. I have turned off the website page-loader because for a client, they didn’t want to use this, but on the mobile version and even the desktop, the home-page slider loads slow and it is the only thing loading slow, everything else works fine.

If possible, can you please have a look at the slider on your mobile device and desktop to see how I could possible fix this?

I would very much appreciate your help, thank you so much

~ Daniel Durkee

The website link to view:


Hello Daniel, yeah your page is really slow… First of all – images are pretty large, resize and compress them, for compression I recommend to you this pages: tinypng.com and tinyjpg.com Second thing, console shows 173 (!) errors – i think it’s from tumbr blog object so i guess this is the reason why your page is so slow. Try to remove tumblr object and then check page speed


When will an update with Vimeo player? I would buy it


Hello henk1060, sorry I didn’t respond quicker, but I’m a little busy right now working on big wordpress theme :)

For videos i used this script https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer which is only for YouTube videos and unfortunately not support mobile devices. You could try with self hosted html5 <video> but I’m not sure how it works on mobile.

To disable twitter go to js/main folder, then in file main.js find twitter() function init – propably line 14 and remove or comment it.

Ok Thanks it´s working with twitter. I have seen a jquery.jplayer.min.js in the JS Folder from Ante. This player ist Working with html5

Can you help mit with the HTML 5 Video Tag

<header data-scroll-index=”0”>

<video autobuffer autoplay > <source src=”http://www.jplayer.org/video/m4v/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.m4v” type=”video/m4v”/> <source src=”http://www.jplayer.org/video/ogv/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.ogv” type=”video/ogv”/> <source src=”http://www.jplayer.org/video/webm/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.webm” type=”video/webm”/> </video>

Hi! Great theme but when i upload it on my server without any edit it’s stop on loading page…

I miss a lot of file on the download package :(

Hello, it’s becuse twitter script is not configured. Go to js/main.js and remove line 14 – twitter(); or configure it following docs.

Hello i have found 2 Bugs ,)

Navigation: When i change <!- NAVBAR -> to Is on Mobile a normal Menu Bar an not am Mobile Menu

Number 2: On Mobile with Video, its the preview Show from Youtube ok. wenn i press the play button than i have over the top and bottom from the video a big black bar. Can you reszie this DIV


oh,,, when i change to nav-fixed nav-home-top….


When I’m in the mobile view. Can the mobile menu button fix up the srollen down.

And not as it is now because the menu button while scrolling disappears ..

Thanks a lot!

Hello, i bough your theme and it was working perfectly, till i did some change in the content and load it to the server, now the loading is turning, and the page doesnt load, i took of the twitter(); in the main js, and also take off the page-loader id, dans l’index.html, et remplacée le js de map.js, nothings seems to work, can you help me?

When I open your page source code I don’t see jquery script there, I don’t even see body close tag . Something is not loading for sure. Maybe you have some hosting problems, did you tried to upload your website to some other server?

well i just change something in the texte today, it was working perfectly till 3 hours ago :(

Hello, well i just switch the js to the header and it works so i realize something was bad closed in the code, i check, correct and now it works, thaks for your reply!

Hello, I have a problem With W3C

Attribute fade-delay not allowed on element h5 at this point. <h5 class="small-header fadeTop" fade-delay="400" />

What can i do?

hello, is it possible to define the width of the screen responsive work?

thanks, I would like in a landscape ipad, computer version is displayed

thanks, I would like in a landscape ipad2, computer version is displayed, please, can you say me about what min-width I must change?


I am not sure what exactly you trying to achieve. Here you can read how bootstraps grid works.


i wrote to you several day ago could please get back to me!

Hi, can somebody help me? can we change the home screen BG to auto sizing? because when i change the browser window size, it doesnt follow… thanks

and on subpage, I would the “back button” to put the menu button in place

thanks for the helping…

Hi, when i click on a project that is supposed to open project-1.html inpage, it doesnt open it... im getting the message "PROJECT DOES NOT EXIST"

BFred Purchased

Hi! Registered to your support site but there is no section for Ante. How are we supposed to do? My current problem is that the Google Map doesn’t load at all, on your demo site there is no pointer. Thank you.


BFred Purchased

back again, actually it loads and says “Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”. Firebug gives me nothing. I also have issues with lightbox working locally but not on my server (in case you’re reading that…).

Hello BFred,

Google Maps don’t work probably because they required API key now. You can read more about it here.

Also check what console says – Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+I or Tools -> Programming Tools in Chrome.

If you have more questions please send me an email with this form.


hi! how can i align horizontally center the div with the facebook like? thanks